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The effect of glucose on rod function in the isolated, perfused cat eye 1-gen-1991 Niemeyer, G; Onoe, S; Macaluso, Claudio
Changes in glucose level affect rod function more than cone function in the isolated, perfused cat eye 1-gen-1992 Macaluso, Claudio; Onoe, S.; Niemeyer, G.
Significato delle alterazioni dei potenziali evocati visivi in pazienti con oftalmopatia tiroidea. 1-gen-1994 Spaggiari, E; Neri, F; Gardini, E; Macaluso, Claudio; Vinciguerra, R; Delfini, E; Minelli, Roberta; Ferrozzi, F; Roti, E; Salvi, M.
Visual evoked cortical potentials and psychophysical determination of color contrast thresholds along different chromatic axes 1-gen-1995 Macaluso, Claudio; Baratta, G; Lamedica, A; Luani, D; Cordella, M.
Identification of patients with thyroid-asssociated ophthalmopathy with early optic nerve involvement by the study of visual evoked potentials. 1-gen-1995 Salvi, M; Neri, F; Spaggiari, E; Macaluso, Claudio; Gardini, E; Minelli, Roberta; Wall, J. R.; Roti, E.
Espulsione della protesi oculare in una paziente affetta da oftalmopatia tiroidea attiva e anoftalmo chirurgico. 1-gen-1996 Spaggiari, E; Neri, F; Benassi, G; Macaluso, Claudio; Minelli, Roberta; Roti, E; Salvi, M.
Confusion points and Constant-luminance planes for trichromats, protanopes and deuteranopes 1-gen-1996 Oleari, Claudio; Baratta, G.; Lamedica, A.; Macaluso, Claudio
Electrophysiology of retina and optic nerve: effects of changes in serum glucose and of exogenous adenosine in vitro 1-gen-1996 Niemeyer, G; Macaluso, Claudio
Color discrimination along the cardinal chromatic axes with VECPs as an index of function of the parvocellular pathway. Correspondence of intersubject and axis variations to psychophysics 1-gen-1996 Macaluso, Claudio; Lamedica, A.; Baratta, G.; Cordella, M.
The study of visual evoked potentials in patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy identifies asymptomatic optic nerve involvement 1-gen-1997 Salvi, M; Spaggiari, E; Neri, F; Macaluso, Claudio; Gardini, E; Ferrozzi, F; Minelli, Roberta; Wall, Jr; Roti, E.
Altered rod function in mitochondrial diseases without associated retinitis pigmentosa 1-gen-2000 Macaluso, Claudio; Spaggiari, E; Bresolin, N; Nicolini, P; Camparini, Monica
Cataract extraction in mature white cataracts. Randomized clinical trial comparing clear-cornea phacoemulsification and traditional extracapsular extraction. First series of patients 1-gen-2000 Vecchi, M; Cimino, L; Camparini, Monica; Macaluso, Claudio; Neri, F; Gandolfi, Stefano; Reggiani, L.
Visual acuity measured by pattern visual evoked potentials is unaffected by masking the foveolar region. Implications for the interpretation of visual acuity development in infants 1-gen-2000 Tedesco, Sa; Lamedica, A; Camparini, Monica; Macaluso, Claudio
Retroillumination versus reflected-light images in the photographic assessment of posterior capsule opacification 1-gen-2000 Camparini, Monica; Macaluso, Claudio; Reggiani, L; Maraini, G.
The use of a neural network model for the prediction of progression of thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) at the first patient examination 1-gen-2000 Neri, F; Dazzi, D; Pellistri, I; Spaggiari, E; Macaluso, Claudio; Wall, Jr; Roti, E; Salvi, M.
ETDRS-Fast. A standardized procedure for visual acuity measurement with ETDRS charts implementing adaptive psychophysical methods 1-gen-2000 Camparini, Monica; Cassinari, P; Macaluso, Claudio
Retroillumination vs. slit-lamp images in the photographic assessment of posterior capsule opacification 1-gen-2000 Camparini, Monica; Macaluso, Claudio; Reggiani, L; Maraini, G.
C-Fast: standardized visual acuity measurement in children with Landolt-C "ETDRS-style" charts implementing adaptive psychophysical methods 1-gen-2001 Camparini, Monica; P., Cassinari; D., Ambrosoli; R., Porta; Macaluso, Claudio
A more efficient way to measure standardized visual acuity with charts: the "fast" procedure 1-gen-2001 Macaluso, Claudio
Efficient standardized visual acuity measurement with ETDRS charts by implementing adaptive psychophysical methods: the ETDRS-Fast procedure 1-gen-2001 Macaluso, Claudio; Cassinari, P; Camparini, Monica
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