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IE - Irlanda 7
IN - India 5
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ES - Italia 3
RO - Romania 3
DK - Danimarca 2
GB - Regno Unito 2
IR - Iran 2
NL - Olanda 2
PL - Polonia 2
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Chandler 332
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Wilmington 33
Helsinki 29
Bologna 18
Rome 16
Brussels 10
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Napoli 6
Dallas 5
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Phalsbourg 5
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Woodbridge 4
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Castegnato 3
Fremont 3
Lund 3
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Ortona 3
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Piossasco 3
Torino 3
Trento 3
Vaiano Cremasco 3
Bari 2
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Fairfield 2
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Hangzhou 2
Huskvarna 2
Modena 2
Piacenza 2
Rockville 2
San Giuliano Milanese 2
Sant'Ilario d'Enza 2
Scafati 2
Torre Boldone 2
Turin 2
Zhengzhou 2
Alexandria 1
Andover 1
Bremen 1
Casale sul Sile 1
Chivasso 1
Civitanova Marche 1
Falls Church 1
Felino 1
Frankfurt Am Main 1
Guadalajara 1
Hamburg 1
Hanoi 1
Herlev 1
Huizen 1
Ivry-sur-seine 1
Jinan 1
Kocaeli 1
Leipzig 1
Maranello 1
Minneapolis 1
Prague 1
Prato 1
Redmond 1
Redwood City 1
Sacramento 1
Seattle 1
Taiyuan 1
Taizhou 1
Toronto 1
Torrance 1
Vigliano Biellese 1
Vila do Conde 1
Wuppertal 1
Zanjan 1
Ålborg 1
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Nome #
Why Coupling MicroClimate and Buildings in Design for Climate Change 79
Building Cluster Optimization to Integrate Energy Performance and Outdoor Thermal Comfort 39
Characterization of a Regenerative Environment 38
Climate change and indoor temperature variation in Venetian buildings: the role of density and urban form 37
About the Triggering of UN Sustainable Development Goals and Regenerative Sustainability in Higher Education 36
Regenerative design processes in urban morphology 36
The Simulation of Mean Radiant Temperature in Outdoor Conditions: A review of Software Tools Capabilities 35
On the Thermal Resilience of Venetian Open Spaces 34
Future climate resilience through informed decision making in retrofitting projects 33
Towards An Accessible Life Cycle Assessment: A Literature Based Review Of Current BIM And Parametric Based Tools Capabilities 33
A Novel Comprehensive Workflow for Modelling Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Energy Demand in Urban Canyons: Results and Critical Issues 32
Adaptive design through nature-based technologies and solutions: an innovative process characterising urban regeneration 32
Environmental Simulation Tools in Architectural Practice 30
On Venetian Campi Resilience to Climate Change 30
Optimization Tools for Building Energy Model Calibration 28
America a tutto green 27
Sensitive and Reactive Architectural Devices for Regenerative Design Applications in Manaus Heat Islands and Surrounding Rain Forests 27
Scenari Sostenibili 26
Simulation Workflow for Parametric Optimization of Outdoor Comfort-Based Origami Shelter 25
The Impact of Basic Architectural Design: Thinking beyond BR10 and Passivhaus Standard Prescriptions with the Use of Genetic Optimization 25
Tecnologie innovative per involucri sostenibili 23
Eco-Morpho. San Francisco Federal Building 23
The spatial comfort and thermal delight of outdoor misting installations in hot and humid extreme environments 23
‘Risparmio a tutto campus’ Centrale energetica dell’Università di Merced California 23
Green buildings pay: Design, productivity and ecology, Third edition 22
Extending the use of parametric simulation in practice through a cloud based online service 22
Exploring the Relationship Between Structurally Defined Geometrical Parameters of Reinforced Concrete Beams and the Thermal Comfort on Indoor Environment 22
GREEN BUILDING PAY: Productivity, Design, Ecology 21
I Linguaggi della Sostenibilita: una torre di Babele 21
ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE FALSI MITI Proseguiamo l’analisi dei luoghi comuni della sostenibilità rivisitati in chiave di reale potenzialità “verde” 20
Recuperare qualità energetica con la facciata ventilata 20
Hotel ad Alte Prestazioni Energetiche 20
A Digital Workflow to Quantify Regenerative Urban Design in the Context of a Changing Climate 20
