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Modeling of critical electric field within irradiated Si-microstrip detectors 1-gen-1999 Passeri, D.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Scorzoni, A.; Moscatelli, F.; Bilei, G. M.
Global modeling strategies for the analysis of high-frequency integrated circuits 1-gen-1999 Ciampolini, Paolo; Roselli, L.; Stopponi, G.; Sorrentino, R.
A comprehensive analysis of low-resistivity silicon radiation detectors 1-gen-1999 Passeri, D.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, G. M.
Numerical parasitic reactances at the interface between FDTD mesh and lumped elements 1-gen-1999 Borzetta, L.; Alimenti, F.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Mezzanotte, P.; Roselli, L.; Sorrentino, R.
Analysis of the transient response of LED illuminated diodes under heavy radiation damage 1-gen-2000 Passeri, D; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, Gm; Casse, G; Lemeilleur, F.
Analysis and test of overhanging-metal microstrip detectors 1-gen-2000 Passeri, D.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, G. M.; Angarano, M. M.; Moscatelli, F.
Physical modeling of silicon microstrip detectors: influence of the electrode geometry on critical electric fields 1-gen-2000 Passeri, D; Ciampolini, Paolo; Scorzoni, A; Bilei, Gm
A High-Performance VLSI Architecture for the FDTD Algorithm 1-gen-2001 P., Placidi; L., Verducci; D., Tajolini; L., Roselli; Ciampolini, Paolo
Accurate Modelling of IC Compatible Planar Inductors on Silicon 1-gen-2001 G., Stopponi; P., Placidi; V., Palazzari; Ciampolini, Paolo; L. ROSELLI AND F., Alimenti
Concurrent field and device time domain numerical simulation of microwave devices 1-gen-2001 R., Sorrentino; G., Emili; G., Stopponi; F., Alimenti; Ciampolini, Paolo; L., Roselli
Design and simulation studies of the silicon sensors for CMS 1-gen-2001 Ciampolini, Paolo; Passeri, D; Bilei, Gm; Placidi, P.
Characterization of CMOS spiral inductors 1-gen-2001 V., Palazzari; P., Placidi; G., Stopponi; Ciampolini, Paolo; F., Alimenti; L., Roselli; A., Scorzoni
Optimization of overhanging-metal microstrip detectors: test and simulation 1-gen-2001 Passeri, D; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, G. M.; Angarano, M; Moscatelli, F.
Analysis of signal integrity in high-speed digital ICs, by combining MOSFET modeling and the LE-FDTD method 1-gen-2001 Alimenti, F.; Stopponi, G.; Placidi, P.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Roselli, L.; Sorrentino, R.
Comprehensive modeling of bulk-damage effects in silicon radiation detectors 1-gen-2001 Passeri, D.; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, G. M.; Moscatelli, F.
A feasibility study about a custom hardware implementation of the FDTD algorithm 1-gen-2002 L., Verducci; P., Placidi; Matrella, Guido; L., Roselli; F., Alimenti; Ciampolini, Paolo; A., Scorzoni
Active pixel sensor architectures in standard CMOS technology for charged-particle detection 1-gen-2002 D., Passeri; P., Placidi; L., Verducci; G. U., Pignatel; Ciampolini, Paolo; Matrella, Guido; G. M., Bilei
Global modeling of microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuits 1-gen-2002 G., Stopponi; Ciampolini, Paolo; V., Palazzari; P., Placidi; R., Sorrentino
A Custom VLSI Architecture for the Solution of FDTD equations 1-gen-2002 Placidi, P.; Verducci, L.; Matrella, Guido; Roselli, L.; Ciampolini, Paolo
Parasitic capacitances in thick-substrate silicon microstrip detectors 1-gen-2002 Passeri, D; Ciampolini, Paolo; Bilei, Gm; Berta, L.
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