VIAROLI, Pierluigi
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SA - Sud America 8
OC - Oceania 7
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
AF - Africa 1
Totale 12.656
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 5.408
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UA - Ucraina 786
FI - Finlandia 653
IT - Italia 592
DE - Germania 523
TR - Turchia 142
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CA - Canada 125
GB - Regno Unito 62
AT - Austria 46
BE - Belgio 39
IN - India 37
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ES - Italia 6
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IL - Israele 2
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VN - Vietnam 2
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PA - Panama 1
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RS - Serbia 1
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San Mateo 175
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Parma 118
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Bremen 109
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Kunming 85
Helsinki 81
Jinan 80
Hebei 77
New York 77
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Boardman 52
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Jiaxing 50
Singapore 49
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Guangzhou 36
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Hangzhou 27
Los Angeles 27
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Milan 20
Bologna 18
Ferrara 18
Fuzhou 17
Norwalk 17
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Taiyuan 15
Redmond 13
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Kocaeli 10
Ardabil 9
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Fairfield 9
Lanzhou 9
Ningbo 9
Rockville 9
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Auburn Hills 7
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Bratislava 6
Chengdu 6
Copenhagen 6
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Florence 6
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Leawood 6
Tirana 6
Trento 6
Chongqing 5
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Phoenix 5
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Sofia 5
Brivio 4
Maarssen 4
Monmouth Junction 4
Paris 4
Piacenza 4
Pittsburgh 4
Podenzano 4
Reading 4
Rome 4
Trieste 4
Arezzo 3
Ascoli Piceno 3
Atlanta 3
Totale 7.872
Nome #
Influence of Potamogeton pectinatus and microphytobenthos on benthic metabolism in a freshwater littoral sediment in an agricultural landscape: N assimilation vs N removal 133
Soil budget, net export and potential sinks of nitrogen in the lower Oglio River watershed (northern Italy) 109
Assessing the potential impact of clam rearing in dystrophic lagoons: an integrated oxygen balance 97
Connectivity and habitat typology drive CO2 and CH4 fluxes across land–water interfaces in lowland rivers 93
Studio idrobiologico di ambienti acquatici golenali del Parco Fluviale del Po e dell'Orba (Alessandria) 86
Vegetazione acquatica, processi e funzioni dell’ecosistema nei tratti planiziali del reticolo idrografico del fiume Po 84
Denitrification and benthic metabolism in lowland pit lakes: The role of trophic conditions 84
Long-term limnological research in a quarry lake of the Po River, Italy 83
Denitrification, Nitrogen Uptake, and Organic Matter Quality Undergo Different Seasonality in Sandy and Muddy Sediments of a Turbid Estuary 83
Denitrification in an-intertidal meadow, a comparison of 15N-isotope and acetylene block techniques: dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia as a source of N2O? 83
Nitrate uptake and storage in the seaweed Ulva rigida in relation to nitrate availability and thallus nitrate content in a eutrophic coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Po River Delta, Italy) 82
Algal biomass and macroinvertebrate dynamics in intermittent braided rivers: new perspectives from instream pools 81
Recupero, conservazione e adattamento del sistema ecologico padano 81
Influence of clam farming on macroalgal growth: a microcosm experiment 80
A simple tool to help decision making in infrastructure planning and management of phytotreatment ponds for the treatment of nitrogen-rich water 79
Conoscenze ecologiche di base per la delineazione di un piano nazionale per la conservazione delle zone umide 79
Dissolved oxygen and nutrient budgets in a phytotreatment pond colonised by Ulva spp 78
Gli ecosistemi delle acque interne 76
Space and time variations of watershed N and P budgets and their relationships with reactive N and P loadings in a heavily impacted river basin (Po river, Northern Italy) 75
