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Mechanisms of formation and disintegration of alginate beads obtained by prilling 1-gen-2005 DEL GAUDIO, Pasquale; Colombo, Paolo; Colombo, Gaia; Russo, P.; Sonvico, Fabio
A Clinical Study of a Methacholine Dry Powder for the Bronchial Challenge Test 1-gen-2008 Colombo, Gaia; Terzano, Claudio; Colombo, Paolo; Petroianni, Angelo; Ricci, Alberto; Buttini, Francesca
Nose-to-brain delivery of ribavirin (RBV) for the treatment of viral encephalitis 1-gen-2010 V., Galligioni; A., Scagliarini; L., Lorenzini; A., Giuliani; E., Zironi; G., Pagliuca; L., Calzà; Colombo, Paolo; Sonvico, Fabio; E., Menegatti; Colombo, Gaia
Enhancing ribavirin nose-to-brain delivery by powder formulation for veterinary CNS infections 1-gen-2011 Balducci, Anna Giulia; Colombo, Gaia; Sonvico, Fabio; E., Zironi; G., Pagliuca; L., Calzà; A., Giuliani; L., Lorenzini; E., Menegatti; Colombo, Paolo; A., Scagliarini
Assemblage of drug release modules: Effect of module shape and position in the assembled systems on floating behavior and release rate 1-gen-2011 C., Hascicek; Rossi, Alessandra; Colombo, Paolo; Massimo, Gina; Strusi, Orazio Luca; Colombo, Gaia
Treatment of equine sarcoids 1-gen-2012 A., Scagliarini; G., Bettini; F., Savini; A., Spadari; Sonvico, Fabio; Balducci, Anna Giulia; S., Calbucci; Colombo, Gaia
Complex product composition generates risks for generic substitution also with dosage forms for intravenous administration 1-gen-2013 Rossi, Alessandra; Buttini, Francesca; Colombo, Paolo; Mor, Marco; Pala, Daniele; F., Bortolotti; Colombo, Gaia
Aerodynamic assessment for inhalation products: fundamentals and current pharmacopoeial methods 1-gen-2013 Buttini, Francesca; Colombo, Gaia; Kwok, Pl; Wui, WONG TIN
Multicomponent antibiotic substances produced by fermentation: Implications for regulatory authorities, critically ill patients and generics. 1-gen-2014 Aj, Brink; Ga, Richards; Colombo, Gaia; F., Bortolotti; Colombo, Paolo; F., Jehl
Film for active ingredients dermal and transdermal administration 1-gen-2015 Colombo, Paolo; Catellani, Pier Luigi; Padula, Cristina; Santi, Patrizia; Colombo, Gaia
Esomeprazole immediate release tablets: Gastric mucosa ex vivo permeation, absorption and antisecretory activity in conscious rats 1-gen-2016 Benetti, Camillo; Flammini, Lisa; Vivo, Valentina; Colombo, Paolo; Colombo, Gaia; Elviri, Lisa; Scarpignato, Carmelo; Buttini, Francesca; Bettini, Ruggero; Barocelli, Elisabetta; Rossi, Alessandra
Formulation Strategies for Antitubercular Drugs by Inhalation 1-gen-2016 Buttini, Francesca; Colombo, Gaia
Floating modular drug delivery systems with buoyancy independent of release mechanisms to sustain amoxicillin and clarithromycin intra-gastric concentrations 1-gen-2016 Rossi, Alessandra; Conti, Chiara; Colombo, Gaia; Castrati, Luca; Scarpignato, Carmelo; Barata, Pedro; Sandri, Giuseppina; Caramella, CARLA MARCELLA; Bettini, Ruggero; Buttini, Francesca; Colombo, Paolo; Alessandra, Rossi
Dry powder inhalers: An overview of the in vitro dissolution methodologies and their correlation with the biopharmaceutical aspects of the drug products 1-gen-2018 Velaga, Sitaram P.; Djuris, Jelena; Cvijic, Sandra; Rozou, Stavroula; Russo, Paola; Colombo, Gaia; Rossi, Alessandra
Dose administration manoeuvres and patient care in tobramycin dry powder inhalation therapy 1-gen-2018 Buttini, Francesca; Giulia Balducci, Anna; Colombo, Gaia; Sonvico, Fabio; Montanari, Serena; Pisi, Giovanna; Rossi, Alessandra; Colombo, Paolo; Bettini, Ruggero
Excipient-free pulmonary insulin dry powder: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics profiles in rats 1-gen-2020 Quarta, Eride; Chierici, Veronica; Flammini, Lisa; Tognolini, Massimiliano; Barocelli, Elisabetta; Cantoni, Anna Maria; Dujovny, Gabriela; Ecenarro Probst, Susana; Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, Gaia; Rossi, Alessandra; Bettini, Ruggero; Colombo, Paolo; Buttini, Francesca
Flurbiprofen sodium microparticles and soft pellets for nose-to-brain delivery: Serum and brain levels in rats after nasal insufflation 1-gen-2021 Tiozzo Fasiolo, L.; Manniello, M. D.; Banella, S.; Napoli, L.; Bortolotti, F.; Quarta, E.; Colombo, P.; Balafas, E.; Kostomitsopoulos, N.; Rekkas, D. M.; Valsami, G.; Papakyriakopoulou, P.; Colombo, G.; Russo, P.
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