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Nome #
Influence of Potamogeton pectinatus and microphytobenthos on benthic metabolism in a freshwater littoral sediment in an agricultural landscape: N assimilation vs N removal 112
Assessing the potential impact of clam rearing in dystrophic lagoons: an integrated oxygen balance 71
Vegetazione acquatica, processi e funzioni dell’ecosistema nei tratti planiziali del reticolo idrografico del fiume Po 63
Dissolved oxygen and nutrient budgets in a phytotreatment pond colonised by Ulva spp 61
Influence of clam farming on macroalgal growth: a microcosm experiment 59
Nutrient and iron limitation to Ulva blooms in an eutrophic coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy) 59
Impacts of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) farming on oxygen consumption and nutrient recycling in a eutrophic coastal lagoon 58
Denitrification and benthic metabolism in lowland pit lakes: The role of trophic conditions 58
A simple tool to help decision making in infrastructure planning and management of phytotreatment ponds for the treatment of nitrogen-rich water 57
Denitrification, Nitrogen Uptake, and Organic Matter Quality Undergo Different Seasonality in Sandy and Muddy Sediments of a Turbid Estuary 54
Direct contribution of clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) to benthic fluxes, nitrification, denitrification and nitrous oxide emission in a farmed sediment 53
Diurnal exchanges of CO2 and CH4 across the water–atmosphere interface in a water chestnut meadow (Trapa natans L.) 53
Implications for oxygen, nutrient fluxes and denitrification rates during the early stage of sediment colonisation by the polychaete Nereis spp 53
Persistence of meromixis and its effects on redox conditions and trophic status in Lake Idro (Southern Alps, Italy) 52
Silica Storage, Fluxes, and Nutrient Stoichiometry in Different Benthic Primary Producer Communities in the Littoral Zone of a Deep Subalpine Lake (Lake Iseo, Italy) 52
Space and time variations of watershed N and P budgets and their relationships with reactive N and P loadings in a heavily impacted river basin (Po river, Northern Italy) 50
L’azoto e il suo cammino nell’ambiente 50
Nitrogen and phosphorous budgets during a farming cycle of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum: An in situ experiment 49
Benthic fluxes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen in coastal lagoon of the Northern Adriatic Sea: an interpretation of spatial variability based on sediment features and infauna activity 49
The Sacca di Goro lagoon and an arm of the Po River 47
Environmental Drivers Controlling Bacterial and Archaeal Abundance in the Sediments of a Mediterranean Lagoon Ecosystem 46
Community metabolism and buffering capacity of nitrogen in a Ruppia cirrhosa meadow. 46
Short Term Changes of Benthic Fluxes During Clam Harvesting in a Coastal Lagoon (Sacca Di Goro, Po River Delta)) 46
Short-term influence of recolonisation by the polychaete worm Nereis succinea on oxygen and nitrogen fluxes and denitrification: a microcosm simulation 45
Microphytobenthos activity and fluxes at the sediment-water interface: interactions and spatial variability 44
Effect of filter-feeding mollusks on growth of green macroalgae and nutrient cycling in a heavily exploited coastal lagoon 44
If Alpine streams run dry: the drought memory of benthic communities 43
Relationships between macroalgal biomass and microbiological quality of water in a phytotreatment pond 42
Denitrification, nitrogen fixation, community primary productivity and inorganic-N and oxygen fluxes in an inter-tidal Zostera noltii meadow 42
Nitrogen and phosphorus budgets during a farming cycle of the bivalve Ruditapes philippinarum 42
Recent evolution and expected changes of nutrient loads in a heavily exploited watershed: the Po River, Italy 42
Impact of a trout farm on the water quality of an Apennine creek from daily budgets of nutrients. 41
Inorganic nitrogen control in wastewater treatment ponds from a fish farm (Orbetello, Italy): Denitrification versus Ulva uptake 41
Trophic state and seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton communities in two sand-pit lakes at different succesional stages 41
Effect of organic enrichment and thermal regimeon denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reductionto ammonium (DNRA) in hypolimnetic sediments of twolowland lakes 41
Short-term effect of oxic to anoxic transition on benthic microbial activity and solute fluxes in organic-rich phytotreatment ponds. 40
Primary productivity, biogeochemical buffers and factors controllino trophic status and eco system processes in Mediterranean coastal lagoons: a synthesis 40
Benthic primary production and bacterial denitrification in a Mediterranean eutrophic coastal lagoon 38
Variability in Environmental Conditions Strongly Impacts Ostracod Assemblages of Lowland Springs in a Heavily Anthropized Area 38
Impact of Tapes philippinarum farming on nutrient dynamics and benthic respiration in the Sacca di Goro 37
Variazioni stagionali del metabolismo bentonico e dei tassi di denitrificazione in sedimenti lacustri colonizzati da macrofite radicate (Potamogeton pectinatus) e microfitobenthos 37
Analysis of the residual nutrient load from a combined sewer system in a watershed of a deep Italian lake 35
Benthic fluxes of oxygen, ammonium and nitrate and coupled-uncoupled denitrification rates within Communities of three different primary producer growth forms 35
Eutrophication of the Mediterranean Sea: a watershed—cascading aquatic filter approach 34
Seasonal nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics during benthic clam and sospende mussel cultivation 34
Trade-off between conservation and exploitation of the transitional waterecosystems of the northern Adriatic Sea 32
Factors Controlling Benthic Biogeochemistry in Urbanized Coastal Systems: an Example from Venice (Italy) 32
Do oxic–anoxic transitions constrain organic matter mineralization in eutrophic freshwater wetlands? 32
Denitrification in a meromictic lake and its relevance to nitrogen flows within a moderately impacted forested catchment 32
Impact of clam and mussel (Tapes philippinarum and Mytilus galloprovincialis) farming on benthic metabolism and nitrogen cycling, with emphasis on nitrate reduction pathways. 31
Sulfide-induced release of phosphate from sediments of coastal lagoons and the possible relation to disappearance of Ruppia sp 31
Benthic processes in fresh water fluffy sediments undergoing resuspension 31
Variation in benthic metabolism and nitrogen cycling across clam aquaculture sites 31
Aquatic vegetation in deep lakes: Macrophyte co-occurrence patterns and environmental determinants 30
Factors Affecting Dissolved Silica Concentrations, and DSi and DIN Stoichiometry in a Human Impacted Watershed (Po River, Italy) 29
Sedimentary Organic Matter, Prokaryotes, and Meiofauna across a River-Lagoon-Sea Gradient 26
Manila clam introduction in the Sacca di Goro Lagoon (Northern Italy): ecological implications 25
Variazioni recenti dello stato trofico delle acque costiere dell’Emilia-Romagna in relazione alle pressioni antropiche e ai carichi dei nutrienti nel bacino del Po. 23
Nutrient delivery efficiency of a combined sewer along a lake challenged by incipient eutrophication 21
Short term effects of hypoxia and bioturbation on solute fluxes, denitrification and buffering capacity in a shallow dystrophic pond 18
Impact of new measured Mediterranean mineralization rates on the fate of simulated aquaculture wastes 12
Recognizing harmful algal bloom based on remote sensing reflectance band ratio 9
Vermiremediation applied to PCB and PCDD/F contaminated soils and its implications for percolating water 8
Decoupling of silica, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in a meromictic subalpine lake (Lake Iseo, Italy) 8
The impact of suspended oyster farming on nitrogen cycling and nitrous oxide production in a sub-tropical Australian estuary 8
Monitoring phosphorus in the tributaries of a deep lake from the perspective of the receiving water body 3
A global synthesis of ecosystem services provided and disrupted by freshwater bivalve molluscs 1
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