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Nitrogen budget in a lowland coastal area within the Po River Basin (Northern Italy): Multiple evidences of equilibrium between sources and internal sinks 1-gen-2013 Castaldelli, Giuseppe; Soana, Elisa; Racchetti, Erica; Pierobon, Enrica; Mastrocicco, Micol; Tesini, Enrico; Fano, Elisa Anna; Bartoli, Marco
Vegetated canals mitigate nitrogen surplus in agricultural watersheds 1-gen-2015 Castaldelli, Giuseppe; Soana, Elisa; Racchetti, Erica; Vincenzi, Fabio; Fano, Elisa Anna; Bartoli, Marco
Manila clam introduction in the Sacca di Goro Lagoon (Northern Italy): ecological implications 1-gen-2016 Bartoli, Marco; Castaldelli, Giuseppe; Nizzoli, Daniele; Fano, Elisa A.; Viaroli, Pierluigi
Rare but large bivalves alter benthic respiration and nutrient recycling in riverine sediments 1-gen-2017 Benelli, Sara; Bartoli, Marco; Racchetti, Erica; Moraes, Paula Carpintero; Zilius, Mindaugas; Lubiene, Irma; Fano, ELISA ANNA
Space and time variations of watershed N and P budgets and their relationships with reactive N and P loadings in a heavily impacted river basin (Po river, Northern Italy) 1-gen-2018 Viaroli, Pierluigi; Soana, Elisa; Pecora, Silvano; Laini, Alex; Naldi, Mariachiara; Fano, Elisa Anna; Nizzoli, Daniele
Microphytobenthos and chironomid larvae attenuate nutrient recycling in shallow-water sediments 1-gen-2018 Benelli, S.; Bartoli, M.; Zilius, M.; Vybernaite-Lubiene, I.; Ruginis, T.; Petkuviene, J.; Fano, E. A.
Stoichiometry of regenerated nutrients differs between native and invasive freshwater mussels with implications for algal growth 1-gen-2019 Benelli, Sara; Bartoli, Marco; Zilius, Mindaugas; Vybernaite-Lubiene, Irma; Ruginis, Tomas; Vaiciute, Diana; Petkuviene, Jolita; Fano, Elisa A.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Managing macrophytes for nitrate mitigation in irrigated agricultural watersheds 1-gen-2019 Soana, Elisa; Bartoli, Marco; Milardi, Marco; Fano, Elisa Anna; Castaldelli, Giuseppe
Analysis of 15N-NO3- via anoxic slurries coupled to MIMS analysis: An application to estimate nitrification by burrowing macrofauna 1-gen-2019 Moraes, P. C.; Gomez, D. M. A.; Vincenzi, F.; Castaldelli, G.; Fano, E. A.; Bartoli, M.; Benelli, S.
Contrasting effects of an alienworm on benthic n cycling in muddy and sandy sediments 1-gen-2019 Benelli, S.; Bartoli, M.; Ribaudo, C.; Fano, E. A.
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