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Nome #
Targeting the Eph/ephrin system as anti-inflammatory strategy in IBD 126
Functional Characterization of Heme Proteins Encapsulated in Wet Nanoporous Silica Gels 84
Biophysical characterisation of neuroglobin of the icefish, a natural knockout for hemoglobin and myoglobin. Comparison with human neuroglobin 77
Glutamine 89 is a key residue in the allosteric modulation of human serine racemase activity by ATP 77
Human serine racemase is inhibited by glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate, but not by glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase 77
Time-resolved methods in biophysics. 2. Monitoring haem proteins at work with nanosecond laser flash photolysis 67
The Energy Landscape of Human Serine Racemase 67
Structure and dynamics of the membrane attaching nitric oxide transporter nitrophorin 7 66
Structural basis for the oxidation of thiosulfate by a sulfur cycle enzyme 65
Correlation of protein functional properties in the crystal and in solution: the case study of T state hemoglobin 64
CO rebinding kinetics to high and low affinity T state hemoglobin encapsulated in silica gels 64
Electrophoretic analysis of PEGylated hemoglobin-based blood substitutes 64
Mycobacterial and human ferrous nitrobindins: Spectroscopic and reactivity properties 63
More than a Confinement: “Soft” and “Hard” Enzyme Entrapment Modulates Biological Catalyst Function 62
High and low oxygen affinity conformations of T state hemoglobin 61
Mutational effects at the subunit interfaces of human hemoglobin: evidence for a unique sensitivity of the T quaternary state to changes in the hinge region of the alpha1-beta2 interface 59
Enhanced geminate ligand rebinding upon photo-dissociation of silica gels-embedded myoglobin-CO 59
Low affinity PEGylated hemoglobin from Trematomus bernacchii, a model for hemoglobin-based blood substitutes. 59
Unusually fast bis-histidyl coordination in a plant hemoglobin 58
Characterization of ligand migration mechanisms inside haemoglobins from the analysis of geminate rebinding kinetics 57
CO rebinding kinetics and molecular dynamics simulations highlight dynamic regulation of internal cavities in human cytoglobin 56
The Reactivity with CO of AHb1 and AHb2 from Arabidopsis thaliana is Controlled by the Distal HisE7 and Internal Hydrophobic Cavities 54
New insights into allosteric mechanisms from trapping unstable protein conformations in silica gels. 54
Histidine E7 Dynamics Modulates Ligand Exchange between Distal Pocket and Solvent in AHb1 from Arabidopsis thaliana 54
Crystals of tryptophan indole-lyase and tyrosine phenol-lyase form stable quinonoid complexes 53
Different roles of protein dynamics and ligand migration in non-symbiotic hemoglobins AHb1 and AHb2 from Arabidopsis thaliana 53
Haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers: research and reality towards an alternative to blood transfusions 53
Structural and functional properties of Antarctic fish cytoglobins-1: cold-reactivity in multi-ligand reactions 53
Oxygen Binding by a(Fe2+)2b(Ni2+)2 Hemoglobin Crystals 52
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Augmentation therapy with alpha 1-antitrypsin: present and future of production, formulation, and delivery 52
Functional and spectroscopic characterization of half liganded Fe-Zn hybrid hemoglobin: evidence for conformational plasticity within the t state 51
Protein encapsulation, conformations, and nanobiotools 51
Biochemical platform for the identification of adverse effects triggered by free hemoglobin in guinea pigs 49
Pegylation promotes hemoglobin tetramer dissociation 49
PEGylation Promotes Hemoglobin Tetramer Dissociation 48
Oxygen binding to heme proteins in solution, encapsulated in silica gels, and in the crystalline state 48
Mycobacterial and Human Nitrobindins: Structure and Function 47
X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry and single crystal microspectrophotometry: A multidisciplinary characterization of catechol 1,2 dioxygenase 47
Towards a novel haemoglobin-based oxygen carrier: Euro-PEG-Hb, physico-chemical properties, vasoactivity and renal filtration 46
Ligand migration through the internal hydrophobic cavities in human neuroglobin 45
Molecular basis for covalent inhibition of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase by a 2-phenoxy-1,4-naphthoquinone small molecule 44
Functional properties of human cystathionine beta-synthase crystals. 43
Ligand migration and hexacoordination in type 1 non symbiotic rice hemoglobin 43
Structural Plasticity and Functional Implications of Internal Cavities in Distal Mutants of Type 1 Non-Symbiotic Hemoglobin AHb1 from Arabidopsis thaliana 43
Ligand reactivity and allosteric regulation of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers 42
Oxygen Delivery by Allosteric Effectors of Hemoglobin, Blood Substitutes, and Plasma Expanders 42
Ligand-induced tertiary relaxations during the T-to-R quaternary transition in hemoglobin. 42
Human serine racemase is nitrosylated at multiple sites 42
