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Investigation of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) process in equine papillomavirus-2 (EcPV-2)-positive penile squamous cell carcinomas 46
Equine genital squamous cell carcinoma associated with ecpv2 infection: Rankl pathway correlated to inflammation and wnt signaling activation 23
Pd-l1/pd-1 and ctla-4 expression in equine penile squamous cell carcinomas 22
Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography 2nd Edition 8
Terapia fotochimica corneale con UV-A e riboflavina per il trattamento delle ulcere corneali profonde settiche: risultati preliminari nel cane 8
Serum amyloid A, fibrinogen, and aptoglobin as inflammation markers in the horse: preliminary results 6
Arthroscopic anatomy of the equine cervical articular process joints 5
Comparison of Mesh and Barbed Suture for Laparoscopic Nephrosplenic Space Ablation in Horses 4
Surgical Treatment of an Abdominal Abscess Caused by a Migrating Iron Wire From the Ventral Colon, a Case Report 4
Laparoscopic Uteropexy (Mesometrium Imbrication) in Three Mares Using a Barbed Suture 4
Detection of Equus Caballus Papillomavirus Type-2 in Asymptomatic Italian Horses 3
Ureteral Endoscopy to Detect Upper Urinary Tract Diseases in Horses 3
Is there a statistical correlation between ultrasonographic findings and definitive diagnosis in horses with acute abdominal pain? 3
Dentigerous Equine Teratoma in a Stallion: Surgical Management and Clinicopathology 3
Clinical and immunophenotypic findings in 4 forms of equine lymphoma 3
A case of orbital extra-adrenal paraganglioma in a quarter horse 3
Our Experiences in the Surgical Treatment of the Third Eyelid Gland Prolaxus in Dog 3
Genetic Characterization of a Novel Equus caballus Papillomavirus Isolated from a Thoroughbred Mare 3
Umbilical infections in foals: microbiological investigation and management 3
Artrite settica nel puledro: valutazione di alcunitra i fattori che influenzano esito e prognosie confronto di diverse strategie di trattamento 3
Correlazione tra alcuni fattori di rischio e prognosi nelle infezioni sinoviali del cavallo: studio retrospettivo. Risk factors related to synovial infection in the horse: a retrospective study 3
Esperienza di chirurgia laparoscopica nel puledro 3
Ovariectomia per via laparoscopica mediante LigasureTM in cavalle in stazione quadrupedale 3
Development and preliminary validation of a pain scale for ophthalmic pain in horses: The Equine Ophthalmic Pain Scale (EOPS) 3
Morphologic radiographic study of the proximal sesamoid bones of the forelimb in thoroughbred racehorses in training 3
Amiloide sierica A, fibrinogeno ed aptoglobina come marcatori di flogosi nel cavallo: risultati preliminari 2
Infezioni da Rhodococcus equi nel puledro a localizzazione extrapolmonare: descrizione di tre casi clinici 2
Corneal Photochemotherapy (CXL) Using Vetuvir® for the Treatment of Deep Septic Corneal Ulcers in Dogs 2
Frattura d’avulsione dell’origine della corda femoro-metatarsica (Peroneus Tertius) in un puledro 2
Outcome After Partial Ileal Bypass for the Treatment of Ileocecal Intussusception in 6 Horses 2
Extensive Myenteric Ganglionitis in a Case of Equine Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction Associated with EHV-1 infection 2
Horner's syndrome associated to disseminated thoracic melanoma in a lipizzaner horse 2
Gonadectomy in Raccoons: Anesthetic and Cardiorespiratory Effects of Two Ketamine-Based Pre-Anesthetic Protocols before Sevoflurane-Sufentanil 2
Outcomes and Complications in a Case Series of 39 Total Laparoscopic Prophylactic Gastropexies Using a Modified Technique 2
L'uso della metaclopramide nella prevenzione e nel trattamento dell'ileo postoperatorio nel cavallo: esperienze cliniche 2
Clinical comparison of two regimens of lidocaine infusion in horses undergoing laparotomy for colic 2
Bilateral Rupture of the Palmar Carpal Ligament in a Horse Suffering from Acute Diaphragmatic Hernia 2
Desmiti inserzionali prossimali del legamento sospensore del nodello: risultati ottenuti trattando 24 cavalli con le onde d'urto 2
Uso dell’ecografia in corso di sindrome colica nel cavallo: studio retrospettivo su 158 casi chirurgici 2
Reclutamento alveolare nel trattamento di uno stato ipossiemico in un cavallo in anestesia generale 2
Radiographic findings and anatomical variations of the caudal cervical area in horses with neck pain and ataxia: case–control study on 116 horses 2
Long-term safety and tolerance of silicone and self-expandable airway stents: an experimental study 2
Third Eyelid T-cell-Rich Large B-cell Lymphoma Positive to EHV-5 in a Mare—a Case Report 2
Primary malignant melanoma arising in an ovarian cystic teratoma 2
Equine grass sickness in italy: a case series study 2
Successful Surgical and Medical Management of a Pararectal Abscessin a Horse 2
La Tomografia Computerizzata per la valutazione di alcune patologie della testa in 11 cavalli. Computed tomography for evaluation of some head diseases in 11 horses 2
Apophyseal avulsion fracture of the greater trochanter of the femur in a thoroughbred filly 2
Riboflavin/UV-A corneal phototherapy as stand-alone management of ulcerative keratitis in dogs 2
A survey of ocular ultrasound abnormalities in horse: 145 cases 2
Histological and immunohistochemical studies of changes in myenteric plexuses and in interstitial cells of Cajal associated with equine colic 1
Parosteal fibrous maxillary osteosarcoma in a horse: a case report 1
Equine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Release Extracellular Vesicles Enclosing Different Subsets of Small RNAs 1
Standing Thoracoscopic Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair Using a Dual-Facing Mesh in a Horse 1
Transplantation of allogeneic/xenogeneic pancreatic islets containing coherent microcapsules in adult pigs 1
Sedazione profonda per chirurgie in stazione quadrupedale nel cavallo: due protocolli a confronto 1
Evaluation of transabdominal ultrasound as a tool for predicting the success of abdominocentesis in horses 1
Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder in a 12-Year-Old Gelding 1
Serum amyloid A, fibrinogen, and haptoglobin as inflammation markers in the horse: preliminary results 1
The use of alpha-2 agonists in the equine practice: comparison between three molecules 1
Laparoscopic sterilization of sardinia donkeys using an endoscopic stapler 1
Successful removal of a guidewire from the jugular vein of a mature horse 1
Ultrasonographic technique and appearance of adrenal gland in neonatal foals: a pilot study 1
Efficacia della Xilaxina nell'analgesia intrarticolare post-operatoria nel cavallo 1
Extensive pleural abscess associated with congestive heart failure in a pregnant cow: unusual presentation of hardware disease 1
Guanylin, uroguanylin and guanylate cyclase-c are expressed in the gastrointestinal tract of horses 1
Laparoscopic nephrosplenic space ablation with barbed suture in eight horses 1
Diagnostic and Clinical Course of Small Colon Recurrent Impaction Associated with Severe Myenteric Ganglionopathy in A Mare 1
Septic Tenosynovitis Caused by Porcupine Quills: Clinical and Diagnostic Findings, Treatment, and Long-Term Outcome in Seven Horses 1
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