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Annot Sandstone in the Peïra Cava basin: An example of an asymmetric facies distribution in a confined turbidite system (SE France) 1-gen-2017 Cunha, Rogério Soares; Tinterri, Roberto; Muzzi Magalhaes, Pierre
Burial stylolites enhance karst dissolution and control cave geometry in heterolithic carbonates, Salitre Formation, Brazil 1-gen-2023 Pontes, C. C. C.; Balsamo, F.; Pizzati, M.; Bezerra, F. H.; La Bruna, V.; Lima, R. S.
Chemical and isotope composition of the oilfield brines from Mishrif Formation (southern Iraq): Diagenesis and geothermometry 1-gen-2020 Boschetti, Tiziano; Awadh, Salih Muhammad; Al-Mimar, Heba Sadoon; Iacumin, Paola; Toscani, Lorenzo; Selmo, Enricomaria; Yaseen, Zaher Mundher
Cyclic stacking pattern, architecture and facies of the turbidite lobes in the Macigno Sandstones Formation (Chattian-Aquitanian, northern Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2020 Piazza, Alberto; Tinterri, Roberto
Deltaic, mixed and turbidite sedimentation of ancient foreland basins 1-gen-2003 Mutti, Emiliano; Tinterri, Roberto; G., Benevelli; DI BIASE, Davide; G., Cavanna
Depositional record of confined turbidites in syn-subduction intraslope basin: insight from the Tufiti di Tusa Formation (Southern Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Gallicchio, S.; Cerone, D.; Tinterri, R.
Dolomitization of the Middle Jurassic limestones at the Vajont Canyon (Southern Alps, Italy): Fault-controlled dolomitization by hypo-to mesosaline fluids 1-gen-2022 Mozafari, M.; Swennen, R.; Storti, F.; Cortinovis, S.; Lauriks, K.; Balsamo, F.; Bistacchi, A.; El Desouky, H.; Taberne, C.
Estimation of the physical, petrophysical and mineralogical properties of Messinian salt rocks, Sicily: Implications for multidisciplinary applications 1-gen-2020 Samperi, L.; Minelli, G.; Kamaldeen, O. O.; Alba, Z.; Nicolas, W.; Nazzareni, S.; Pauselli, C.; Francesco, B.
Evidence of climatic control on hydrocarbon seepage in the Miocene of the northern Apennines: The case study of the Vicchio Marls. 1-gen-2013 Fontana, D.; Conti, S.; Grillenzoni, C.; Mecozzi, S.; Petrucci, F.; Turco, Elena
Fracture characteristics in Cretaceous platform and overlying ramp carbonates: An outcrop study from Maiella Mountain (central Italy) 1-gen-2016 Rustichelli, Andrea; Torrieri, Stefano; Tondi, Emanuele; Laurita, Salvatore; Strauss, Christoph; Agosta, Fabrizio; Balsamo, Fabrizio
Grain size and permeability evolution of soft-sediment extensional sub-seismic and seismic fault zones in high-porosity sediments from the Crotone basin, southern Apennines, Italy. 1-gen-2010 Balsamo, Fabrizio; Storti, Fabrizio
Hydrogeochemical characterization of oilfield waters from southeast Maracaibo Basin (Venezuela): diagenetic effects on chemical and isotopic composition 1-gen-2016 Boschetti, Tiziano; Angulo, Beatriz; Cabrera, Frank; Vásquez, Jhaisson; Montero, Ramón Luis Montero
Hydrothermal silicification along faults affecting carbonate-sandstone units and its impact on reservoir quality, Potiguar Basin, Brazil 1-gen-2019 Menezes, C. P.; Bezerra, F. H. R.; Balsamo, F.; Mozafari, M.; Vieira, M. M.; Srivastava, N. K.; de Castro, D. L.
Influence of fracture stratigraphy on hypogene cave development and fluid flow anisotropy in layered carbonates, NE Brazil 1-gen-2020 Balsamo, F.; Bezerra, F. H. R.; Klimchouk, A. B.; Cazarin, C. L.; Auler, A. S.; Nogueira, F. C.; Pontes, C.
Influence of hydrothermal silicification on the physical properties of a basin-boundary fault affecting arkosic porous sandstones, Rio do Peixe Basin, Brazil 1-gen-2023 Palhano, L. C.; Nogueira, F. C. C.; Marques, F. O.; Vasconcelos, D. L.; Bezerra, F. H.; Souza, J. A. B.; Nicchio, M. A.; Perez, Y. A. R.; Balsamo, F.
The influence of the cataclastic matrix on the petrophysical properties of deformation bands in arkosic sandstones 1-gen-2021 Nogueira, F. C. C.; Nicchio, M. A.; Balsamo, F.; Souza, J. A. B.; Silva, I. V. L.; Bezerra, F. H. R.; Vasconcelos, D. L.; Carvalho, B. R. B. M.
Karst dissolution along fracture corridors in an anticline hinge, Jandaíra Formation, Brazil: Implications for reservoir quality 1-gen-2020 Bagni, F. L.; Bezerra, F. H.; Balsamo, F.; Maia, R. P.; Dall'Aglio, M.
Karstified layers and caves formed by superposed epigenic dissolution along subaerial unconformities in carbonate rocks – Impact on reservoir-scale permeability 1-gen-2022 Bagni, F. L.; Erthal, M. M.; Tonietto, S. N.; Maia, R. P.; Bezerra, F. H.; Balsamo, F.; Cordoba, V. C.; de Souza, F. G.; Brod, J. A.; Fernandes, C. P.; Fonseca, J. P. T.
Mechanical stratigraphy controls fracture pattern and karst epigenic dissolution in folded Cretaceous carbonates in semiarid Brazil 1-gen-2023 Balsamo, Fabrizio; La Bruna, Vincenzo; Bezerra, Francisco H.; Dall’Aglio, Marcello; Bagni, Fabio L.; Silveira, Luiz G.; Aires, Alysson S.
The Messinian salinity crisis in the Adriatic foredeep: Evolution of the largest evaporitic marginal basin in the Mediterranean 1-gen-2020 Manzi, V.; Argnani, A.; Corcagnani, A.; Lugli, S.; Roveri, M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 38
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