MENOZZI, Roberto
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NA - Nord America 3050
EU - Europa 2574
AS - Asia 1569
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
AF - Africa 3
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2953
CN - Cina 1371
FI - Finlandia 565
UA - Ucraina 555
DE - Germania 452
SE - Svezia 426
IT - Italia 421
TR - Turchia 122
CA - Canada 97
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VN - Vietnam 44
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GR - Grecia 1
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IL - Israele 1
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LT - Lituania 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
MA - Marocco 1
PL - Polonia 1
SG - Singapore 1
TN - Tunisia 1
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Jacksonville 666
Chandler 468
Beijing 369
Dearborn 269
Ann Arbor 264
Nanjing 233
Parma 208
Princeton 176
San Mateo 157
Wilmington 112
Izmir 111
Guangzhou 110
Toronto 84
Nanchang 82
Shenyang 78
Jinan 63
Helsinki 56
Kunming 54
Hefei 50
Stuttgart 50
Leesburg 49
Tianjin 46
Des Moines 45
Hebei 45
Jiaxing 45
Dong Ket 44
Boardman 38
Grafing 38
Ashburn 32
Woodbridge 30
Changsha 28
Bremen 23
Brussels 19
Norwalk 19
Fremont 18
Seattle 17
Haikou 16
Hangzhou 16
Houston 15
Vienna 14
Zhengzhou 13
Cremona 12
Los Angeles 12
Fuzhou 11
Kocaeli 11
Rome 11
Milan 10
Bratislava 9
Taiyuan 9
Chengdu 8
Lanzhou 8
Modena 8
Mordano 8
Borås 7
Campogalliano 7
Taizhou 7
Auburn Hills 6
Dallas 6
Mestre 6
Monmouth Junction 6
Ningbo 6
Ottawa 6
Prata Di Pordenone 6
Redwood City 6
Rockville 6
San Polo D'enza 6
Sasso Marconi 6
Xian 6
Ardabil 5
Chongqing 5
Düsseldorf 5
Piacenza 5
Rivergaro 5
Salò 5
Jinhua 4
Kyjov 4
Medesano 4
Redmond 4
Scandiano 4
Shanghai 4
Baotou 3
Bosco Chiesanuova 3
Chiavari 3
Fairfield 3
Montréal 3
Neubiberg 3
Perugia 3
San Polo 3
Taipei 3
Wuhan 3
Anzola 2
Augusta 2
Bologna 2
Bovezzo 2
Brno 2
Cordovado 2
Dolianova 2
Duncan 2
Falls Church 2
Focsani 2
Totale 4584
Nome #
A numerical study of the use of C-V characteristics to extract the doping density of CIGS absorbers 227
Analysis of Ga grading in CIGS absorbers with different Cu content 177
Heavy Alkali Treatment of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells: Surface versus Bulk Effects 90
Development of a PV modules soiling monitoring system for smart maintenance 89
Smart soiling sensor for PV modules 86
Designing CIGS solar cells with front-side point contacts 80
In-circuit Shoot-through-based Characterization of SiC MOSFET TSEP Curves for Junction Temperature Estimation 72
Temperature-dependent breakdown and hot carrier stress of PHEMTs 71
Thermal Design of Power Electronic Devices and Modules 70
H+ Irradiation for reverse recovery softness and reliability of power p-i-n diodes for snubberless applications 66
Hot electron and DX center insensitivity of Al0.25Ga0.75As/GaAs HFET’s designed for microwave power applications 66
Mobilità sostenibile e tecnologie innovative per la città 64
Degradation of AlGaAs/GaAs power HFET's under on-state and off-state breakdown conditions 62
Thermal and electro-thermal modeling of components and systems: A review of the research at the University of Parma 61
Light emission spectra of commercial pseudomorphic HEMTs biased in the impact ionization regime 61
Caratterizzazione dielettrica di film ceramici sottili ad alta frequenza con condensatori interdigitati 60
Impact of compositional grading and overall Cu deficiency on the near-infrared response in Cu(In, Ga)Se2 solar cells 58
Band to band recombination peak in the light emission of commercial pseudomorphic HEMTs 57
Power supply distribution system for calorimeters at the LHC beyond the nominal luminosity 57
Large-signal GaN HEMT electro-thermal model with 3D dynamic description of self-heating 57
Anomalous dark current ideality factor (n > 2) in thin-film solar cells: The role of grain-boundary defects 57
Thermal modeling of high-frequency DC/DC switching modules: electromagnetic and thermal simulation of magnetic components 56
The role of defects on forward current in 4h-sic p-i-n diodes 56
A new ultra high power silicon p-i-n diode for high frequency application 54
Investigation of the hot-carrier degradation in Si/SiGe HBT’s by intrinsic low frequency noise source modeling 54
A new technique to measure the thermal resistance of LDMOS transistors 53
A numerical study of the design of ZnMgO window layer for Cadmium-free thin-film CIGS solar cells 53
On the temperature behavior of shunt-leakage currents in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells: The role of grain boundaries and rear Schottky contact 53
Modeling of a university campus Micro-Grid for optimal planning of renewable generation and storage deployment 52
On the correlation between drain and gate currents and light emission in GaAs – PHEMTs biased in the impact ionization regime 50
Alkali-templated surface nanopatterning of chalcogenide thin films: A novel approach toward solar cells with enhanced efficiency 50
Light emission in commercial pseudomorphic HEMTs 49
Thermal characterization and modeling of power hybrid converters for distributed power systems 48
Off-State Breakdown in GaAs Power HFETs 48
On the effect of deep defects on the Voc deficit in high-GGI CIGS absorbers: A numerical study 48
DC and RF instability of GaAs-based PHEMTs due to hot electrons 47
Voids and compositional inhomogeneities in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films: evolution during growth and impact on solar cell performance 47
A Test Pattern For Three-Dimensional Latch-up Analysis 46
