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EU - Europa 3584
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AS - Asia 1816
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 23
SA - Sud America 3
AF - Africa 1
OC - Oceania 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 3084
IE - Irlanda 1507
CN - Cina 1446
SE - Svezia 840
IT - Italia 340
FI - Finlandia 332
TR - Turchia 329
DE - Germania 214
FR - Francia 71
AT - Austria 66
UA - Ucraina 55
GB - Regno Unito 38
BE - Belgio 25
NL - Olanda 24
EU - Europa 22
IN - India 20
CA - Canada 18
EE - Estonia 17
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 16
PL - Polonia 10
RO - Romania 9
JP - Giappone 6
DK - Danimarca 5
RU - Federazione Russa 5
CH - Svizzera 4
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KH - Cambogia 3
PH - Filippine 3
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 3
BR - Brasile 2
VN - Vietnam 2
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DZ - Algeria 1
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KZ - Kazakistan 1
LB - Libano 1
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NO - Norvegia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
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Parma 131
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Helsinki 86
Hebei 85
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Shenyang 78
Kunming 75
Nanchang 75
Vienna 66
Jinan 54
Jiaxing 52
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Hefei 48
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Changsha 26
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Guangzhou 25
Fremont 23
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Tallinn 17
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Zhengzhou 16
Fairfield 15
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Chengdu 11
Fuzhou 11
Mannheim 10
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Rockville 9
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Redwood City 8
Chongqing 7
Warsaw 7
Grafing 6
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Ottawa 6
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Taiyuan 6
Wenzhou 6
Bologna 5
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Cambridge 5
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Auburn Hills 4
Bari 4
Fort Worth 4
Istanbul 4
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Orange 4
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Reggio Nell'emilia 4
Rome 4
Taizhou 4
Agrigento 3
Bratislava 3
Cornaredo 3
Imola 3
Lentini 3
Phnom Penh 3
Segrate 3
Shaoxing 3
Broni 2
Caloocan City 2
Cork 2
Council Bluffs 2
Dallas 2
Dong Ket 2
Ferrara 2
Garden City 2
Geislingen an der Steige 2
Gunzenhausen 2
Horia 2
Huizen 2
Jalandhar 2
Lagorce 2
Langfang 2
Leawood 2
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Nome #
Self-Amputation of the Extra Digit in a Fetus with Polydactyly: First Ultrasound Demonstration. 118
Cardiotocografia intrapartum - Concetti chiave per una nuova interpretazione 108
Management of infants with brief resolved unexplained events (Brue) and apparent life-threatening events (alte): A rand/ucla appropriateness approach 101
Intrapartum transperineal ultrasound assessment of fetal head progression in active second stage of labor and mode of delivery 97
Agreement between two- and three-dimensional transperineal ultrasound methods for assessment of fetal head-symphysis distance in active labor 91
Sonographic pattern of fetal head descent: relationship with duration of active second stage of labor and occiput position at delivery 86
122: Timing of delivery of uncomplicated monochorionic monoamniotic twins 78
EP10.05: Firs trimester diagnosis of bilateral fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and pligosyndactyly (FACTO) syndrome: a case report 72
Cortical malformations and COL4A1 mutation: Three new cases 67
Abstracts of the 26th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rome, Italy, 24-28 September 2016 61
Effects of testosterone undecanoate administered alone or in combination with letrozole or dutasteride in female to male transsexuals 58
Asynclitism: a literature review of an often forgotten clinical condition 58
Is the short axis view of the fetal heart useful in improving the diagnostic accuracy of outlet ventricular septal defects? 57
How often an isolated cardiac disproportion predicts a coarctation of the aorta? Single center experience and systematic review of the literature 57
