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[Surgical risks for cirrhotic patients] 1-gen-1990 Fiaccadori, F; Missale, G; Pasetti, G C; Pizzaferri, P; Pedretti, G
The surgical risk in cirrhosis of the liver 1-gen-1990 Fiaccadori, F.; Missale, G.; Pasetti, G. C.; Pizzaferri, P.; Pedretti, G.
Rifaximin versus neomycin on hyperammoniemia in chronic portal systemic encephalopathy of cirrhotics. A double-blind, randomized trial 1-gen-1991 Pedretti, G; Calzetti, C; Missale, G; Fiaccadori, F
Identification of immunodominant T cell epitopes of the hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid antigen 1-gen-1991 Ferrari, C.; Bertoletti, A.; Penna, A.; Cavalli, A.; Valli, A.; Missale, G.; Pilli, M.; Fowler, P.; Giuberti, T.; Chisari, F. V.; Fiaccadori, F.
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes recognize an HLA-A2-restricted epitope within the hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid antigen 1-gen-1991 Penna, A; Chisari, F. V; Bertoletti, A; Missale, G; Fowler, P; Giuberti, T; Fiaccadori, Franco; Ferrari, Carlo
Immune pathogenesis of hepatitis B 1-gen-1992 Ferrari, Carlo; Penna, A; Bertoletti, A; Cavalli, A; Valli, A; Missale, G; Pilli, M; Marchelli, S; Giuberti, T; Fiaccadori, F.
Fine specificity of the human T cell response to hepatitis B virus core antigen 1-gen-1992 Penna, A.; Bertoletti, A.; Cavalli, A.; Valli, A.; Missale, G.; Pilli, M.; Marchelli, S.; Giuberti, T.; Fowler, P.; Chisari, F. V.; Fiaccadori, F.; Ferrari, C.
Head-injured subjects aged over 50 years: correlations between variables of trauma and neuropsychologial follow-up 1-gen-1992 Mazzucchi, A.; Cattelaui, R.; Missale, G.; Gugliotta, M.; Brianti, R.; Parma, M.
Definition of a minimal optimal cytotoxic T-cell epitope within the hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid protein 1-gen-1993 Bertoletti, A; Chisari, F. V; Penna, A; Guilhot, S; Galati, L; Missale, G; Fowler, P; Schlicht, H. J; Vitiello, A; Chesnut, R. C; Ferrari, Carlo
Human leukocyte antigen class I-independent pathways may contribute to hepatitis B virus-induced liver disease after liver transplantation 1-gen-1993 Missale, G; Brems, J J; Takiff, H; Pockros, P J; Chisari, F V
HLA-A31- and HLA-Aw68-restricted cytotoxic T cell responses to a single hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid epitope during acute viral hepatitis 1-gen-1993 Missale, G; Redeker, A; Person, J; Fowler, P; Guilhot, S; Schlicht, H. J; Ferrari, Carlo; Chisari, F. V.
Nitrogen balance in the assessment of cirrhotic patients 1-gen-1993 Fiaccadori, F; Elia, G F; Missale, G; Pizzaferri, P; Pedretti, G
HLA A2 restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to multiple hepatitis B surface antigen epitopes during hepatitis B virus infection 1-gen-1993 Nayersina, R; Fowler, P; Guilhot, S; Missale, G; Cerny, A; Schlicht, H J; Vitiello, A; Chesnut, R; Person, J L; Redeker, A G; Chisari, F V
Class I-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes are directly cytopathic for their target cells in vivo 1-gen-1994 Ando, K; Guidotti, L G; Wirth, S; Ishikawa, T; Missale, G; Moriyama, T; Schreiber, R D; Schlicht, H J; Huang, S N; Chisari, F V
Immunopathogenetic aspects of hepatitis C virus infection 1-gen-1994 Ferrari, C.; Valli, A.; Missale, G.; Bertoni, R.; Schianchi, C.; Cavallo, C.; Pizzaferri, P.; Cavalli, A.; Degli Antoni, A.
T-cell response to structural and nonstructural hepatitis C virus antigens in persistent and self-limited hepatitis C virus infections 1-gen-1994 Ferrari, Carlo; Valli, A; Galati, L; Penna, A; Scaccaglia, P; Giuberti, T; Schianchi, C; Missale, G; Marin, M. G; Fiaccadori, F.
Malaria immunity mechanisms 1-gen-1994 Missale, G.; Menozzi, G.; Bertoni, R.; Pasetti, G. C.; Fiaccadori, F.
Infection of circulating and liver infiltrating T cells by hepatitis C virus of different subtypes 1-gen-1995 Artini, M.; Nisini, R.; Missale, G.; Costanzo, A.; Accapezzato, D.; Balsano, C.; Barnaba, V.; Levrero, M.
Cytokines in acute liver inflammation and in chronic evolution of viral hepatitis 1-gen-1995 Missale, G.; Ferrari, C.; Fiaccadori, F.
Hepatitis B virus specific immune response: From antigen recognition to liver damage 1-gen-1996 Ferrari, C.; Penna, A.; Bertoletti, A.; Cavalli, A.; Missale, G.; Valli, A.; Boni, C.; Lamonaca, V.; Fiaccadori, F.
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