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Stage III and metastatic Lymph Node Ratio are the only independent prognostic factors in colorectal signet-ring cell carcinoma patients 59
Inguinal gist: a systematic literature review of primary and metastatic cases 43
The holocaust is a significant and independent risk factor of late-onset cancers: a systematic review of the literature and original data on Jewish Israeli, Jewish Non-Israeli and Non-Jewish Non-Israeli survivors 41
Prognostic role of intragastric cytopathology and microbiota in surgical patients with stomach cancer 39
Exosomal functional cargoes from liquid biopsy of gastric cancer: a systematic review of studies with potential clinical relevance 33
Proposal of a classification system for adenocarcinoma involving the ileocecal valve (bauhin's valve): A retrospective study of 689 right hemicolectomized patients 31
Clinical correlation between Treponema pallidum infection and agenesis of the gallbladder 28
Edward John Hinchey (1934 to present). father of modern age of acute complicated diverticulitis of the colon 28
Curative and prophylactic surgery of young-onset colorectal cancer in inherited syndromes. a 15-year monocentric retrospective experience 27
Stercoral perforation with peritonitis: a very rare complication of faecaloma impacting the sigmoid colon 27
Appendiceal mucocele: the importance of getting a preoperative diagnosis 26
Angiosarcoma of the breast: a rare and dismal complication of breast surgery associated with radiation 26
Utility of MRI in the diagnosis and post-treatment evaluation of anogenital hidradenitis suppurativa 26
Solitary primary splenic lymphangioma 26
Clinical and pathological features of synchronous gastrointestinal stromal tumors presenting associated with other malignancies 25
Pancreaticopleural fistula 25
Solitary left axillary metastasis after curative surgery for right colon cancer 25
Coexistence of diffuse malignant peritoneal mesothelioma and Candida norvegensis peritonitis 24
Surgical endoscopic vacuum-assisted closure therapy (EVAC) in treating anastomotic leakages after major resective surgery of esophageal and gastric cancer 23
Abdominal surgical site infection due to Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae 22
Retrocephalopancreatic schwannoma occupying the portocaval space 21
Extra-mucosal enucleation of a giant circular leiomyoma of the middle esophagus 21
Cervical esophagotomy for removal of an ingested clam shell: a very uncommon foreign body ingestion 21
Timing of nasogastric tube insertion and the risk of postoperative pneumonia: an international, prospective cohort study 21
Colonic perforations caused by migrated plastic biliary stents 20
Advances in intraluminal exfoliative cytology of gastric cancer. oncologic implication of the sixth metastatic route (Metastasis VI) 20
Association between abdominal wall hernia and abdominal aortic aneurysm 20
Managing focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver: surgery or minimally invasive approaches? A review of the preferable treatment options 20
Safety and efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce ileus after colorectal surgery 20
Presence of cancer cells in gastric lavage of gastric cancer patients as an indicator of advanced disease, predictor of tumour aggressive phenotype and independent prognostic factor for poor survival: the endoluminal pathway of gastric cancer and GL0/GL1 classification 20
Amyand's hernia: which oncologic risk can be hidden in the sac? 20
Blastocystis hominis and recurrent megacolon: a causative or fortuitous association? 19
Colonic-type appendiceal adenocarcinoma. an intermediate prognosis between mucinous and signet ring cell adenocarcinoma 19
Post-ejaculatory pain as a harbinger of extraperitoneal pelvic metastasis occurring seven years after curative surgery for gastric cancer 19
Is conservative management expedient in the treatment of Zargar's grade 3b gastric injuries after formalin ingestion? 19
Percutaneous drainage and vacuum-assisted closure system in the management of a sigmoid cancer presenting with an abscess of the anterior abdominal wall 19
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors With De Novo Anaplastic Dedifferentiation: Considerations on a Little-Known Neoplastic Metamorphosis 19
Advantages of the maneuver of intestinal derotation for pancreaticoduodenectomy 18
Anorectal melanoma: a rare aggressive type of melanoma 18
Analyzing Gastric Lavage of Gastric Cancer Patients. A Prospective Observational Study on Cytopathology and Determination of Intragastric CEA, CA 19.9, CA 72.4, and CA 50 18
Roux-en-Y hepaticoduodenostomy as surgical treatment of major bile duct injuries in totally gastrectomized patients 18
Reconstruction after distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer: Billroth 2 or Roux-en-Y procedure? 18
Omental torsion at the time of COVID-19 in Northern Italy: a case report of conservative management with a review of the pertinent literature 18
Is EUS-FNA of solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas as a preoperative procedure really necessary and free of acceptable risks? 17
Abdominoscrotal hydrocele: when one sac becomes bissac 17
Re: hemangiopericytoma of the greater omentum: a potential imaging pitfall and cause of repeatedly unsuccessful angiographic embolization 17
The 2019–2020 coronavirus pandemic in Italy: immunologic and cultural hurdles on the road to a cure 17
Cystic fibrosis and retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma: a novel match 17