Nutrient and iron limitation to Ulva blooms in an eutrophic coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy) 74
Ricerche sul fitoplancton e su crescita e decomposizione di Ulva rigida nella Sacca di Goro 73
Ecological modelling as a tool to support macroalgal bloom management: a case study (Sacca di Goro, Po river delta) 73
Direct contribution of clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) to benthic fluxes, nitrification, denitrification and nitrous oxide emission in a farmed sediment 73
Diurnal exchanges of CO2 and CH4 across the water–atmosphere interface in a water chestnut meadow (Trapa natans L.) 73
Silica Storage, Fluxes, and Nutrient Stoichiometry in Different Benthic Primary Producer Communities in the Littoral Zone of a Deep Subalpine Lake (Lake Iseo, Italy) 73
Effect of filter-feeding mollusks on growth of green macroalgae and nutrient cycling in a heavily exploited coastal lagoon 73
Protocol handbook for NICE-Nitrogen cycling in estuaries: a project under the EU research programme. Marine Science and Technology (MAST III) 72
Benthic metabolism and denitrification in a river reach: a comparison between vegetated and bare sediments. 72
Impacts of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) farming on oxygen consumption and nutrient recycling in a eutrophic coastal lagoon 70
A multimethological approach for the sustainable management of perifluvial wetlands of the po river 70
Benthic fluxes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen in coastal lagoon of the Northern Adriatic Sea: an interpretation of spatial variability based on sediment features and infauna activity 70
Environmental Drivers Controlling Bacterial and Archaeal Abundance in the Sediments of a Mediterranean Lagoon Ecosystem 70
The impact of the drought event of summer 2003 on the zooplankton of the Po River (Italy) 70
Decomposition of four macrophytes in wetland sediments: organic matter and nutrient decay and associated benthic processes. 69
Persistence of meromixis and its effects on redox conditions and trophic status in Lake Idro (Southern Alps, Italy) 69
Implications for oxygen, nutrient fluxes and denitrification rates during the early stage of sediment colonisation by the polychaete Nereis spp 69
Short-term influence of recolonisation by the polychaete worm Nereis succinea on oxygen and nitrogen fluxes and denitrification: a microcosm simulation 68
Benthic primary production and bacterial denitrification in a Mediterranean eutrophic coastal lagoon 68
L’azoto e il suo cammino nell’ambiente 67
Benthic decomposition of Zostera marina roots: a controlled laboratory experiment 66
Testing the response of macroinvertebrate communities and biomonitoring indices under multiple stressors in a lowland regulated river 66
Community metabolism and buffering capacity of nitrogen in a Ruppia cirrhosa meadow. 66
Influence of hydrological connectivity of riverine wetlands on nitrogen removal via denitrification 66
Mesohabitat mosaic in lowland braided rivers: Short-term variability of macroinvertebrate metacommunities 66
Ecosystem health indexed through networks of nitrogen cycling 65
Oxygen fluxes and dystrophy in a coastal lagoon colonized by Ulva rigida (Sacca di Goro, Po River Delta, Northern Italy) 65
Ricerche ecologiche in laghi d’alta quota del bacino padano 64
Linee per la gestione conservativa integrata del fiume Po: potenzialità e criticità 64
I laghi di cava nella golena: aspetti ecologici applicati alla gestione 63
Composizione e struttura delle comunità vegetali bentoniche in sistemi lacustri soggetti a regolazione artificiale del livello idrometrico 63
Structure, functions and ecosystem alterations in Southern European coastal lagoons 63
Biogeochemical buffers in coastal lagoons: from chemical reactions to ecosystem functions and properties. 63
Biogeochemical indicators as tools for assessing sediment quality/vulnerability in transitional aquatic ecosystems 63
Nitrogen and phosphorous budgets during a farming cycle of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum: An in situ experiment 62
Finding of the calanoid copepod Eudiaptomus gracilis (Sars) in perifluvial environments of the Po River 62
The Sacca di Goro lagoon and an arm of the Po River 62
Atti del XVIII Congresso Nazionale SItE 2008. ECOLOGIA, EMERGNZA, PIANIFICAZIONE 62
Nitrogen balance and fate in a heavily impacted watershed (Oglio River, Northern Italy): in quest of the missing sources and sinks 62
Caratteristiche litologiche ed idrochimiche dei principali laghi dell'Appennino Tosco-Emiliano: risultati preliminari (maggio-ottobre 1989) 62
