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Correlated trends of coexisting magnetism and superconductivity in optimally electron-doped oxy-pnictides 1-gen-2011 S., Sanna; P., Carretta; Bonfa', Pietro; G., Prando; Allodi, Giuseppe; DE RENZI, Roberto; T., Shiroka; G., Lamura; A., Martinelli; M., Putti
Magnetic properties of spin diluted iron pnictides from μSR and NMR in LaFe1-xRuxAsO 1-gen-2012 Bonfa', Pietro; Pietro, Carretta; Samuele, Sanna; Gianrico, Lamura; Giacomo, Prando; Alberto, Martinelli; Andrea, Palenzona; Matteo, Tropeano; Marina, Putti; DE RENZI, Roberto
Effect of external pressure on the magnetic properties of LnFeAsO (Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Sm) 1-gen-2012 DE RENZI, Roberto; Bonfa', Pietro; Mazzani, Marcello; S., Sanna; G., Prando; P., Carretta; R., Khasanov; A., Amato; H., Luetkens; M., Bendele; F., Bernardini; S., Massidda; A., Palenzona; M., Tropeano; M., Vignolo
s-wave pairing in the optimally doped LaO0.5F0.5BiS2 superconductor 1-gen-2013 G., Lamura; T., Shiroka; Bonfa', Pietro; S., Sanna; DE RENZI, Roberto; C., Baines; H., Luetkens; Y., Mizuguchi; K., Deguchi; Y., Takano; M., Putti
Onset of magnetism in optimally electron-doped LnFe1-xRuxAsO1-yFy (Ln = La, Nd or Sm) superconductors around x=1/4 1-gen-2013 S., Sanna; P., Carretta; DE RENZI, Roberto; G., Prando; Bonfa', Pietro; Mazzani, Marcello; G., Lamura; T., Shiroka; Y., Kobayashi; M., Sato
Common effect of chemical and external pressures on the magnetic properties of RCoPO (R = La, Pr) 1-gen-2013 G., Prando; Bonfa', Pietro; G., Profeta; R., Khasanov; F., Bernardini; Mazzani, Marcello; E. M., Brüning; A., Pal; V. P. S., Awana; H. J., Grafe; B., Büchner; DE RENZI, Roberto; P., Carretta; S., Sanna
Ab initio strategy for muon site assignment in wide band gap fluorides 1-gen-2013 F., Bernardini; Bonfa', Pietro; S., Massidda; DE RENZI, Roberto
Playing quantum hide-and-seek with the muon: localizing muon stopping sites 1-gen-2013 J. S., Moeller; Bonfa', Pietro; D., Ceresoli; F., Bernardini; S. J., Blundell; T., Lancaster; DE RENZI, Roberto; N., Marzari; I., Watanabe; S., Sulaiman; M. I., Mohamed Ibrahim
Role of in-plane and out-of-plane dilution in CeFeAsO: Charge doping versus disorder 1-gen-2013 G., Prando; O., Vakaliuk; S., Sanna; G., Lamura; T., Shiroka; Bonfa', Pietro; P., Carretta; DE RENZI, Roberto; H. H., Klauss; C. G. F., Blum; S., Wurmehl; C., Hess; B., Büchner
A magnetic glassy phase in Fe1-ySexTe1-x single crystals 1-gen-2013 G., Lamura; T., Shiroka; Bonfa', Pietro; S., Sanna; F., Bernardini; DE RENZI, Roberto; R., Viennois; E., Giannini; A., Piriou; N., Emery; R., Cimberle; M., Putti
Pair distribution function analysis of La(Fe1−xRux)AsO compounds 1-gen-2014 Martinelli, A.; Palenzona, A.; Ferdeghini, C.; Mazzani, Marcello; Bonfa', Pietro; Allodi, Giuseppe
Poisoning effect of Mn in LaFe1-xMnxAsO0.89F0.11: Unveiling a quantum critical point in the phase diagram of iron-based superconductors 1-gen-2014 F., Hammerath; Bonfa', Pietro; S., Sanna; G., Prando; DE RENZI, Roberto; Y., Kobayashi; M., Sato; P., Carretta
Tuning the magnetic and structural phase transitions of PrFeAsO via Fe/Ru spin dilution 1-gen-2014 Yuen, Yiu; Bonfa', Pietro; Samuele, Sanna; DE RENZI, Roberto; Pietro, Carretta; Michael A., Mcguire; Ashfia, Huq; Stephen E., Nagler
75As NQR signature of the isoelectronic nature of ruthenium for iron substitution in LaFe1−xRuxAsO 1-gen-2014 Mazzani, Marcello; Bonfa', Pietro; Allodi, Giuseppe; S., Sanna; A., Martinelli; A., Palenzona; P., Manfrinetti; M., Putti; DE RENZI, Roberto
Crossover betwee magnetism and superconductivity in low H-doped LaFeAsO 1-gen-2014 G., Lamura; T., Shiroka; Bonfa', Pietro; S., Sanna; DE RENZI, Roberto; F., Caglieris; M. R., Cimberle; S., Matuishi; S., Iimura; H., Hosono; M., Putti
Understanding the μSR spectra of MnSi without magnetic polarons 1-gen-2014 A., Amato; P., Dalmas de Réotier; D., Andreica; A., Yaouanc; A., Suter; G., Lapertot; I. M., Pop; E., Morenzoni; Bonfa', Pietro; F., Bernardini; DE RENZI, Roberto
Slow magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in fluorine-doped NdFeAsO 1-gen-2015 Lamura, G; Shiroka, Toni; Bonfa', Pietro; Sanna, S.; DE RENZI, Roberto; Putti, M.; Zhigadlo, N. D.; Katrych, S.; Khasanov, R.; Karpinski, J.
Efficient and reliable strategy for identifying muon sites based on the double adiabatic approximation 1-gen-2015 Bonfa', Pietro; Sartori, F.; DE RENZI, Roberto
Magnetic ground state and spin fluctuations in MnGe chiral magnet as studied by muon spin rotation 1-gen-2016 Martin, N.; Deutsch, M.; Bert, F.; Andreica, D.; Amato, A.; Bonfa', Pietro; DE RENZI, Roberto; Rößler, U. K.; Bonville, P.; Fomicheva, L. N.; Tsvyashchenko, A. V.; Mirebeau, I.
High-pressure magnetic state of MnP probed by means of muon-spin rotation 1-gen-2016 Khasanov, R.; Amato, A.; Bonfa', Pietro; Guguchia, Z.; Luetkens, H.; Morenzoni, E.; DE RENZI, Roberto; Zhigadlo, N. D.
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