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Lithium treatment extends human lifespan: findings from the UK Biobank 10
Grainyhead 1 acts as a drug-inducible conserved transcriptional regulator linked to insulin signaling and lifespan 7
miR-27b inhibits LDLR and ABCA1 expression but does not influence plasma and hepatic lipid levels in mice 7
Targeted Suppression of miRNA-33 Using pHLIP Improves Atherosclerosis Regression 6
The Diabetes Gene JAZF1 Is Essential for the Homeostatic Control of Ribosome Biogenesis and Function in Metabolic Stress 6
MicroRNA-140 and the silencing of osteoarthritis 5
Desmosterol suppresses macrophage inflammasome activation and protects against vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis 5
A Systematic Review of Lipid-Focused Cardiovascular Disease Research: Trends and Opportunities 5
Fibrosis and Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 alpha-Dependent Tumors of the Soft Tissue on Loss of Von Hippel-Lindau in Mesenchymal Progenitors 4
Hematopoietic Akt2 deficiency attenuates the progression of atherosclerosis 3
MicroRNAs as pharmacological targets in endothelial cell function and dysfunction 3
Control of Cholesterol Metabolism and Plasma High-Density Lipoprotein Levels by microRNA-144 3
Improved repair of dermal wounds in mice lacking microRNA-155 3
Notch pathway activation targets AML-initiating cell homeostasis and differentiation 3
The HIF Signaling Pathway in Osteoblasts Directly Modulates Erythropoiesis through the Production of EPO 3
A novel tumour-suppressor function for the Notch pathway in myeloid leukaemia 3
HIF-1a and VEGF promote chondrocyte survival via complementary mechanisms regulating the oxygen level in the avascular developing growth cartilage 2
VEGF-Induced Expression of miR-17-92 Cluster in Endothelial Cells Is Mediated by ERK/ELK1 Activation and Regulates Angiogenesis 2
Genetic Ablation of miR-33 Increases Food Intake, Enhances Adipose Tissue Expansion, and Promotes Obesity and Insulin Resistance 2
MiR-155 Has a Protective Role in the Development of Non-Alcoholic Hepatosteatosis in Mice 2
Loss of VHL in mesenchymal progenitors of the limb bud alters multiple steps of endochondral bone development 2
MicroRNA-16 and MicroRNA-424 Regulate Cell-Autonomous Angiogenic Functions in Endothelial Cells via Targeting Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2 and Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor-1 2
ANGPTL4 deficiency in haematopoietic cells promotes monocyte expansion and atherosclerosis progression 2
Lanosterol Modulates TLR4-Mediated Innate Immune Responses in Macrophages 2
International Society for Extracellular Vesicles: first annual meeting, April 17-21, 2012: ISEV-2012 2
MicroRNA-148a regulates LDL receptor and ABCA1 expression to control circulating lipoprotein levels 2
VEGF-independent cell-autonomous functions of HIF-1a regulating oxygen consumption in fetal cartilage are critical for chondrocyte survival 2
MicroRNAs as regulators of endothelial cell functions in cardiometabolic diseases 2
Lack of HIF-2 alpha in limb bud mesenchyme causes a modest and transient delay of endochondral bone development 2
Platelet WDR1 suppresses platelet activity and is associated with cardiovascular disease 1
Hematopoietic mir-21 Deficiency Promotes Apoptosis and Plaque Necrosis in Advanced Atherosclerotic Lesions 1
Macrophage deficiency of miR-21 promotes apoptosis, plaque necrosis, and vascular inflammation during atherogenesis 1
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