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Nome #
Speciation and structure of copper(II) complexes with (S)-phenylalanine- and (S)-tryptophanhydroxamic acids in methanol/water solution: a combined potentiometric, spectrophotometric, CD and ESI-MS study 91
Pentacopper (II) 12-metallacrown-4 complexes with α- and β-aminohydroxamic acid in aqueous solution: a reinvestigation 90
Synthesis, Molecular Structure, Solution Equilibrium, and Antiproliferative Activity of Thioxotriazoline and Thioxotriazole complexes of Copper(II) and Palladium(II) 87
Synthesis and characterization in solution of hydroxamic acid derivatives as new potential enzyme inhibitors 81
Unexpected formation of a copper(II) 12-metallacrown-4 with (S)-glutamic -γ-hydroxamic acid: a thermodynamic and spectroscopic study in aqueous solution 76
Succinylhydroxamic derivatives of α-amino acids as MMP inhibitors. Study of complex-formation equilibria with Cu2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ 76
Metallacrowns of Ni(II) with alpha-aminohydroxamic acids in aqueous solution: beyond a 12-MC-4, an unexpected (vacant?) 15-MC-5 75
Copper(II) Complexes of Potentially Terdentate N2-[(R)-2-Hydroxypropyl]- and N2-[(S)-2-Hydroxypropyl]-(S)-phenylalaninamide for Chiral Recognition: Synthesis of the Ligands and Formation Constants 72
Chiral discrimination of Dns- and unmodified d,l-amino acids by copper(II) complexes of terdentate ligands in high-performance liquid chromatography 70
Stereoselettività nella Formazione di Complessi Ternari di Rame(II) con (S)-Triptofanoidrossamato e D- o L-Amminoacidi in Soluzione Acquosa 69
Copper(II) Complexes with Chiral Diaminodiamido Ligands: Solution and Structural Studies 62
Complex formation equilibria of L-amino-acid amides with copper(II) in aqueous solution 62
Copper(II) Complexes with Chiral Diaminodiamido Ligands: Solution and Structural Studies 61
Strong Acid-Strong Base Potentiometric Titration in Methanol/Water Solvent: Analysis of Variance 60
Stereoselective Formation of Ternary Copper(II) Complexes of (S)-Amino-acid Amides and (R)- or (S)-Histidine and (R)- or (S)-Tyrosine in Aqueous Solutiion 60
Formation Equilibria of Ternary Complexes of Copper(II) with (S)-Tryptophanhydroxamic Acid and both D- and L- Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution 59
Copper(II) 12-metallacrown-4 complexes of alpha-, beta- and gamma-aminohydroxamic acids: a comparative thermodynamic study in aqueous solution 59
Chiral Separation of Amino Acids by Copper(II) Complexes of Tetradentate Diaminodiamido-type Ligands Added to the Eluent in Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: a Ligand Exchange Mechanism 57
Synthesis, Solution Thermodynamics, and X-ray Study of CuII [12]Metallacrown-4 with GABA Hydroxamic Acid: An Unprecedented Crystal Structure of a [12]MC-4 with a a-Aminohydroxamate 55
Chiral Copper(II) Complexes for the Enantioselective Resolution of D,L-Dansyl-Amino Acids by HPLC 55
Sintesi, Aspetti Strutturali ed Equilibri in Soluzione di Complessi di interesse biologico 55
Dansylated Polyamines as Fluorescent Sensors for Metal Ions: Photophysical Properties and Stability of Copper(II) Complexes in Solution 54
Thermodynamic Properties of Enantioselective Copper(II) Complexes 53
Continuous Gradient Method in Flow Microcalorimetry. Formation enthalpies of Cu(II)-Glycine complexes 53
Cyclic Derivatives of Thiocarbonohydrazide: Chemical Behaviour in Solution and Complexing Capabilities toward Ru(II) and Ru(III) 53
Chiral Diaminodiamide Copper(II) Complexes for the Enantioselective Recognition of Amino Acids: Synthesis of the Ligands and Formation Constants 52
Complessi di Rame(II) con DNS-Poliammine Fluorescenti: Equilibri di Formazione in Soluzione Metanolo/Acqua 52
Chiral Discrimination of Amino Acids by Copper(II) Complexes of Ter- and Tetradentate Ligands in HPLC: still a ligand exchange mechanism? 52
Effetti della Densità di Carica e della Probabilità di Occupazione dei Siti negli Equilibri Termodinamici fra Macromolecole e Leganti 51