Benthic nitrogen metabolism in a macrophyte meadow (Vallisneria spiralis L.) under increasing sedimentary organic matter loads 62
A first generation stochastic bioeconomic analysis of algal bloom control in a coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Po River Delta) 61
Ricerche idrobiologiche ed ecologiche sui laghi dell'Appennino Settentrionale 61
Indications of multi-nutrient growth limitation in the blooming macroalga Ulva rigida C. Agardh 61
Variazioni recenti dello stato trofico delle acque costiere dell’Emilia-Romagna in relazione alle pressioni antropiche e ai carichi dei nutrienti nel bacino del Po. 61
Variability in Environmental Conditions Strongly Impacts Ostracod Assemblages of Lowland Springs in a Heavily Anthropized Area 61
Community shifts, alternative stable states, biogeochemical controls and feedbacks in eutrophic coastal lagoons: a brief overview. 61
Short Term Changes of Benthic Fluxes During Clam Harvesting in a Coastal Lagoon (Sacca Di Goro, Po River Delta)) 61
Inserto speciale: stato attuale e tendenze evolutive negli ecosistemi di acque interne e di transizione in italia 60
Denitrification, nitrogen fixation, community primary productivity and inorganic-N and oxygen fluxes in an inter-tidal Zostera noltii meadow 60
Ecological research on the animal communities of the Po River Delta lagoons 60
Agriculture and water qaulity in the Parma Food Valley 60
Effect of organic enrichment and thermal regimeon denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reductionto ammonium (DNRA) in hypolimnetic sediments of twolowland lakes 60
Idrochimica e stato trofico dei laghi e di alcune pozze delle valli dei torrenti Aveto e Nure 59
A bioaccumulation model for herbicides in Ulva rigida and Tapes philippinarum in sacca di Goro lagoon (Northern Adriatic) 59
Zooplankton community structure and inter-annual dynamics in two sand-pit lakes with different dredging impact 59
Indicatori di qualità ambientale degli ecosistemi acquatici 59
Net autotrophy in a fluvial lake: the relative role of phytoplankton and floating-leaved macrophytes 59
Indicatori di qualità ambientale degli ecosistemi acquatici 58
Crescita e produttività di Ruppia cirrhosa in relazione ai cicli sedimentari di zolfo, ferro e fosforo in una laguna eutrofica (Valle Smarlacca, Valli di Comacchio) 58
Oxygen, sulphide and nutrient fluxes in three shallow eutrophic lagoons 58
Limnological research on Northern Apennine lakes (Italy) in relation to eutrophication and acidification risk 58
Benthic processes in fresh water fluffy sediments undergoing resuspension 58
Regolazione ecologica e indicatori di vulnerabilità in sistemi di acque salmastre dell’Alto Adriatico (Delta del Po e Valli di Comacchio) 58
Integrating habitat- and species-based perspectives for wetland conservation in lowland agricultural landscapes 58
Macrophyte communities and their impact on benthic fluxes of oxygen, sulphide and nutrients in shallow eutrophic environments. 57
If Alpine streams run dry: the drought memory of benthic communities 57
Benthic fluxes of oxygen, ammonium and nitrate and coupled-uncoupled denitrification rates within Communities of three different primary producer growth forms 57
Evaluation of dynamic headspace and purge-and-trap techniques for the high-resolution gas chromatography analysis of nitrous oxide in seawater 57
Caratterizzazione di acque, sedimenti e idrofite nella Riserva Naturale Paludi di Ostiglia 56
Indicators of stress in the marine benthos 56
Remote sensing of phytoplankton-macrophyte coexistence in shallow hypereutrophic fluvial lakes 56
Inorganic nitrogen control in wastewater treatment ponds from a fish farm (Orbetello, Italy): Denitrification versus Ulva uptake 56
Eutrophication of the Mediterranean Sea: a watershed—cascading aquatic filter approach 56
Zone umide perifluviali: processi biogeochimici, funzioni ecologiche, problemi di gestione e conservazione 56
Lagoons and coastal wetlands in the global change context: impacts and management issues 56
Nitrogen cycling networks of coastal ecosystems: influence of trophic status and primary producer form 56
Growth of the seaweed Ulva rigida C. Agardh in relation to biomass densities, internal nutrient pools and external nutrient supply in the Sacca di Goro (Northern Italy) 56
Caratterizzazione del carico di fosforo inorganico veicolato in Adriatico dalle acque del Po in relazione al regime idrologico 56
Recent evolution and expected changes of nutrient loads in a heavily exploited watershed: the Po River, Italy 56
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