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Nome #
Complex fault-fold interactions during the growth of the Jabal Qusaybah anticline at the western tip of the Salakh Arch, Oman 93
Seismically enhanced hydrothermal plume advection through the process zone of the Compione extensional Fault, Northern Apennines, Italy 90
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Size-dependent comminution, tectonic mixing, and sealing behaviour of a “structurally oversimplifies” fault zone in poorly lithified sands: Evidence for a coseismic rupture? 82
Dolomitization of the Middle Jurassic limestones at the Vajont Canyon (Southern Alps, Italy): Fault-controlled dolomitization by hypo-to mesosaline fluids 78
Paleofluid Evolution In Fault-Damage Zones: Evidence From Fault–Fold Interaction Events In the Jabal Qusaybah Anticline (Adam Foothills, North Oman) 78
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3D multi-scale characterization and modeling of three fractured carbonatic outcrop analogues: Pag Croatia, Parmelan France, Gozo Maltese Islands 73
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Displacement-dependent microstructural and petrophysical properties of deformation bands and gouges in poorly lithified sandstone deformed at shallow burial depth (Crotone Basin, Italy) 65
Sub-seismic scale fracture pattern and in situ permeability data in the chalk atop of the Krempe salt ridge at Lagerdorf, NW Germany: inferences on synfolding stress field variations and their impact on fracture connectivity 65
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Neogene 3-D Structural Architecture of The North-West Apennines: The Role of the Low-Angle Normal Faults and Basement Thrusts 64
Fluid flow within the damage zone of the Boccheggiano extensional Fault (Larderello-Travale geothermal field, central Italy): structures, alteration, and implications for hydrothermal mineralization in extensional settings. 63
Development of cataclastic foliation in deformation bands in feldspar-rich conglomerates of the Rio do Peixe Basin, NE Brazil 62
Structural control on the formation of iron oxide concretions and Liesegang bands in faulted, poorly lithified Cenozoic sandstones of the Paraíba basin, Brazil. 61
Hypogenic origin, geologic controls and functional organization of a giant cave system in Precambrian carbonates, Brazil 61
Open–closed–open palaeofluid system conditions recorded in the tectonic vein networks of the Parmelan anticline (Bornes Massif, France) 60
Structural and thermochronological constraints to the evolution of the West Antarctic Rift System in central Victoria Land 60
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Shear-enhanced compaction-solution bands in quartz-rich calcarenites of the Cotiella Massif (Spanish Pyrenees) 44
Basement control on fault formation and deformation band damage zone evolution in the Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 44
Karst dissolution along fracture corridors in an anticline hinge, Jandaíra Formation, Brazil: Implications for reservoir quality 43
Syn-contractional overprinting between extension and shortening along the Montagna dei Fiori Fault during Plio-Pleistocene antiformal stacking at the Central Apennines thrust wedge toe 42
Influence of analytical operating procedures on particle size distributions in carbonate cataclastic rocks 42
P-T conditions of mylonitic shearing in the Granite Harbour intrusive complex of the Wilson Terrane, Deep Freeze Range, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 39
Hydrothermal silicification in the intraplate Samambaia seismogenic fault, Brazil: Implications for fault loss of cohesion and healing in rifted crust 39
What Is the Impact of Leaky Sewers on Groundwater Contamination in Urban Semi-Confined Aquifers? A Test Study Related to Fecal Matter and Personal Care Products (PCPs) 37
The brittle structural architecture of the region between the Pacific Coast and the Outback Nunataks (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): Integrating structural and fission track data 36
Pedogenic calcretes within fracture systems and beddings in Neoproterozoic limestones of the Irecê Basin, northeastern Brazil 36
Structural Control on Clay Mineral Authigenesis in Faulted Arkosic Sandstone of the Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 36
Fingerprints and energy budget of the earthquake cycle in shallow sediments 35
The influence of the cataclastic matrix on the petrophysical properties of deformation bands in arkosic sandstones 35