Impact of fetal brain ultrasound tutor smartphone application on normal anatomy learning 57
Antenatal sonography of eustachian valve aneurysm 57
The Effect of Chorionicity on Maternal Cardiac Adaptation to Uncomplicated Twin Pregnancy: A Prospective Longitudinal Study 57
Absence of the ductus venosus: report of 10 new cases and review of the literature 56
Antiphospholipid antibody profile based obstetric outcomes of primary antiphospholipid syndrome: The PREGNANTS study 56
Cerebroplacental ratio assessment in early labor in uncomplicated term pregnancy and prediction of adverse perinatal outcome: prospective multicenter study 56
Accuracy of three-dimensional ultrasound in diagnosis and classification of congenital uterine anomalies 54
Accurate neurosonographic prediction of brain injury in the surviving fetus after the death of a monochorionic cotwin 54
3D assessment of the Umbilical Vein Deviation Angle (UVDA) for the prediction of liver herniation in Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 54
Effect of long-term testosterone administration on the endometrium of female-to-male (FtM) transsexuals 53
Should the myometrial free margin still be considered a limiting factor for hysteroscopic resection of submucous fibroids? A possible answer to an old question 53
STAN: a reappraisal of its clinical usefulness 52
Intrapartum Doppler ultrasound. 52
A novel artificial intelligence approach for the automatic differentiation of fetal occiput anterior and non-occiput anterior positions during labor 52
Cyst of the filum terminale: two cases detected on prenatal ultrasound 51
Apparently isolated fetal mesocardia at midtrimester: report of a series 51
Abstracts of the 26th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rome, Italy, 24-28 September 2016 51
Inversion mode spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) echocardiography in three-dimensional rendering of fetal ventricular septal defects 51
A New Method to Measure the Subpubic Arch Angle Using 3-D Ultrasound 50
The Brain Shadowing Sign: A Clue Finding for Early Suspicion of Craniosynostosis? 50
Antenatal Care of Preeclampsia: From the Inverted Pyramid to the Arrow Model? 50
Identification of large-for-gestational age fetuses using antenatal customized fetal growth charts: Can we improve the prediction of abnormal labor course? 50
Sequential analysis of the normal fetal fissures with three-dimensional ultrasound: a longitudinal study. 49
Transvaginal sonographic features of peritoneal carcinomatosis 49
Inpatient vs outpatient management and timing of delivery of uncomplicated monochorionic monoamniotic twin pregnancy: the MONOMONO study 49
Fetal brain tutor 4 US 49
Accuracy of fetal gender determination in the first trimester using three-dimensional ultrasound 49
Diagnosis of midline anomalies of the fetal brain with the three-dimensional median view 48
Membro dell'Editorial Board della rivista scientifica "Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy" 47
Anatomical aspects in recurrent pregnancy loss 47
Intrapartum sonographic diagnosis of posterior asynclitism by two-dimensional transperineal ultrasound. 46
Agreement between two 3D ultrasound techniques for the assessment of the subpubic arch angle 46
Correlation between Subpubic Arch Angle and Mode of Delivery in Large-for-Gestational-Age Fetuses 46
Invited speaker Congresso Internazionale "Ultrasound Meets Magnetic Resonance", Paris, September 2018 46
Invited speaker al "28th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology" 46
Etiology and Prognosis of Severe Ventriculomegaly Diagnosed at Late Gestation 46
Effects of Antenatal Betamethasone on Fetal Doppler Indices and Short Term Fetal Heart Rate Variation in Early Growth Restricted Fetuses 46
Impact of ultrasound guided training in the diagnosis of the fetal head position during labor: A prospective observational study 46
Invited Speaker al Congresso Internazionale "Expert Fetal Medicine", Londra, 1-2 Marzo 2018 45
Automatic measurement of head-perineum distance during intrapartum ultrasound: description of the technique and preliminary results 45
Intrapartum Sonographic Diagnosis of Compound Hand-Cephalic Presentation 45
Effect of cervical pessary on spontaneous preterm birth in women with singleton pregnancies and short cervical length a randomized clinical trial 44
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal multiple hemivertebrae: the importance of 3D ultrasound assessment 44
