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Shear-enhanced compaction-solution bands in quartz-rich calcarenites of the Cotiella Massif (Spanish Pyrenees) 1-gen-2018 Tavani, S.; Granado, P.; Balsamo, F.; Pizzati, M.; Cantarero, I.; Corradetti, A.; Muñoz, J. A.
From axial parallel to orthogonal groundwater flow during fold amplification: insights from carbonate concretion development during the growth of the Quattro Castella Anticline, Northern Apennines, Italy 1-gen-2018 Pizzati, Mattia; Balsamo, Fabrizio; Storti, Fabrizio; Mozafari, Mahtab; Iacumin, Paola; Tinterri, Roberto; Swennen, Rudy
Physical and chemical strain-hardening during faulting in poorly lithified sandstone: The role of kinematic stress field and selective cementation 1-gen-2020 Pizzati, Mattia; Balsamo, Fabrizio; Storti, Fabrizio; Iacumin, Paola
Displacement-dependent microstructural and petrophysical properties of deformation bands and gouges in poorly lithified sandstone deformed at shallow burial depth (Crotone Basin, Italy) 1-gen-2020 Pizzati, M.; Balsamo, F.; Storti, F.
Cathodoluminescence, Raman and scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersion system mapping to unravel the mineralogy and texture of an altered Ca-Al-rich inclusion in Renazzo CR2 carbonaceous chondrite 1-gen-2021 Tribaudino, M.; Bersani, D.; Mantovani, L.; Pizzati, M.; Salviati, G.
What Is the Impact of Leaky Sewers on Groundwater Contamination in Urban Semi-Confined Aquifers? A Test Study Related to Fecal Matter and Personal Care Products (PCPs) 1-gen-2023 Ducci, Laura; Rizzo, Pietro; Pinardi, Riccardo; Solfrini, Augusto; Maggiali, Alessandro; Pizzati, Mattia; Balsamo, Fabrizio; Celico, Fulvio
Fingerprints and energy budget of the earthquake cycle in shallow sediments 1-gen-2023 Pizzati, M.; Balsamo, F.; Storti, F.
Dolostone pulverization induced by coseismic rapid decompression of CO2-rich gas in nature (Matese, Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Billi, A.; Smeraglia, L.; Aldega, L.; Balsamo, F.; Barberio, M. D.; Boschi, C.; Caracausi, A.; Carminati, E.; Iannace, A.; Mercuri, M.; Pizzati, M.; Tavani, S.
Stiffening effects of LFS slags reused as filler in asphalt mixtures 1-gen-2023 Roberto, A.; Bisanti, F.; Pizzati, M.; Mantovani, L.; Romeo, E.; Tebaldi, G.
The influence of density on the fracture energy of AAC: From experimental investigation to the calibration of a cohesive law 1-gen-2023 Michelini, E.; Ferretti, D.; Pizzati, M.
Along- and across-strike variation of damage zone parameters in the Kornos-Aghios Ioannis normal fault, Lemnos Island, Greece 1-gen-2023 Berio, L. R.; Balsamo, F.; Pizzati, M.; Storti, F.; Curzi, M.; Viola, G.
Burial stylolites enhance karst dissolution and control cave geometry in heterolithic carbonates, Salitre Formation, Brazil 1-gen-2023 Pontes, C. C. C.; Balsamo, F.; Pizzati, M.; Bezerra, F. H.; La Bruna, V.; Lima, R. S.
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