Breakdown and high-field reliability issues in heterojunction FETs for microwave power amplification 46
Power converters for future LHC experiments 46
A review of the use of electro-thermal simulations for the analysis of heterostructure FETs 45
Anomalous overvoltage oscillations in the reverse recovery of power p-i-n diodes: experiments and simulations 45
Effect of the physical structure on the recovery softness of PIN diodes: experimental and numerical analysis 45
Temperature-dependent characterization of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs: thermal and source/drain resistances 45
Three-dimensional finite-element thermal simulation of GaN-based HEMTs 45
The Apollo project: LV power supplies for the next high energy physics experiments 45
A new silicon resistor technology for very high power snubbers 45
Physical investigation of trap-related effects in power HFETs and their reliability implications 45
Thermal modeling of planar transformer for switching power converters 45
Modular Photovoltaic Inverter with High-Frequency DC/DC Stage Based on Low-Voltage FETs 44
Electro-thermal simulation of semiconductor devices and hybrid circuits 43
Design and Simulation of a Test Pattern for Three-Dimensional Latch-up Analysis 43
Experimental application of a novel technique to extract gate bias dependentsource and drain parasitic resistances of GaAs MESFETs 43
The effect of hot electron stress on the DC and microwave characteristics of GaAs-PHEMTs and InP-HEMTs 43
Numerical analysis of hot-electron degradation modes in AlGaAs/GaAs power HFETs 43
Latch-up testing in CMOS IC’s 43
Numerical analysis of the gate voltage dependence of the series resistances and effective channel length in submicrometer GaAs MESFET’s 43
Perimeter and Area Components in the I-V Curves of 4H-SiC Vertical p⁺-i-n Diode With Al⁺ Ion-Implanted Emitters 43
Lumped-element thermal modeling of SOI FinFETs 43
Interactions between DX centers and hot electrons and holes in AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure field-effect transistors 43
A new method to extract HBT thermal resistance and its temperature and power dependence 42
New methods for easy DC extraction of the thermal resistance of microwave bipolar and FET devices 42
Experimental and numerical study of the hot electron degradation of power AlGaAs/GaAs HFETs 42
A physical model of the behavior of GaAs MESFETs in the linear region 42
Compact thermal modeling of GaN-Based Structures using Spice. 42
Comprehensive hot electron assessment of Ku-band AlGaAs/GaAs power HFETs: electrical characterization, accelerated stress, and simulation 42
Numerical simulation of CIGS solar cells with Zn(O,S) or (Cd,Zn)S buffers and (Zn,Mg)O as high-resistive layer 42
Energy distribution in hostile environment: power converters and devices 42
Power distribution architecture for high energy physics hostile environment 42
High-electric field effects and degradation of AlGaAs/GaAs power HFETs: a numerical study 41
Simulazione termoelettrica e prove di vita accelerate di diodi PiN per elevate potenze 41
Hot electron degradation effects in Al0.25Ga0.75As/In0.2Ga0.8As PHEMTs 41
Enhancement and degradation of drain current in pseudomorphic AlGaAs/InGaAs HEMT’s induced by hot-electrons 41
Caratterizzazione di HEMT pseudomorfici in condizioni di ionizzazione da impatto e stress da hot-electron 41
Hybrid large-signal/lumped-element electro-thermal modeling of GaN-HEMTs 41
System-on-chip microwave radiometer for thermal remote sensing and its application to the forest fire detection 41
On the temperature and hot electron induced degradation on AlGaAs/InGaAs PM-HEMTs 41
The correlation resistance for low-frequency noise compact modeling of Si/SiGe HBTs 40
Surface effects on turn-off characteristics of AlGaAs/GaAs HFETs 40
Finite-element thermal modeling of GaN-based HEMT structures 40
Compact modeling of GaN HEMTs including temperature- and trap-related dispersive effects 40
Modeling of the impact of boundary conditions on AlGaN/GaN HEMT self heating 40
Test pattern for microwave dielectric properties of SrBi2Ta2O9 40
Heat management for power converters in sealed enclosures: A numerical study 40
Dynamic thermal characterization and modeling of packaged AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's 39
A study of hot electron degradation effects in pseudomorphic HEMTs 39
Small-signal modeling for microwave FET linear circuits based on a genetic algorithm 39
Electrical properties and thermal stability of MBE-grown Al/AlxGa1-xAs/Al0.25Ga0.75As Schottky barriers 39
Bias point dependence of the hot electron degradation of AlGaAs/GaAs power HFETs 39
The effect of gate and recess scaling on the gate-drain breakdown and hot-electron reliability of AlGaAs/GaAs power HFETs 39
The effect of hot electron stress on the DC and microwavecharacteristics of AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs PHEMTs 38
Off-State PHEMT Breakdown: A Temperature-Dependent Analysis 38
Breakdown and degradation issues and the choice of a safe load line for power HFET operation 38
Self-consistent compact electrical and thermal modeling of power devices including package and heat-sink 38
Analysis of the gate current as a suitable indicator for FET degradation under nonlinear dynamic regime 38
Effects of the interaction of neighboring structures on the latch-up behavior of C-MOS IC’s 38
Alkali treatments of Cu(In,Ga)Se2thin-film absorbers and their impact on transport barriers 38
Some aspects of the preparation of ferroelectric thin films 37
Test structures for dielectric spectroscopy of thin films at microwave frequencies 37
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