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Seasonal changes in the positional importance of components in the trophic flow network of the Chesapeake Bay 1-gen-2001 Jordan, F.
Species positions and extinction dynamics in simple food webs 1-gen-2002 Jordan, F.; Scheuring, I.; Vida, G.
Topological keystone species: Measures of positional importance in food webs 1-gen-2006 Jordan, F.; Liu, W. -C.; Davis, A. J.
Eutrophication and overfishing in temperate nearshore pelagic food webs: A network perspective 1-gen-2007 Vasas, V.; Lancelot, C.; Rousseau, V.; Jordan, F.
Keystone species and food webs 1-gen-2009 Jordan, F.
Simulating food web dynamics along a gradient: Quantifying human influence 1-gen-2012 Jordan, F.; Gjata, N.; Mei, S.; Yule, C. M.
Single-node vs. multi-node centrality in landscape graph analysis: key habitat patches and their protection for 20 bird species in NE Spain 1-gen-2017 Pereira, J.; Saura, S.; Jordan, F.
Quantifying keystone species complexes: Ecosystem-based conservation management in the King George Island (Antarctic Peninsula) 1-gen-2017 Ortiz, M.; Hermosillo-Nunez, B.; Gonzalez, J.; Rodriguez-Zaragoza, F.; Gomez, I.; Jordan, F.
Food web topology and nested keystone species complexes 1-gen-2018 Capocefalo, D.; Pereira, J.; Mazza, T.; Jordan, F.
Additivity of pairwise perturbations in food webs: Topological effects 1-gen-2018 Moreh, A.; Endredi, A.; Jordan, F.
Aggregating a plankton food web: Mathematical versus biological approaches 1-gen-2018 Jordan, F.; Endredi, A.; Liu, W. -C.; D'Alelio, D.
Food web dynamics in trophic hierarchies 1-gen-2018 Endredi, A.; Senanszky, V.; Libralato, S.; Jordan, F.
Rewiring and indirect effects underpin modularity reshuffling in a marine food web under environmental shifts 1-gen-2019 D'Alelio, D.; Hay Mele, B.; Libralato, S.; Ribera d'Alcala, M.; Jordan, F.
Mesoscale network properties in ecological system models 1-gen-2019 Jordan, F.; Pereira, J.; Ortiz, M.
The vulnerability of plant-pollinator communities to honeybee decline: A comparative network analysis in different habitat types 1-gen-2019 Kovacs-Hostyanszki, A.; Foldesi, R.; Baldi, A.; Endredi, A.; Jordan, F.
Transitivity and structural balance in marmot social networks 1-gen-2019 Wey, T. W.; Jordan, F.; Blumstein, D. T.
Non-trophic key players in aquatic ecosystems: a mesocosm experiment 1-gen-2020 Puche, E.; Jordan, F.; Rodrigo, M. A.; Rojo, C.
A simple approach for quantifying node centrality in signed and directed social networks 1-gen-2020 Liu, W. -C.; Huang, L. -C.; Liu, C. W. -J.; Jordan, F.
Aquatic food web research in mesocosms: A literature survey 1-gen-2020 Poda, C.; Jordan, F.
Pyntacle: a parallel computing-enabled framework for large-scale network biology analysis 1-gen-2020 Parca, L.; Truglio, M.; Biagini, T.; Castellana, S.; Petrizzelli, F.; Capocefalo, D.; Jordan, F.; Carella, M.; Mazza, T.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 33
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