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In silico approach to evaluate molecular interaction between mycotoxins and the estrogen receptors ligand binding domain: A case study on zearalenone and its metabolites. 1-gen-2012 Cozzini, Pietro; Dellafiora, Luca
Correct protonation states and relevant waters = better computational simulations? 1-gen-2013 Spyrakis, Francesca; Dellafiora, Luca; Da, C; Kellogg, Ge; Cozzini, Pietro
Modelling a possible bioactivity of ellagitannin-derived metabolites. In silico tools to evaluate their potential xenoestrogenic behavior. 1-gen-2013 Dellafiora, Luca; MENA PARRENO, Pedro Miguel; Cozzini, Pietro; Brighenti, Furio; DEL RIO, Daniele
Modeling the Effect of Phase II Conjugations on Topoisomerase I Poisoning: Pilot Study with Luteolin and Quercetin. 1-gen-2014 Dellafiora, Luca; MENA PARRENO, Pedro Miguel; DEL RIO, Daniele; Cozzini, Pietro
Expanding the chemical space of human serine racemase inhibitors 1-gen-2015 Dellafiora, Luca; Marchetti, Marialaura; Spyrakis, Francesca; Orlandi, Valentina; Campanini, Barbara; Cruciani, Gabriele; Cozzini, Pietro; Mozzarelli, Andrea
How Protein Flexibility Can Influence Docking/Scoring Simulations 1-gen-2015 Cozzini, P.; Dellafiora, L.; Ginex, T.; Spyrakis, F.
Hazard Assessment Through Hybrid In Vitro/In Silico Approach: The Case of Zearalenon 1-gen-2015 Ehrlich, Va; Dellafiora, L; Mollergues, J; Dall'Asta, C; Serrant, P; Marin-Kuan, M; Lo Piparo, E; Schilter, B; Cozzini, P.
Ergot alkaloids: From witchcraft till in silico analysis. Multi-receptor analysis of ergotamine metabolites 1-gen-2015 Dellafiora, Luca; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Cozzini, Pietro
Molecular modelling approach to evaluate poisoning of topoisomerase I by alternariol derivatives 1-gen-2015 Dellafiora, Luca; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Cruciani, G.; Galaverna, Gianni; Cozzini, Pietro
Hybrid in Silico/in Vitro Approach for the Identification of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptides from Parma Dry-Cured Ham 1-gen-2015 Dellafiora, Luca; Paolella, Sara; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Dossena, Arnaldo; Cozzini, Pietro; Galaverna, Gianni
Hazard identification of cis/trans-zearalenone through the looking-glass 1-gen-2015 Dellafiora, Luca; Galaverna, Gianni; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Cozzini, Pietro
Human serine racemase is allosterically modulated by NADH and reduced nicotinamide derivatives 1-gen-2016 Bruno, Stefano; Marchesani, Francesco; Dellafiora, Luca; Margiotta, Marilena; Faggiano, Serena; Campanini, Barbara; Mozzarelli, Andrea
On the masked mycotoxin zearalenone-14-glucoside. Does the mask truly hide? 1-gen-2016 Dellafiora, Luca; Perotti, Alessio; Galaverna, Gianni; Buschini, Annamaria; Dall'Asta, Chiara
Masked mycotoxins: An emerging issue that makes renegotiable what is ordinary 1-gen-2016 Dellafiora, L.; Dall'Asta, C.
An in silico perspective on the toxicodynamic of tetrodotoxin and analogues – A tool for supporting the hazard identification 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, L.; Galaverna, G.; Dall'Asta, C.
Assessing the hydrolytic fate of the masked mycotoxin zearalenone-14-glucoside–A warning light for the need to look at the “maskedome” 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, Luca; Galaverna, Gianni; Righi, Federico; Cozzini, Pietro; Dall'Asta, Chiara
In silico analysis sheds light on the structural basis underlying the ribotoxicity of trichothecenes—A tool for supporting the hazard identification process 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, L.; Galaverna, G.; Dall'Asta, C.
Forthcoming Challenges in Mycotoxins Toxicology Research for Safer Food—A Need for Multi-Omics Approach 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, L.; Dall'Asta, C.
Degradation of aflatoxins by means of laccases from trametes versicolor: An in silico insight 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, L.; Galaverna, G.; Reverberi, M.; Dall’Asta, C.
Molecular insights on xenoestrogenic potential of zearalenone-14-glucoside through a mixed in vitro/in silico approach 1-gen-2017 Dellafiora, L.; Ruotolo, R.; Perotti, A.; Cirlini, M.; Galaverna, G.; Cozzini, P.; Buschini, A.; Dall'Asta, C.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 69
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