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Continente #
EU - Europa 91217
AS - Asia 31655
NA - Nord America 16345
AF - Africa 3107
SA - Sud America 1982
OC - Oceania 1187
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 454
Totale 145947
Nazione #
IT - Italia 48661
US - Stati Uniti d'America 14334
CN - Cina 13499
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 13244
DE - Germania 12332
IN - India 4533
GB - Regno Unito 2923
FR - Francia 2255
IR - Iran 1632
VN - Vietnam 1572
RU - Federazione Russa 1501
ID - Indonesia 1447
JP - Giappone 1313
UA - Ucraina 1308
KR - Corea 1276
CA - Canada 1268
ES - Italia 1063
AU - Australia 1002
NL - Olanda 953
FI - Finlandia 916
BR - Brasile 875
TR - Turchia 845
MY - Malesia 806
EG - Egitto 805
PL - Polonia 704
RO - Romania 686
PK - Pakistan 670
TH - Thailandia 601
MX - Messico 550
TW - Taiwan 540
SE - Svezia 492
CH - Svizzera 485
DZ - Algeria 455
PH - Filippine 440
GR - Grecia 413
BE - Belgio 378
EU - Europa 375
PT - Portogallo 358
IL - Israele 338
ZA - Sudafrica 330
IQ - Iraq 329
HK - Hong Kong 328
AT - Austria 326
IE - Irlanda 287
NG - Nigeria 283
HU - Ungheria 276
SG - Singapore 250
AR - Argentina 222
CL - Cile 216
ET - Etiopia 215
CO - Colombia 210
MA - Marocco 201
PE - Perù 200
TN - Tunisia 193
DK - Danimarca 187
NO - Norvegia 186
SA - Arabia Saudita 170
RS - Serbia 164
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 160
HR - Croazia 150
BY - Bielorussia 133
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 133
BG - Bulgaria 132
SD - Sudan 125
EC - Ecuador 119
KE - Kenya 104
SI - Slovenia 104
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 99
BD - Bangladesh 93
KZ - Kazakistan 89
MK - Macedonia 84
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 81
JO - Giordania 77
LK - Sri Lanka 77
LT - Lituania 75
NP - Nepal 70
VE - Venezuela 63
LU - Lussemburgo 53
GH - Ghana 52
ZW - Zimbabwe 51
CM - Camerun 49
EE - Estonia 47
AL - Albania 44
BO - Bolivia 43
CU - Cuba 42
LV - Lettonia 42
MD - Moldavia 39
MM - Myanmar 38
UZ - Uzbekistan 38
LB - Libano 37
QA - Qatar 37
ZM - Zambia 37
AM - Armenia 36
KW - Kuwait 35
PS - Palestinian Territory 35
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 33
GE - Georgia 33
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 29
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 28
CY - Cipro 28
Totale 145295
Città #
Parma 16212
Taiyuan 8934
Hangzhou 1479
Rome 1449
Milan 1122
Dong Ket 1034
Wilmington 979
Mcallen 945
Helsinki 745
Ann Arbor 662
Beijing 599
Medolla 535
Casina 484
Reggio Nell'emilia 459
Mumbai 433
Bologna 432
Houston 408
Torino 404
Taipei 403
Hanoi 390
Mountain View 367
Jakarta 355
Brescia 338
Fuzhou 338
Seattle 329
Islamabad 319
Tokyo 310
Cambridge 297
Napoli 288
Florence 287
Padova 274
London 268
Seoul 267
Kansas City 264
New Delhi 251
Woodbridge 248
Palermo 247
Guangzhou 245
Ashburn 239
Nürnberg 237
Modena 232
Southend 229
Verona 224
Bangalore 218
San Mateo 216
Buffalo 209
Rio Saliceto 205
Moscow 196
Nanjing 193
Kuala Lumpur 190
Bangkok 186
Chennai 183
Istanbul 179
New York 176
Shanghai 176
Piacenza 175
Saint Petersburg 171
Genova 169
Singapore 169
Catania 164
Sant'ilario D'enza 161
Santiago 158
Paris 153
Lima 152
Athens 150
Bari 148
Fairfield 147
Wuhan 146
Lake Forest 142
Toronto 141
Delhi 139
Hebei 139
Central District 138
Montréal 138
Hartford 132
Trieste 132
Vienna 125
Council Bluffs 124
Rockville 124
Pisa 122
Sydney 122
Hyderabad 120
Madrid 119
University Park 118
Leawood 117
Mexico 116
Ottawa 107
Barcelona 106
São Paulo 106
Changsha 105
Chicago 105
Redmond 105
Tehran 105
Bucharest 102
Segrate 102
Berlin 101
Como 100
Los Angeles 100
Cagliari 98
Norwalk 98
Totale 52699
Nome #
Optical coherence tomography is a useful tool in the differentiation between true edema and pseudoedema of the optic disc, file e177fbc6-56e1-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 20611
Modeling of an Excavator System – Semi empirical hydraulic pump model, file e177fbc4-26ce-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 10303
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Modulation Formats and Waveforms for 5G Networks: Who Will Be the Heir of OFDM?: An overview of alternative modulation schemes for improved spectral efficiency, file e177fbc4-4f2e-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 2137
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Numerical relativity simulations of binary neutron stars, file e177fbc4-5803-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 216
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Iucundum amorem: il carme 109 di Catullo, file e177fbc4-3565-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 209
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Opportunities and Challenges for the Nasal Administration of Nanoemulsions, file e177fbc4-6e04-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 191
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Fedra or Aricie? The rationale of the "cagioni episodiche", file e177fbc4-1703-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 185
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Regional foods and rural development: The role of product qualification, file e177fbc4-1165-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 181
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Multiple Versus Single Antipsychotic Agents for Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients: Case-Control Study of Risks Versus Benefits., file e177fbc4-2863-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 177
Road Running After Gastric Bypass for Morbid Obesity: Rationale and Results of a New Protocol, file e177fbc4-65d6-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 174
Gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with asthma., file e177fbc4-0da3-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 173
Dove sta andando la ricerca nei dottorati di progettazione architettonica in Italia? / Where is PhD research into architectural design in Italy headed?, file e177fbc4-6bef-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 171
Lung cancer biomarkers in exhaled breath, file e177fbc4-2cb7-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 166
Biochar addition to an arsenic contaminated soil increases arsenic concentrations in the pore water but reduces uptake to tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.)., file e177fbc4-3aca-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 165
Perinatal morbidity and mortality in early-onset fetal growth restriction: cohort outcomes of the trial of randomized umbilical and fetal flow in Europe (TRUFFLE), file e177fbc4-5581-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 165
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Partial response and non response to antidepressant therapy: current approches and treatment options, file e177fbc4-22fd-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 163
Congenital hypotonia with favorable outcome, file e177fbc4-0e08-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 160
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Public Perceptions of Agri-food Applications of Genetic Modification – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, file e177fbc4-3aa7-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 154
Water-soluble calixarene hosts that specifically recognize the trimethylammonium group or the benzene ring of aromatic ammonium cations: A combined H-1 NMR, calorimetric, and molecular mechanics investigation, file e177fbc4-0cab-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 153
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2D echocardiographic diagnosis of cardiac tumors surgically treatable., file e177fbc4-32e9-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 152
USO INTERCULTURALE DEI DIRITTI UMANI E COROLOGIA GIURIDICA, file e177fbc4-52af-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 152
Reducing out of stock, shrinkage and overstock through RFID in the fresh food supply chain: Evidence from an Italian retail pilot, file e177fbc4-31f8-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 151
The Pliocene-Pleistocene Stratigraphic And Tectonic Evolution Of The Central Sector Of The Western Periadriatic Basin Of Italy., file e177fbc4-37b2-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 148
Materiali per la storia dell’Ospedale Maggiore di Milano: le Ordinazioni capitolari degli anni 1456-1498, file e177fbc4-29a1-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 145
The ARGO Autonomous Vehicle's Vision and Control Systems, file e177fbc4-0c5a-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 144
Colonists and "Demografic" Colonists. Family and Society in Italian Africa, file e177fbc4-2fc9-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 141
A validated GC-MS method for the detection of tropane alkaloids in buckwheat (Fagopyron esculentum L.) fruits, flours and commercial foods., file e177fbc4-1a39-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 140
Mirror neurons and the understanding of behavioural symptoms in psychiatric disorders, file e177fbc4-2179-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 140
Application of a Random Forest algorithm to predict spatial distribution of the potential yield of Ruditapes philippinarum in the Venice lagoon, file e177fbc4-234a-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 136
Appartenenza e distanza dai luoghi e dalle circostanze, file e177fbc4-2c82-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 136
A global assessment of forest surface albedo and its relationships with climate and atmospheric nitrogen deposition, file e177fbc4-5d95-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 136
HBIM for conservation: A new proposal for information modeling, file e177fbc6-8995-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 136
Recent progress on CdTe/CdS thin film solar cells, file e177fbc4-0940-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 134
LENTIGO MALIGNA MELANOMA E CRIOTERAPIA, file e177fbc4-3497-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 134
Anterior groin pain in athletes as a consequence of intra-articular diseases: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and principles of treatment. Dolore pelvico anteriore nell’atleta da patologie intra-articolari: eziopatogenesi, diagnosi e principi di trattamento, file e177fbc4-3f89-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 134
Habermas sui diritti umani. Dalla validità discorsiva alla dignità umana, file e177fbc4-3b6f-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 133
Sindrome ipocinetica: trattamento riabilitativo e verticalizzazione precoce, file e177fbc4-1ae9-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 132
Endothelial damage induced by Shiga toxins delivered by neutrophils during transmigration, file e177fbc4-1fa2-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 132
Aortic valve replacement in ministernotomy access. Initial experience., file e177fbc4-32ea-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 132
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2020/20214864 149211184208 281348 284363 6034144011418
2021/202240017 6592130910071532 15321171 27361707 2142169826391885
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