Defining The Energy Saving Potential of Architectural Design 20
I falsi miti dell'architettura sostenibile 19
Adaptive Design for Severe Climatic Scenarios 19
A unified tool to design and define Architectural Sustainability 2.0 19
Integration of Outdoor Thermal and Visual Comfort in Parametric Design 19
360° VR for Qualifying Daylight Design 19
ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE falsi miti. I confini tra finzione e realtà. La dilagante tendenza al greenwashing come millantato credito di “buon progetto” 19
A New Framework to Evaluate Urban Design Using Urban Microclimatic Modeling in Future Climatic Conditions 19
Comparison of conventional, parametric and evolutionary optimization approaches for the architectural design of nearly zero energy buildings 18
Un esempio di sostenibilità reale firmato SOM 18
An overview of simulation tools for predicting the mean radiant temperature in an outdoor space 18
A Review of Assessment Methods for the Urban Environment and Its Energy Sustainability to Guarantee Climate Adaptation of Future Cities 18
Cities of the future: design ideas for reducing air pollution 18
A Study on the Impact of Climate Adaptive Building Shells on Indoor Comfort 18
Development of a self-sufficient dynamic façade within the context of climate change 16
AUTARKI: Coupling a 1:1 Cross Laminated Timber Building Prototype with Parametric Energy Simulation to Investigate Scenarios for Energy Self-Sufficiency 16
On the localised climate change mitigation potential of building facades 16
Optimization of outdoor comfort conditions with kinetic adaptive shelter: the case study of Piazza Armerina archaeological site 15
On the Impact of the Wind Speed on the Outdoor Human Comfort: A Sensitivity Analysis 15
The Integration of Outdoor Thermal Simulation Tools in Architectural Design 15
Modelling Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Energy Demand in Urban Canyons: Validation of a Novel Comprehensive Parametric Workflow 15
A parametric workflow to conceive facades as indoor and outdoor climate givers 14
The Use of Facade Mockups in LCA Based Architectural Design 14
Thermal Comfort-CFD Maps for Architectural Interior Design 14
Healthy homes indoor performances 13
Sustainable design teams, methods and tools in international practice 13
Design Sismico 13
Issues of wind mode visualization and pedestrian comfort assessment when designing residential buildings on sloping territories in the Arctic zone 13
User Scenarios in Balanced Retrofit: the Case of Baserris 12
Risparmio a tutto campus. Centrale energetica dell’Università di Merced California 12
The Climatic Based Design of Opaque Ventilated Facade 12
Learning from Functionalist Nordic Houses towards Passive, Active, Adaptable and Prefabricated Homes 12
The regenerative sustainable design of modernist Nordic houses. A qualitative and quantitative comparison with contemporary cases 12
Regenerative Design in Digital Practice: A Handbook for the Built Environment 11
The New Generation of Parametric Simulation Tools 11
Localized meteorological variables influence at the early design stage 11
Thermophysical characterization of a cardboard emergency kit-house 11
Design and Energy Simulation Tools: An International View 10
Exploring the Potentials of ICT Tools for Human-Centric Regenerative Design 10
Healthy homes in tropical zones: improving rural housing in Asia and Africa 10
Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy (RESTORE) within an Adaptive Neighbourhood Design 10
Development of an Adaptive Passive Façade: A replicable approach for managing multiple design solutions 10
Sensitive and Reactive Architectural Devices for Regenerative Design. Applications in Manaus Heat Islands and Surrounding Rain Forests 10
Influenza dell’involucro edilizio sul clima outdoor: studio di un canyon urbano in clima mediterraneo 9
Regenerative Sustainable Design in Nordic Architecture 9
Parametric Workflow to Conceive Facades as Indoor and Outdoor Climate Givers 9
Features of assessment of bioclimatic comfort for modern residential buildings in hot-dry climates 7
Outdoor comfort simulation of complex architectural designs a review of simulation tools from the designer perspective 1
Tall buildings cluster form rationalization in a Nordic climate by factoring in indoor-outdoor comfort and energy 1
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