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Age effects upon the harmonic structure of human blood pressure in clinical health 1-gen-1989 S., Anderson; G., Cornelissen; F., Halberg; P. T., Scarpelli; Cagnoni, Stefano; G., Germano'; R., Livi; L., Scarpelli; M., Cagnoni; J. E., Holte
Cigarette-smoking effects on circadian rhythm parameters of blood pressure 1-gen-1989 P. T., Scarpelli; R., Livi; L., Scarpelli; E., Croppi; G., Germano'; Cagnoni, Stefano; F., Halberg
A neural network expert system for diagnosing and treating hypertension 1-gen-1991 R., Poli; Cagnoni, Stefano; R., Livi; G., Coppini; G., Valli
Knowledge-based system for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension 1-gen-1991 Cagnoni, Stefano; G., Coppini; R., Livi; G., Valli
Neural network synthesis of spin echo multiecho sequences 1-gen-1992 Cagnoni, Stefano; D., Caramella; R., De Dominicis; G., Valli
Neural network segmentation of magnetic resonance spin echo images of the brain 1-gen-1993 Cagnoni, Stefano; G., Coppini; M., Rucci; D., Caramella; G., Valli
OSLVQ: a training strategy for optimum-size learning vector quantization classifiers 1-gen-1994 Cagnoni, Stefano; G., Valli
Metodi neurali per l'analisi di immagini cerebrali (Neural-network methods for the analysis of brain images) 1-gen-1994 Cagnoni, S.; Coppini, G.; Pellicano, G.; Dal Pozzo, G.; Valli, G.; De Dominicis, R.
Genetic design of optimum linear and non-linear QRS detectors 1-gen-1995 Poli, R; Cagnoni, Stefano; Valli, G.
Integrating content-based retrieval in a medical image database 1-gen-1996 G., Bucci; Cagnoni, Stefano; R., DE DOMINICIS
Simultaneous and sequential same-arm measurements in the validation studies of automated blood pressure measuring devices 1-gen-1996 R., Livi; L., Teghini; Cagnoni, Stefano; P. T., Scarpelli
Genetic programming with user-driven selection: experiments on the evolution of algorithms for image enhancement 1-gen-1997 R., Poli; Cagnoni, Stefano
Neural Networks and prior knowledge help the segmentation of medical images 1-gen-1998 G., Valli; R., Poli; Cagnoni, Stefano; G., Coppini
Vehicle License Plate Recognition by Means of Cellular Automata 1-gen-1998 G., Adorni; Bergenti, Federico; Cagnoni, Stefano
A Cellular-Programming Approach to Pattern Classification 1-gen-1998 G., Adorni; Bergenti, Federico; Cagnoni, Stefano
Ham quality control by means of fuzzy decision trees: A case study 1-gen-1998 G., Adorni; D., Bianchi; Cagnoni, Stefano
Evolutionary Image Analysis, Signal Processing and Telecommunications: First European Workshops, EvoIASP'99 and EuroEcTel'99, Göteborg, Sweden, May 1999, Joint Proceedings 1-gen-1999 Poli, R.; Voigt, H. M.; Cagnoni, Stefano; Corne, D.; Smith, J.; Fogarty, T.
SISTER: A flexible system for image retrieval 1-gen-1999 Adorni, G.; Cagnoni, Stefano; Mordonini, Monica; Poggi, Agostino
A cellular-automata based tool as an aid for autonomous navigation 1-gen-1999 Adorni, G.; Cagnoni, Stefano
Purposive visual perception and co-operative behaviour: some issues for the design of physical agents 1-gen-1999 Adorni, G.; Cagnoni, Stefano; Mordonini, Monica
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