Intrapartum ultrasound of fetal shoulder after head delivery: a pilot study 44
Prenatal imaging of facial clefts by magnetic resonance imaging with emphasis on the posterior palate 44
Diagnosis and management of fetal cardiac anomalies: 10 years of experience at a single institution 44
Difficult early sonographic diagnosis of absence of the fetal septum pellucidum 44
Cervical sliding sign: new sonographic marker to predict impending preterm delivery in women with uterine contractions 44
How to perform ultrasound in labor: assessment of fetal occiput position 43
The "occiput-spine angle": A new sonographic index of fetal head deflexion during the first stage of labor 43
Prediction of spontaneous vaginal delivery in nulliparous women with a prolonged second stage of labor: the value of intrapartum ultrasound 43
Intrapartum ultrasound before instrumental vaginal delivery: clinical benefits are difficult to demonstrate 43
Sonographic confirmation of fetal position before operative vaginal delivery should be recommended in clinical guidelines 43
Determinants of neonatal hypoglycemia after antenatal administration of corticosteroids (ACS) for lung maturation: Data from two referral centers and review of the literature 43
New technique for automatic sonographic measurement of variation of head-perineum distance and angle of progression during active phase of second stage of labor 42
Cervical length and risk of antepartum bleeding in women with complete placenta previa 42
Two-dimensional ultrasound is accurate in the diagnosis of fetal craniofacial malformation 42
Three-Dimensional Ultrasound of Intrauterine Devices 42
Prediction of fetal macrosomia using two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound 42
Bilateral cleft lip and palate without premaxillary protrusion is associated with lethal aneuploidies 41
Three-dimensional transvaginal sonography in local staging of cervical carcinoma: description of a novel technique and preliminary results 41
Transvaginal sonographic appearance of peritoneal pseudocysts 41
Usefulness of an Intrapartum Ultrasound Simulator (IUSim™) for Midwife Training: Results from an RCT 41
Paraovarian/paratubal cysts: comparison of transvaginal sonographic and pathological findings to establish diagnostic criteria 41
Increased uterine artery pulsatility index at 34 weeks and outcome of pregnancy 41
A new simple technique for 3-dimensional sonographic assessment of the pelvic floor muscles 40
Ultrasound in labor: is it time for a more simplified approach? 40
Weight discordance and perinatal mortality in monoamniotic twin pregnancies: analysis of the MONOMONO, NorSTAMP and STORK multiple pregnancy cohorts 40
Three-dimensional sonographic diagnosis of ovarian pregnancy 39
Open fourth ventricle prior to 20 weeks' gestation: a benign finding? 39
Three-dimensional ultrasound examination of the fetal central nervous system 39
Risk of 22q11.2 deletion in fetuses with right aortic arch and without intracardiac anomalies 39
Randomised Italian Sonography for Occiput POSition Trial Ante Vacuum (R.I.S.POS.T.A.) 39
Invited speaker congresso internazionale "Seventh International Conference on Fetal Growth 2018", Milano, 1-3 Ottobre 2018 39
Ultrasound and color power Doppler in the detection of metastatic omentum: a prospective study 39
Prenatal diagnosis and outcome of partial agenesis and hypoplasia of the corpus callosum 39
C4. Maternal cardiac changes during uncomplicated twin pregnancy: does the chorionicity matter? 39
Sonographic demonstration of the fetal esophagus using three-dimensional ultrasound imaging 39
The usefulness of volume NT software in measuring the fetal nasal bone at 11 to 13 + 6 weeks of gestation 38
Prenatal diagnosis of isolated butterfly vertebra 38
Intrapartum three-dimensional ultrasonographic imaging of face presentations: report of two cases 38
Does vacuum delivery carry a higher risk of shoulder dystocia? Review and meta-analysis of the literature. 38
Invited speaker al "27th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology" 38
Laparoscopic treatment of interstitial twin pregnancy 38
Correlation between umbilical vein-to-artery delta pH and type of intrapartum hypoxia in a cohort of acidemic neonates: A retrospective analysis of CTG findings 38
Ultrasound prediction of adverse outcome and perinatal complications at diagnosis of late-onset fetal growth restriction: a cohort study 38
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