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Of the Ortho Effect in Palladium/Norbornene-Catalyzed Reactions: A Theoretical Investigation 95
Aromatic arylation via palladacycles: interception of reaction intermediates 71
Catalytic C–C coupling through C–H arylation of arenes or heteroarenes 71
New palladium-catalyzed processes for the synthesis of slectively substituted aromatics 70
A novel palladium-catalyzed synthesis of phenanthrenes from o-substituted aryl iodides and diphenyl- or alkylphenylacetylenes 70
Designing a catalytic synthesis of 4-methylcoumarin from ortho-iodophenyl 3-butenoate: ring closure and isomerization control 70
Catalytic sequential reactions involving palladacycle-directed aryl coupling steps 68
Synthesis of selectively substituted ortho-vinylbiphenyls by palladium-catalysed reaction of ortho-substituted aryl iodides with olefins 68
A novel enantioselective synthesis of 6H-dibenzopyran derivatives by combined palladium/norbornene and cinchona alkaloid catalysis 66
Multiple arylations of aromatics via removable palladacycle scaffolds: polycyclic compounds and their way of formation 64
Catalytic dehydrogenation of o-alkylated or o-alkoxylated iodoarenes with concomitant hydrogenolysis 63
Biaryl syntheses 62
New aspects of group VIII metal chemistry of carbon-carbon bond-forming aromatic substitution 61
A direct palladium-catalyzed route to selectively substituted carbazoles through sequential C–C and C–N bond formation. Synthesis of carbazomycin A 61
CH transformation at sp2-hybridized carbon atoms by carbopalladation-cyclopalladation sequences 61
A new catalytic method for the synthesis of selectively substituted biphenyls containing an oxoalkyl chain 60
Intramolecular benzylic C-H activation: palladium-catalyzed synthesis of hexahydromethanofluorenes 60
A catalytic synthesis of selectively substituted biaryls through sequential intermolecular coupling involving arene and ketone C–H bond functionalization. 60
A new type of palladium-catalysed aromatic cross-coupling combined with a Suzuki reaction: Synthesis of selectively 2,3’-substituted 1,1’:2’,1”-terphenyl derivatives 60
Transfer semihydrogenation of alkynes catalyzed by a zero-valent palladium N-heterocyclic carbene complex 59
Chirasource 2004. La chiralità nell'industria farmaceutica e della chimica fine 57
Ab-initio single crystal structure solution of dihydrodibenzoazepines 57
Arene substitution involving temporary incorporation and removal of carbon tethers via carbopalladation and decarbopalladation 56
A Convenient one-step synthesis of xanthene derivatives 56
Exception to the ortho Effect in Palladium/Norbornene Catalysis 56
A new reaction sequence involving palladium-catalyzed unsymmetrical aryl coupling 55
Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of selectively substituted phenanthridine derivatives 55
Mesogenic Aromatic Esters with Sulfur-containing Alkyl Chains 55
Transition metal-catalysed organic reactions promoted by chelating or metallacycle-forming substrates 55
A Palladium-catalyzed cyclocarbonylation reaction leading to synthons for cyclopentanoid chemistry 54
A new palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 3-substituted 2-aryliden-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-ones 54
Competitive pathways in Pd-catalyzed synthesis of arylphenols 54
Palladium catalyzed multicomponent reactions in ordered sequence: new syntheses of o,o’-dialkylsubstituted diarylacetylenes and diarylalkylidenehexahydromethanofluorenes 53
A new catalytic process based on sequential insertion of strained olefins and carbon monoxide into Pd-C bonds 53
Structure and properties of arylnorbornyl palladacycles as stable models for catalytic intermediates 53
A New palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2,3,4,4a,8b-hexahydro-1,4-methano-biphenylenes and 2-phenylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enes 53
A new catalytic way to dibenzo[b,f]azepines 53
Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines and 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-2 benzazepines combining sequential palladium-catalysed ortho alkylation/vinylation with aza-Michael addition reactions 52
Synthesis of 6-phenanthridinones and their heterocyclic analogues through palladium-catalyzed sequential aryl-aryl and N-aryl coupling 52
Palladium-Catalyzed Reaction of Aryl Iodides with ortho-Bromoanilines and Norbornene/Norbornadiene: Unexpected Formation of Dibenzoazepine Derivatives 51
One-pot Pd/norbornene-catalyzed Synthesis of Dibenzo[c,e]oxepin Derivatives 51
Novel methods of aromatic functionalization using palladium and norbornene as a unique catalytic system 50
L'acqua nell'ambiente umano di Val Parma 50
Palladium-arene interactions in catalytic intermediates; an experimental and theoretical investigation of the soft rearrangement between eta1 and eta2 coordination modes 49
An improved synthesis of 1,4-cis,exo-hexa- or tetrahydromethano- or -ethanobiphenylene derivatives catalyzed by palladium complexes 49
Changing selectivity in palladium-catalyzed reactions involving oxidation state IV. A new synthesis from iodobenzene and norbornene 49
Factors influencing selective C–C coupling with the aliphatic or aromatic carbon of alkylaromatic palladacycles 49
Iodide effects in transition metal catalyzed reactions 49
Nickel-catalyzed allylation of norbornene 49
Formation of a carbonyl group ortho to a biaryl structure or a 6H-dibenzopyran by a palladium/norbornene-catalyzed ordered reaction sequence 49
Pd Catalysis in Cyanide-Free Synthesis of Nitriles from Haloarenes via Isoxazolines 49
