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Thermal Processesing and Characterizations of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Nanostructured TiO2, file e177fbc5-bc6c-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
A study of the failure of GaN-based LEDs submitted to reverse-bias stress and ESD events, file e177fbc5-be09-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Study of Surface Treatment Effects on the Metal-CdZnTe Interface, file e177fbc5-c001-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
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Impact ionization and photon emission in MOS capacitors and FETs, file e177fbc5-c139-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Boron Oxide Encapsulated Vertical Bridgman Grown CdZnTe Crystals as X-ray Detector Material, file e177fbc5-c13e-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Anomalous impact ionization gate current in high breakdown InP-based HEMTs, file e177fbc5-c159-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Characterization of Bulk and Surface Transport Mechanisms by means of the Photocurrent Technique, file e177fbc5-c21c-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Funzioni colorimetriche in visione fotopica periferica e foveale, file e177fbc5-c2e1-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Characterization of GaN-based MESFETs by comparing electroluminescence, photoionization and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy, file e177fbc5-c30d-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
New measures of the color-matching function in foveal vision, file e177fbc5-c704-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Effects of channel quantization and temperature on off-state and on-state breakdown in composite channel and conventional InP-based HEMTs, file e177fbc5-c75a-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Characterization of hole transport phenomena in AlGaAs/InGaAs HEMT's biased in impact-ionization regime, file e177fbc5-c75c-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Cathode hot electrons and anode hot holes in tunneling MOS capacitors, file e177fbc5-c75d-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
A comparative study of hot-carrier induced light emission and degradation in bulk and SOI MOSFETs, file e177fbc5-c824-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
CZT X-rays detectors obtained by the boron encapsulated vertical Bridgman method, file e177fbc5-c942-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Diagnosis of trapping phenomena in GaN MESFETs, file e177fbc5-ca03-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Electroluminescence analysis of multiplication effects in pseudomorphic HEMT's, file e177fbc5-ca7d-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Experimental analysis of polarization in the hot-carrier luminescence of Silicon devices, file e177fbc5-caa3-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Parasitic bipolar effects leading to on-state breakdown in 2D-MESFETs, file e177fbc5-cabd-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
Combined impact of B2H6 flow and growth temperature on morphological, structural, optical, and electrical properties of MOCVD-grown B(In)GaAs heterostructures designed for optoelectronics, file e177fbc7-b1b6-50b0-e053-d805fe0adaee 1
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