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40Ar–39Ar dating of pseudotachylytes: the effect of clast–hosted extraneous argon in Cenozoic fault–generated friction melts from the West Antarctic Rift System 1-gen-2004 DI VINCENZO, G.; Rocchi, S.; Rossetti, F.; Storti, Fabrizio
A late-glacial high-resolution site and source temperature record derived from the EPICA Dome C isotope record (East Antarctica) 1-gen-2003 Stenni, B.; Jouzel, J.; MASSON DELMOTTE, V.; Roethlisberger, R.; Castellano, E.; Cattani, O.; Falourd, S.; Johnsen, S. J.; Longinelli, Antonio; Sachs, J. P.; Selmo, Enricomaria; Souchez, R.; Steffensen, J. P.; Udisti, R.
A stable isotope study of fossil mammal remains from the Paglicci Cave, S. Italy. N and C as palaeoenvironmental indicators. 1-gen-1997 Iacumin, Paola; Bocherens, H.; Delgado Huertas, A.; Mariotti, A.; L. o. n. g. i. n. e. l. l. i., A.
Analogue models of viscous thrust wedges 1-gen-2000 Rossetti, F.; Faccenna, C.; Ranalli, G.; Storti, Fabrizio
Antarctic Fro90011 Lodranite - Cooling History From Pyroxene Crystal-chemistry and Microstructure 1-gen-1994 G., Molin; M. C., Domeneghetti; G., Salviulo; M., Stimpfl; Tribaudino, Mario
Astrochronology of the Mediterranean Langhian between 15.29 and 14.17 Ma 1-gen-2010 Hüsing, S. K.; Cascella, A.; Hilgen, F. J.; Krijgsman, W.; Kuiper, K. F.; Turco, Elena; Wilson, D.
Astronomical tuning of the La Vedova High Cliff section (Ancona, Italy)—Implications of the Middle Miocene Climate Transition for Mediterranean sapropel formation. 1-gen-2010 A. A., Mourik; J. F., Bijkerk; A., Cascella; S. K., Hüsing; F. J., Hilgen; L. J., Lourens; Turco, Elena
Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and d13C measurements along a hemispheric course (1998/'99, Italy to Antarctica 1-gen-2001 Longinelli, Antonio; Colombo, T.; Giovanelli, G.; Lenaz, R.; Ori, C.; Selmo, Enricomaria
Biogeochemical data from well preserved 200 ka collagen and skeletal remains 1-gen-2001 Jones, A. M.; Oconnell, T. C.; Young, E. D.; Scott, K.; Buckingham, C. M.; Iacumin, Paola; E. BRASIER M., D.
Corrigendum to “Rapid absolute plate motion changes inferred from high-resolution relative spreading reconstructions: A case study focusing on the South America plate and its Atlantic/Pacific neighbors” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 604 (2023) 118009] (Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2023) 604, (S0012821X23000225), (10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118009)) 1-gen-2023 Espinoza, V.; Iaffaldano, G.
d18O of carbonate, quartz and phosphate from belemnite guards: implications for the isotopic record of old fossils and the isotopic composition of ancient seawater 1-gen-2002 Longinelli, Antonio; Iacumin, Paola; Ramigni, M.
d18O(PO43-) and d18O(CO32-) from belemnite guards from Eastern Europe: implications for palaeoceanographic reconstructions and for preservation of pristine isotopic values 1-gen-2003 Longinelli, Antonio; Wierzbowski, H.; DI MATTEO, A.
Decadal change of the Apulia microplate motion preceding the MW6.4, 26 November 2019 Durrës (Albania) earthquake 1-gen-2022 Iaffaldano, G; Martin de Blas, J; I Dalu Udbø, B
Dolostone pulverization induced by coseismic rapid decompression of CO2-rich gas in nature (Matese, Apennines, Italy) 1-gen-2023 Billi, A.; Smeraglia, L.; Aldega, L.; Balsamo, F.; Barberio, M. D.; Boschi, C.; Caracausi, A.; Carminati, E.; Iannace, A.; Mercuri, M.; Pizzati, M.; Tavani, S.
Garnet clinopyroxenite layers from the mantle sequences of the Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy): evidence for recycling of crustal material 1-gen-2012 Montanini, Alessandra; Tribuzio, Riccard; Thirlwall, Matthew
Impact of uncertain reference-frame motions in plate kinematic reconstructions: A theoretical appraisal 1-gen-2017 Iaffaldano, G; Stein, S
Integrated stratigraphy and astrochronology of the Messinian GSSP at Oued Akresh (Atlantic Morocco) 1-gen-2000 Hilgen, F. J.; Bissoli, L.; Iaccarino, S.; Krijgsman, W.; Villa, Giuliana
Integrated stratigraphy and astrochronology of the Messinian GSSP at Oued Akrech (Atlantic Morocco) 1-gen-2000 Hilgen, F. J.; Bissoli, L.; Iaccarino, S. M.; Krijgsman, W.; Negri, A.; Villa, Giuliana
Intraplate termination of transform faulting within the Antarctic continent 1-gen-2007 Storti, Fabrizio; Salvini, F; Rossetti, F; Phipps, Morgan
Magnetotactic bacterial abundance in pelagic marine environments is limited by organic carbon flux and availability of dissolved iron 1-gen-2011 Roberts, A. P.; Florindo, F.; Villa, G.; Chang, L.; Jovane, L.; Bohaty, S.; Larrasoaña, J. C.; Heslop, D.; Fitz Gerald, J.
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