Prognostic Significance of 18q LOH in Sporadic Colorectal Carcinoma 17
Colorectal cancer in pregnancy: one disease, two patients 17
Conservative management of pneumoperitonitis after percutaneous transhepatic insertion of metallic biliary stents 17
Utility of nasogastric tube for medical and surgical oncology of gastric cancer: a prospective institutional study on a new and precious application of an old and economic device 17
Non-operative management for ruptured splenule in haemodynamically stable patients previously splenectomized 17
Re: hepatocolic fistula: a potential complication following radiofrequency ablation of liver lesions in patients previously pancreaticoduodenectomized or cholecystectomized 16
Long non-coding RNAs in the gastric juice of gastric cancer patients 16
Broncho-hepato-cutaneous fistula of hydatid origin 16
An alternative surgery for an atypical kind of grade C postoperative pancreatic fistula following pancreaticoduodenectomy 16
Duodenobronchial fistula arising from a necrotizing liver metastasis of right colon cancer after systemic chemotherapy 16
Pleuritis caused by Acremonium strictum in a patient with metastatic testicular teratocarcinoma 16
Measuring intragastric tumor markers in gastric cancer patients: a systematic literature review on significance and reliability 16
Ischemic Pseudotumor of the Colon: An Insidious Form of Ischemic Colitis 15
Re: Metastasis of gallbladder adenocarcinoma to Bauhin’s valve: An extremely rare cause of intestinal obstruction 15
RE: Atypical pulmonary metastases from pancreatic adenocarcinoma 15
Is endoscopic resection a correct treatment for atypical gastrointestinal lipomas? 15
Inclusion of Predeposit Autologous Blood Donation and 33 % Hypertonic Saline Solution in the Surgical Management of Patients with Peritoneal Echinococcosis 15
Safety of hospital discharge before return of bowel function after elective colorectal surgery 15
Metastatic melanoma of the transverse colon heralded by vitiligo-like depigmentation: two rare conditions occurring in the same patient 15
Primary malignant melanoma of the gallbladder: an outstandingly rare tumor 14
Lymph node ratio is a stronger prognotic factor than microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer patients: Results from a 7 years follow-up study 14
Port site recurrences following laparoscopic liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma 14
Elevated gastric juice carbohydrate antigen 72.4 (CA 72.4) is an independent prognostic factor of poor survival for gastric cancer patients 14
Intestinal endometriosis: a sigmoid mass mimicking a colic neoplasm 14
Streptococcus intermedius as causative agent of perianal abscess and metastatic brain abscess 14
Reactive nodular fibrous pseudotumor of the gastrointestinal tract and mesentery giving multiple hepatic deposits and associated with colon cancer 14
Value of diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy for abdominal impalement injuries 14
Giant hepatic artery aneurysm associated with immunoglobulin G4-related disease successfully treated using a liquid embolic agent 14
Is entirely conservative management a correct strategy for hemodynamically stable patient with a grade IV blunt pancreatic injury? 13
Commentary on "a case of paratesticular leiomyosarcoma successfully treated with orchiectomy and chemotherapy" 13
Hépaticoduodénostomie Roux-en-Y comme traitement chirurgical de lésions biliaires importantes après gastrectomie total 13
Primary leiomyosarcoma of the abdominal wall 12
Left lobe hemiagenesis of the thyroid gland 12
Giant malignant melanocytic schwannoma of the posterior mediastinum 12
Giant midthoracic pulsion diverticulum of the esophagus 12
Gastric juice microRNAs as potential biomarkers for screening gastric cancer: a systematic review 12
Self-expandable metallic stents in pregnant patients with obstructing colorectal cancer 12
Combined analysis of intragastric malignant exfoliation and ca 72.4 concentration in stomach adenocarcinoma: The "gl1 ca 72.4" parameter 12
Gastric cancer cells in peritoneal lavage fluid: a systematic review comparing cytological with molecular detection for diagnosis of peritoneal metastases and prediction of peritoneal recurrences 12
The double challenge (preoperative diagnosis and surgical approach) of primary leiomyosarcoma of the sigmoid colon 12
Pyogenic liver abscess: a very late and rare complication after pancreaticoduodenectomy 11
Sixth case of infective endocarditis caused by Gemella bergeri 11
Gastric lavage malignant cells (yGL) and hypohemoglobinemia (yAnemia) as new systems of tumor regression grading and prognostic prediction for gastric cancer after neoadjuvant treatment 11
Early gastric cancer exfoliating into gastric lavage (GL1 EGC) shows a more aggressive behavior and poorer survival compared to the non-exfoliative counterpart (GL0 EGC) 11
Zoosexuality: an unusual cause of colorectal injury 11
Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma of the Retroperitoneum With Osteosarcomatous Component 11
Commentary on "clinical characteristics and adequate treatment of familial adenomatous polyposis combined with desmoid tumors" 11
Clear cell carcinoma of the stomach: a rare tumor variant imparting poor prognosis 11
Empyema thoracis after blunt traumatic esophageal perforation 10
Laparoscopic intragastric surgery for treating early gastric cancer 10
Spontaneous deflation of giant colonic diverticula 10
Primary renal osteosarcoma: a very rare tumour with an ominous prognosis 10
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