Copper(II) Complexes of N2-Alkyl(S)-Amino Acid Amides as Chiral Selectors for Dynamically Coated Chiral Stationary Phases in RP-HPLC. 50
Copper(II) Complexes of Potentially Terdentate N2-[(R)-2-Hydroxypropyl]- and N2-[(S)-2-Hydroxypropyl]-(S)-phenylalaninamide for Chiral Recognition: Synthesis of the Ligands and Formation Constants 49
Complex Formation Equilibria for S-Amino Acid amides with Nickel(II) in Aqueous Solution 49
Cooperativity Effect and Site Affinity Constants in Macromolecular Systems 49
Chiral separation of amino acids by copper (II) complexes of tetradentate diaminodiamido-type ligands added to the eluent in reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography: a ligand exchange mechanism 48
Thermodynamics of Self-Assembly of Copper(II) 15-Metallacrown-5 of Eu(III) or Gd(III) with (S)-α-Alaninehydroxamic Acid in Aqueous Solution 48
Formation Equilibria of Copper(II) Ternary Complexes with (S)-Leucinehydroxamic Acid and (R)- or (S)-Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution 48
A Statistical Model of Equilibria in Solution. Electrostriction in Carboxylic Acids in Aqueous Solutions 47
Stereoselective Formation of Ternary COpper(II) Complexes of (S)-Amino-acid Amides and (R) or (S)-Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution 47
I Coefficienti Statistici negli Equilibri Metallo-Legante e Macromolecola-Legante 47
Formation Equilibria for Ternary Copper(II) Complexes of (S)-Aminohydroxamates and (R)-or (S)-Amino Acids 46
Stoichiometric diversity of Ni(ii) metallacrowns with β-alaninehydroxamic acid in aqueous solution 46
15-Metallacrown-5 complexes: thermodynamic and kinetic selectivity for core metal ions 45
Positive Cooperativity: Divalent Metal-Cyanide Complexes 44
Cooperativity Functions and Site Binding Constants in Polyprotic Acids in Aqueous Solutions 43
Evaluation of Cooperativity Effects from Thermodynamic Data of Metal-Ligand and Macromolecule-Ligand Equilibria 43
Solution and Structural Studies on Copper(II) Complexes with Chiral Diaminodiamido Ligands 42
The Use of the Partition Function in Metal-Ligand and Macromolecule-Ligand Equilibria. 42
Site Affinity Constants and Cooperativity Function in Metal-Ligand-Proton Complexes 42
Cooperativity Effect in Complexes of Metals or Polyelectrolytes 41
The Excess Chelate Effect and " All-or-none" Processes 40
Thermodynamic Properties of Copper(II) Complexes of Aminoethanols in Aqueous Solution 40
Dansylated polyamines as fluorescent sensors for metal ions: Photophysical properties and stability of copper(II) complexes in solution 38
Site Affinity Constants and Cooperativity Function Coefficients in Metal-Ligand-Proton Complexes: Least Squares Refinement from Potentiometric Data 38
Thermodynamic Properties of Cu(II)-Chiral Ligands Complexes for the Enantioselective Recognition of Amino Acids 38
Cooperativity Coefficients and Site Affinity Constants in Polyprotic Acids: Dependence upon Temperature and Ionic Strength 37
Meccanismi di Riconoscimento Chirale nei Trasferimenti di Fase 37
Solubility of Noble Gases in Water and Hydrophobic Hydration Analysed by a Statistical Model of Equilibria in Solution 37
Statistical Factors for Cooperativity and Chelate Effects in Receptor-Ligand Equilibria 36
Valutazione Termodinamica dell'Effetto Chelato 36
Thermodynamic Properties of Copper(II) Complexes of Aminoethanols in Aqueous and Methanol-Water Solution 35
Lanthanide metallacrowns as anion receptors and potential mri contrast agents 35
Model Partition Functions for Macromolecule-Ligand Equilibria 34
Thermodynamic Model for the Solubility of Noble Gas in Water 33
Thermodynamics of receptor-ligand equilibria 33
null 32
Partition Function for Solution Equilibria: Concentration and Temperature Moments 32
Probability Space and Thermodynamic Space in a Statistical Model for Calorimetry 32
Enantioselective separation of amino acids and hydroxy acids by ligand exchange with copper(II) complexes in HPLC (chiral eluent)and in fast sensing systems. 17
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