Flow pathways in multiple-direction fold hinges: Implications for fractured and karstified carbonate reservoirs 35
Damage zone characterization combining scan-line and scan-area analysis on a km-scale Digital Outcrop Model: The Qala Fault (Gozo) 34
Petrophysical properties of deformation bands in high porous sandstones across fault zones in the Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 34
Karst conduits formed along fracture corridors in anticline hinges of carbonate units: Implications for reservoir quality 34
Hydrothermal silicification along faults affecting carbonate-sandstone units and its impact on reservoir quality, Potiguar Basin, Brazil 33
Permeability modeling of a basin-bounding fault damage zone in the Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 32
Karstified layers and caves formed by superposed epigenic dissolution along subaerial unconformities in carbonate rocks – Impact on reservoir-scale permeability 32
Geological map of the partially dolomitized Jurassic succession exposed in the core of the Montagna dei Fiori Anticline, Central Apennines, Italy 31
Late Oligocene to Pliocene Extension in the Maltese Islands and Implications for Geodynamics of the Pantelleria Rift and Pelagian Platform 31
Pliocene-Pleistocene HT-LP metamorphism during multiple granitic intrusions in the southern branch of the Larderello geothermal field (southern Tuscany, Italy) 30
Influence of fracture stratigraphy on hypogene cave development and fluid flow anisotropy in layered carbonates, NE Brazil 29
Burial stylolites enhance karst dissolution and control cave geometry in heterolithic carbonates, Salitre Formation, Brazil 28
Petroleum system in supra-salt strata of extensional forced-folds: A case-study from the Basque-Cantabrian basin (Spain) 28
Reply to: Discussion on «Geological map of the partially dolomitized Jurassic succession exposed in the central sector of the Montagna dei Fiori Anticline, Central Apennines, Italy» by M. Santantonio, S. Fabbi & S. Bigi 27
Petrophysical properties and microstructural analysis of faulted heterolithic packages: A case study from Miocene turbidite successions, Italy 26
Hydrothermal silicification and dolomitization in fault system, Irecê Basin (Brazil) - implication for reservoir properties 26
Subsidence rings and fracture pattern around dolines in carbonate platforms – Implications for evolution and petrophysical properties of collapse structures 25
Structural control on fluid flow and shallow diagenesis: Insights from calcite cementation along deformation bands in porous sandstones 23
An Integrated Structural and Magnetic Fabric Study to Constrain the Progressive Extensional Tectonics of the Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 19
Silicification, flow pathways, and deep-seated hypogene dissolution controlled by structural and stratigraphic variability in a carbonate-siliciclastic sequence (Brazil) 18
Variation of thickness, internal structure and petrophysical properties in a deformation band fault zone in siliciclastic rocks 17
Growth of cataclastic bands into a fault zone: A multiscalar process by microcrack coalescence in sandstones of Rio do Peixe Basin, NE Brazil 16
Mechanical stratigraphy influences deformation band pattern in arkosic sandstones, Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 16
Along- and across-strike variation of damage zone parameters in the Kornos-Aghios Ioannis normal fault, Lemnos Island, Greece 15
Segmentation of the apenninic margin of the tyrrhenian back-arc basin forced by the subduction of an inherited transform system 15
The effect of fault-induced compaction on petrophysical properties of deformation bands in poorly lithified sandstones 12
Influence of hydrothermal silicification on the physical properties of a basin-boundary fault affecting arkosic porous sandstones, Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 12
Mechanical stratigraphy controls fracture pattern and karst epigenic dissolution in folded Cretaceous carbonates in semiarid Brazil 10
In-situ rock shattering and strain localization along a seismogenic fault in dolostones (Monte Marine fault, Italian Central Apennines) 8
Interaction and linkage of basin-boundary fault segments control deformation bands distribution and damage zone permeability 8
Dolostone pulverization induced by coseismic rapid decompression of CO2-rich gas in nature (Matese, Apennines, Italy) 7
Structural control on the alteration and fluid flow in the lithocap of the Allumiere-Tolfa epithermal system 5
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