New pathways of site selective aromatic alkylation of palladium complexes: fragmentation to arenes vs ring closure to hexahydromethano-fluorenes or -phenanthrenes 48
Processi catalitici selettivi. Ricerca ed applicazione nella sintesi di "fine chemicals" 48
Some cooperative effects in catalysis of carbon-carbon bond formation by transition metal complexes 48
A simple direct synthesis of an alkylaromatic palladacycle 48
Symmetrical and unsymmetrical 2,6-dialkyl-1,1'-biaryls by combined catalysis of aromatic alkylation via palladacycles and Suzuki coupling 47
Limnologia fisica e chimica e contenuti di clorofilla-A nel fitoplancton di un lago di montagna, il Lago Santo Parmense 47
A new palladium catalyzed synthesis of cis, exo-2,3-diarylsubstituted bicyclo[2.2.1] heptanes or bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enes 47
Catalytic synthesis of 3,3-disubstituted tricyclo [,4]octanes 47
Palladium-catalyzed unsymmetrical aryl couplings in sequence leading to o-teraryls: dramatic olefin effect on selectivity 46
New transition metal-catalyzed C–C coupling reactions initiated by C–X bond cleavage and terminated by H-transfer 46
Transition Metal-catalyzed Organic Reactions Promoted by Chelating or Metallacycle-forming Substrates 46
A new catalytic synthesis of non-conjugated alkenynes 46
Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of new bicyclo[2.1.1]hept-2-ene-carbon monoxide copolymers 46
A new and efficient palladium-catalysed synthesis of 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-2,4-benzodiazepine-1,3-dione derivative 46
A catalytic process based on sequential ortho-alkylation and vinylation of ortho-alkylaryl iodides via palladacycles 46
Multiple arylations of aromatics via removable palladacycle scaffolds: polycyclic compounds and their way of formation 46
Chemistry of alkylaromatic metallacycles. Regiochemistry of ring opening and ring enlargement of a palladacycle by reaction with alkynes 46
Palladium-catalysis to dihydrodibenzoazepine derivatives: synthesis, structure and theoretical calculations 46
Rates of the oxidative addition of benzyl halides to a metallacyclic palladium(II) complex and of the reductive elimination from a benzyl-palladium(IV) complex. 45
Selective organometallic syntheses from molecular pools 44
New synthesis of benzindanone derivatives by carbonylation and aromatization of masked aromatics 44
Highly efficient palladium catalyst system for insertion of acetylenes into Si–Si bonds. A new method for modification of silicon-containing polymers 44
A new palladium-cataIyzed synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted coumarins from 3-alkenoates of ortho-iodophenol, phenylacetylene and carbon monoxide 43
Palladium-catalyzed ring-forming reactions of organic halides with unsaturated substrates and carbon monoxide 43
Sequential unsymmetrical aryl coupling of o-substituited aryl iodides with o-bromophenols and reaction with olefins: palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 6H-dibenzopyran derivatives 43
Palladium-catalysed synthesis of enantiopure 1,2,4,5-tetrahydro-1,4-benzodiazepin-3-(3H)-one derivatives 43
Palladium-Catalyzed Norbornene-Carbon Monoxide Co-oligomerization Initiated by Aryl Groups and Terminated by Double Bond Formation 42
Competitive pathways in palladium-catalyzed reactions of ortho-halogenophenols. New syntheses of heterocyclic compounds 42
Intramolecular cyclization of ortho-iodophenyl 3-butenoate to 4-methylcoumarin: catalysis by palladium complexes 42
Palladium-mediated synthesis of new eight-membered heterocycle 41
Recent Developments of Catalytic Aryl Coupling Reactions 41
A complex catalytic cycle leading to a regioselective synthesis of o,o'-disubstituted vinylaromatics 41
Palladium-catalyzed sequential reactions: a new termination step leading to spirocyclohexadienone formation from p-iodophenol and bicyclo[2.2.1]heptene 41
The chemistry of alkylaromatic five-membered palladacycles 41
Palladium and Norbornene-catalyzed Synthesis of o-Heteroaryls from Aryl Iodides and Heteroarenes through Double C–H Activation in Sequence. 41
A new palladium-catalyzed synthesis of indoxyl derivatives 41
Palladium-catalyzed cyclization of N-n-butyl, N-(o-iodobenzyl)-3-butenamides: six- versus seven- and eight-membered ring formation 40
A simple catalytic synthesis of condensed pyridones from o-bromoarylcarboxamides involving ipso substitution via palladacycles 40
Palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon coupling reactions with tetraarylborates 40
null 39
Ricerche limnologiche in un lago appenninico in condizioni di copertura ghiacciata 39
Palladium-catalyzed syntheses of condensed cyclopentanes. The crystal and molecular structure of 3-benzylidenepentacyclo[9.2.15,8.11,11.02,10.04,9]pentadecane 39
Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2,3,4,4a,12b-hexahydro-1,4-methanotriphenylenes 39
A Sequential Pd/Norbornene-Catalyzed Process Generateso-Biaryl Carbaldehydes or Ketones via a Redox Reaction or 6H-Dibenzopyrans by C–O Ring Closure 39
Selectivity in Reactions between Metal Phenolates and Trichloroacetaldehyde: a Mild Synthesis of 2 (2,2,2 Trichloro 1-hydroxyethyl)-phenols 39
New protocols for the synthesis of condensed heterocyclic rings through palladium-catalyzed aryl coupling reactions 38
Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of aurone from salicyloyl chloride and phenylacetylene 38
XI Conferenza Europea di Chimica Organometallica 38
null 38
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