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Cell cycle analysis in flow cytometry: use of BrdU labelling and side scatter for the detection of the different cell cycle phases. 1-gen-1991 Papa, S.; Zamai, L.; Cecchini, T.; DEL GRANDE, P.; Vitale, Marco
Commercial serum-free media: hybridoma growth and monoclonal antibody production. 1-gen-1991 Mariani, E.; Mariani, A. R.; Monaco, M. C.; Lalli, E.; Vitale, Marco; Facchini, A.
Technical improvements for flow karyotyping by standard FACS 440 flow cytometer. 1-gen-1991 Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Antonucci, A.; DEL GRANDE, P.; Papa, S.
Natural killer function in flow cytometry: identification of human lymphoid subsets able to bind to the NK sensitive target K562. 1-gen-1991 Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Neri, L. M.; Manzoli, L.; Facchini, A.; Papa, S.
Characterization and cell cycle kinetics of hepatocytes during rat liver regeneration: in vivo BrdUrd incorporation analysed by flow cytometry and electron microscopy. 1-gen-1991 Vitale, Marco; Rizzoli, R.; Mazzotti, G.; Zamai, L.; Galanzi, A.; Rizzi, E.; Manzoli, L.; Matteucci, A.; Papa, S.
The impairment of natural killer function in the healthy aged is due to a postbinding deficient mechanism. 1-gen-1992 Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Neri, L. M.; Galanzi, A.; Facchini, A.; Rana, R.; Cataldi, A.; Papa, S.
DNA synthesis progression in 3T3 synchronized fibroblasts: a high resolution approach. 1-gen-1992 Rizzoli, R.; Baratta, B.; Maraldi, N. M.; Falconi, M.; Galanzi, A.; Papa, S.; Vitale, Marco; Rizzi, E.; Manzoli, L.; Mazzotti, G.
Interferon affects cell growth progression by modulating DNA polymerases activity. 1-gen-1992 Cataldi, A.; Santavenere, E.; Vitale, Marco; Trubiani, O.; Lisio, R.; Tulipano, G.; DI DOMENICANTONIO, L.; Zamai, L.; Miscia, S.
Age-related events in active T subpopulation. Changes in polyphosphoinositide metabolism during mitogenic activation. 1-gen-1992 Rana, R.; DI PIETRO, R.; Antonucci, A.; Cataldi, A.; Miscia, S.; Vitale, Marco; Cocco, L.
Natural killer function in flow cytometry. III. Surface marker determination of K562-conjugated lymphocytes by dual laser flow cytometry. 1-gen-1992 Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Papa, S.; Mazzotti, G.; Facchini, A.; Monti, G.; Manzoli, F. A.
Optimal detection of apoptosis by flow cytometry depends on cell morphology. 1-gen-1993 Zamai, L.; Falcieri, E.; Zauli, G.; Cataldi, A.; Vitale, Marco
Phorbol ester-induced effects on cell cycle progression and terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase (TdT) activity in KM-3 pre-B cell line. 1-gen-1993 Trubiani, O.; DI PRIMIO, R.; Zamai, L.; Bosco, D.; Bollum, F. J.; Vitale, Marco
Differential kinetics of propidium iodide uptake in apoptotic and necrotic thymocytes. 1-gen-1993 Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Mazzotti, G.; Cataldi, A.; Falcieri, E.
Subtraction of autofluorescent dead cells from the lymphocyte flow cytometric binding assay. 1-gen-1993 Zamai, L.; Bareggi, R.; Santavenere, E.; Vitale, Marco
High resolution detection of uncoated metaphase chromosomes by means of fieldemission scanning electron microscopy. 1-gen-1994 Rizzoli, R.; Rizzi, E.; Falconi, M.; Galanzi, A.; Baratta, B.; Lattanzi, G.; Vitale, Marco; Mazzotti, G.; Manzoli, L.
A subset of human CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors express low levels of CD4, the high-affinity receptor for human immunodeficiency virus-type 1 1-gen-1994 Zauli, G.; Furlini, G.; Vitale, Marco; Re, M. C.; Gibellini, D.; Zamai, L.; Visani, G.; Borgatti, P.; Capitani, S.; LA PLACA, M.
The behaviour of nuclear domains in the course of apoptosis 1-gen-1994 Falcieri, E.; Zamai, L.; Santi, S.; Cinti, C.; Gobbi, P.; Bosco, D.; Cataldi, A.; Betts, C.; Vitale, Marco
Nuclear pores in the apoptotic cell 1-gen-1994 Falcieri, E.; Gobbi, P.; Cataldi, A.; Zamai, L.; Faenza, I.; Vitale, Marco
Age-related events in active T lymphocyte subpopulation. A morphological study 1-gen-1994 Rana, R.; DI PIETRO, R.; Centurione, L.; Vitale, Marco; Zamai, L.; Sciscio, A.; Mazzotti, G.
In vitro growth of human fetal CD34+ cells in the presence of variouscombinations of recombinant cytokines under serum-free culture conditions 1-gen-1994 Zauli, G.; Vitale, Marco; Visani, G.; Marchisio, M.; Milani, D.; Capitani, S.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 283
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