Oxygen binding to Arabidopsis thaliana AHb2 nonsymbiotic hemoglobin: evidence for a role in oxygen transport. 41
Ligand binding to human serine racemase: a spectroscopic and functional study 41
The Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus—Hemoglobins and ligand-binding properties 41
Ligand migration in non symbiotic hemoglobin AHb1 from Arabidopsis thaliana 41
ATP binding to human serine racemase is cooperative and modulated by glycine 41
From hemoglobin allostery to hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers 41
High- and low-affinity PEGylated hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers: Differential oxidative stress in a Guinea pig transfusion model 39
Oxygen binding by single red blood celles from the red-eared turtle Trachemys scripta 39
Protein function in the crystalline state probed by polarized absorption microspectrophotometry 39
Human serine racemase is allosterically modulated by NADH and reduced nicotinamide derivatives 39
Trapping hemoglobin in rigid matrices: fine tuning of oxygen binding properties by modulation of encapsulation protocols 38
Protein carbonylation detection methods: A comparison 38
Following Ligand Migration Pathways from Picoseconds to Milliseconds in Type IITruncated Hemoglobin from Thermobifida fusca 38
Pegylaytion destabilizes the haemoglobin tetramer 37
Oxygen delivery via allosteric effectors of haemoglobin and blood substitutes 37
Immobilization of proteins in Ormosil gels: Functional properties and applications 37
Electrostatic Tuning of the Ligand Binding Mechanism by Glu27 in Nitrophorin 7 37
Discovery of covalent inhibitors of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, a target for the treatment of malaria 36
Structural Bases for the Regulation of CO Binding in the Archaeal Protoglobin from Methanosarcina acetivorans 36
Modulation of expression and polymerization of hemoglobin Polytaur, a potential blood substitute 35
Experiments on hemoglobin in single crystals and silica gels distinguish among allosteric models 35
The SoxYZ Complex Carries Sulfur Cycle Intermediates on a Peptide Swinging Arm. 35
Heterogeneous Kinetics of the Carbon Monoxide Association and Dissociation Reaction to Nitrophorin 4 and 7 Coincide with Structural Heterogeneity of the Gate-Loop 35
Site-directed mutations of human hemoglobin at residue 35beta: a residue at the intersection of the alpha1beta1, alpha1beta2 and alpha1alpha2 interfaces 34
Mutant p53 prevents GAPDH nuclear translocation in pancreatic cancer cells favoring glycolysis and 2-deoxyglucose sensitivity 34
Zinc-substituted myoglobin is a naturally occurring photoantimicrobial agent with potential applications in food decontamination 34
Characterization of the Heme Pocket Structure and Ligand Binding Kinetics of Non-symbiotic Hemoglobins from the Model Legume Lotus japonicus 34
Biocatalysis in a confined environment. Lessons from enzymes immobilized in wet, nanoporous silica gels 33
ATP regulation of the ligand-binding properties in temperate and cold-adapted haemoglobins. X-ray structure and ligand-binding kinetics in the sub-Antarctic fish Eleginops maclovinus 33
Tertiary and quaternary effects in the allosteric regulation of animal hemoglobins 33
Targeting Cystalysin, a Virulence Factor of Treponema denticola-Supported Periodontitis. 33
Functional characterisation of the haemoglobins of the migratory notothenioid fish Dissostichus eleginoides 33
Allosteric effectors of hemoglobin: past, present and future. 33
Engineered chimeras reveal the structural basis of hexacoordination in globins: A case study of neuroglobin and myoglobin 33
Polymerized and polyethylene glycol-conjugated hemoglobins: A globin-based calibration curve for dynamic light scattering analysis. 33
Ligand Uptake Modulation by Internal Water Molecules and Hydrophobic Cavities in Hemoglobins 33
Functional properties of immobilized tryptophanase and tyrosine phenol lyase 32
Regulation of human serine racemase activity and dynamics by halides, ATP and malonate 32
Cold-Adaptation Signatures in the Ligand Rebinding Kinetics to the Truncated Hemoglobin of the Antarctic Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 32
A novel assay for phosphoserine phosphatase exploiting serine acetyltransferase as the coupling enzyme 31
Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Rebinding Kinetics in Nonsymbiotic Hemoglobin AHb1 from Arabidopsis thaliana 30
null 29
Protein crystal microspectrophotometry 29
null 28
Snapshots of the cystine lyase C-DES during catalysis 28
Ligation tunes protein reactivity in an ancient haemoglobin. Kinetic evidence for an allosteric mechanism in Methanosarcina acetivorans protoglobin 28
Structural heterogeneity and ligand gating in ferric Methanosarcina acetivorans protoglobin mutants. 27
‘Cool’ adaptations to cold environments: globins in Notothenioidei (Actynopterygii, Perciformes) 27
Magnesium and calcium ions differentially affect human serine racemase activity and modulate its quaternary equilibrium toward a tetrameric form 27
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