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Photoacoustic studies of non-radiative relaxation of excited-states in melanin 1-gen-1990 P. R., Crippa; Viappiani, Cristiano
Use of LEDs as light sources in photoacoustic CW spectroscopy 1-gen-1990 G., Rivera; Viappiani, Cristiano
Direct evidence of electron-phonon interaction in melanins 1-gen-1991 P. R., Crippa; F., Martini; Viappiani, Cristiano
Combined photoacoustic and fluorescent quenching studies on organic dyes 1-gen-1992 Viappiani, Cristiano; J. R., Small
Porphyrin-Melanins interaction: effect on fluorescence and nonradiative relaxations 1-gen-1993 Losi, Aba; Bedotti, Roberta; L., Brancaleon; Viappiani, Cristiano
Quenching of the excited states of 8-methoxypsoralen by synthetic eumelanin 1-gen-1993 Losi, Aba; Viappiani, Cristiano; P. R., Crippa
Data analysis in pulsed-laser, time-resolved photoacoustics: evaluation of errors distribution and confidence intervals 1-gen-1994 Campani, G.; Viappiani, C.
Use of nonradiative decays of extrinsic fluorophores as structural and dynamical probes in protein environments: Fluorescence quenching 1-gen-1994 Viappiani, Cristiano
Photoacoustic spectroscopy of non radiative transitions in photoreceptor pigments from Blepharisma japonicum 1-gen-1994 Losi, Aba; A., Vecli; Viappiani, Cristiano; N., Angelini; F., Ghetti; F., Lenci
Time-Resolved Photoacoustic-Spectroscopy - New developments of an old idea 1-gen-1994 Crippa, P. R.; Vecli, A.; Viappiani, Cristiano
The interaction of melanin with 8-methoxypsoralen: effect on radiative and nonradiative transitions. A fluorescence and pulsed photoacoustic study 1-gen-1994 Losi, Aba; Viappiani, Cristiano; P. R., Crippa
Time-resolved photoacoustics determination of intersystem crossing and singlet oxygen photosensitization quantum yields for 4,5',8-trimethylpsoralen in various solvents 1-gen-1995 Losi, Aba; Bedotti, Roberta; Viappiani, Cristiano
Spectroscopic and photoacoustic studies on hypericin embedded in liposomes as a photoreceptor model 1-gen-1995 F., Lenci; N., Angelini; F., Ghetti; A., Sgarbossa; Losi, Aba; A., Vecli; Viappiani, Cristiano; P., Taroni; A., Pifferi; F., Cubeddu
Kinetics analysis of proton transfer reactions by laser flash photolysis 1-gen-1996 F., Ferrari; G., Bonetti; Carcelli, Mauro; A., Vecli; Viappiani, Cristiano
Artificial models of biological photoreceptors: effect of quenchers on the fluorescence properties of hypericin embedded in liposomes 1-gen-1997 N., Angelini; R., Cubeddu; F., Lenci; Losi, Aba; A., Pifferi; A., Sgarbossa; P., Taroni; A., Vecli; Viappiani, Cristiano
Reaction volume of water formation detected by time resolved photoacoustics: photoinduced proton transfer between o-nitrobenzaldehyde and hydroxyls in water 1-gen-1997 G., Bonetti; A., Vecli; Viappiani, Cristiano
Determination of the pKa of the aci-nitro intermediate in o-nitrobenzyl systems 1-gen-1998 Carcelli, Mauro; Pelagatti, Paolo; Viappiani, Cristiano
Reaction volume and rate constants for the Excited State Proton Transfer in aqueous solutions of Naphthols 1-gen-1998 Losi, Aba; Viappiani, Cristiano
An experimental methodology for measuring volume changes in proton transfer reactions in aqueous solutions 1-gen-1998 Viappiani, Cristiano; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Small, J. R.; Libertini, L. J.; Small, E. W.
Study of proton transfer processes in solution using the laser induced pH-jump: a new experimental setup and an improved data analysis based on genetic algorithms 1-gen-1998 Viappiani, Cristiano; Bonetti, G.; Carcelli, Mauro; Ferrari, F.; Sternieri, A.
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