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3D assessment of the Umbilical Vein Deviation Angle (UVDA) for the prediction of liver herniation in Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 1-gen-2018 Volpe, Nicola; Mazzone, Eleonora; Muto, Brunella; Suprani, Alice; Fanelli, Tiziana; Kaihura, Christine Tita; Dall'Asta, Andrea; Pedrazzi, Giuseppe; DEL ROSSI, Carmine; Silini, Enrico Maria; Magnani, Cinzia; Volpe, Paolo; Ghi, Tullio; Frusca, Tiziana
Absence of the ductus venosus: report of 10 new cases and review of the literature 1-gen-2001 Contratti, G; Banzi, C; Ghi, Tullio; Perolo, A; Pilu, G; Visentin, A.
Accuracy of fetal gender determination in the first trimester using three-dimensional ultrasound 1-gen-2011 Youssef, A; Arcangeli, T; Radico, D; Contro, E; Guasina, F; Bellussi, F; Maroni, E; Morselli Labate, A. M; Farina, A; Pilu, G; Pelusi, G; Ghi, Tullio
Accurate neurosonographic prediction of brain injury in the surviving fetus after the death of a monochorionic cotwin 1-gen-2006 Simonazzi, G; Segata, M; Ghi, Tullio; Sandri, F; Ancora, G; Bernardi, B; Tani, G; Rizzo, N; Santini, D; Bonasoni, P; Pilu, G.
Agreement between two- and three-dimensional transperineal ultrasound methods for assessment of fetal head-symphysis distance in active labor 1-gen-2014 Youssef, A; Bellussi, F; Montaguti, E; Maroni, E; Salsi, G; Morselli Labate, A. M; Paccapelo, A; Rizzo, N; Pilu, G; Ghi, Tullio
Antenatal sonography of eustachian valve aneurysm 1-gen-2002 Ghi, Tullio; Perolo, A; Prandstraller, D; Pilu, G; Bovicelli, L.
Assessment of fallopian tube patency by HyCoSy: Comparison of a positive contrast agent with saline solution 1-gen-2001 Meloni, Gb; Dessole, S; Becchere, Mp; Soro, D; Capobianco, G; Ambrosini, G; Nardelli, Giovanni Battista; Canalis, Gc
Association between uterine artery Doppler in early spontaneous labor and adverse peripartum outcome in relation to birth weight 1-gen-2023 Dall'Asta, A; Ramirez Zegarra, R; Figueras, F; Rizzo, G; Lees, C; Frusca, T; Ghi, T
Bilateral cleft lip and palate without premaxillary protrusion is associated with lethal aneuploidies 1-gen-2009 Gabrielli, S; Piva, M; Ghi, Tullio; Perolo, A; De Santis, M. S. Nobile; Bevini, M; Bonasoni, P; Santini, D; Rizzo, N; Pilu, G.
Brainstem-vermis and brainstem-tentorium angles allow accurate categorization of fetal upward rotation of cerebellar vermis 1-gen-2012 Volpe, P; Contro, E; De Musso, F; Ghi, Tullio; Farina, A; Tempesta, A; Volpe, G; Rizzo, N; Pilu, G.
Cardiovascular events following pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia with emphasis on the comparison between early and late onset forms: a systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2021 Dall'Asta, A; D'Antonio, F; Saccone, G; Buca, D; Mastantuoni, E; Liberati, M; Flacco, M E; Frusca, T; Ghi, T
Cerebroplacental ratio assessment in early labor in uncomplicated term pregnancy and prediction of adverse perinatal outcome: prospective multicenter study 1-gen-2019 Dall'Asta, Andrea; Ghi, Tullio; Rizzo, Giuseppe; Cancemi, Annalisa; Aloisio, Filomena; Arduini, Domenico; Pedrazzi, Giuseppe; Figueras, Francesc; Frusca, Tiziana
Cervical length and risk of antepartum bleeding in women with complete placenta previa 1-gen-2009 Ghi, Tullio; Contro, E; Martina, T; Piva, M; Morandi, R; Orsini, L. F; Meriggiola, M. C; Pilu, G; Morselli Labate, A. M; De Aloysio, D; Rizzo, N; Pelusi, G.
Cervical sliding sign: new sonographic marker to predict impending preterm delivery in women with uterine contractions 1-gen-2019 Volpe, N.; Schera, G. B. L.; Dall'Asta, A.; Di Pasquo, E.; Ghi, T.; Frusca, T.
Conservative management in a case of iatrogenic twin anemia-polycythemia sequence. 1-gen-2012 Fratelli, N; Prefumo, F; Zambolo, C; Zanardini, C; Fichera, A; Frusca, Tiziana
A core outcome set for studies investigating the management of selective fetal growth restriction in twins 1-gen-2020 Townsend, Rosemary; Duffy, James M N; Sileo, Filomena; Perry, Helen; Ganzevoort, Wessel; Reed, Keith; Baschat, Ahmet A; Deprest, Jan; Gratacos, Eduardo; Hecher, Kurt; Lewi, Liesbeth; Lopriore, Enrico; Oepkes, Dick; Papageorghiou, Aris; Gordijn, Sanne J; Khalil, Asma; Ghi, Tullio
Crystal Vue technique for imaging fetal spine and ribs 1-gen-2016 Dall'Asta, A.; Paramasivam, G.; Lees, C. C.
Cyst of the filum terminale: two cases detected on prenatal ultrasound 1-gen-2013 Youssef, A; Bellussi, F; Rizzo, N; Pilu, G; Ghi, Tullio
Descent of fetal head during active pushing: secondary analysis of prospective cohort study investigating ultrasound examination before operative vaginal delivery 1-gen-2019 Kahrs, B. H.; Usman, S.; Ghi, T.; Youssef, A.; Torkildsen, E. A.; Lindtjorn, E.; Ostborg, T. B.; Benediktsdottir, S.; Brooks, L.; Harmsen, L.; Salvesen, K. A.; Lees, C. C.; Eggebo, T. M.
Determinants of placental insufficiency in fetal growth restriction 1-gen-2022 Dall'Asta, A; Melito, C; Morganelli, G; Lees, C; Ghi, T
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