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Nuclear DNA sequences from late Pleistocene megafauna 1-gen-1999 Greenwood, Ad; Capelli, C; Possnert, G; Paabo, S
Mitochondrial DNA sequences from the Neanderthals. 1-gen-2000 Tschentscher, F; Capelli, C; Geisert, H; Krainitzki, H; Schmitz, Rw; Krings, M
Inferring microevolutionary patterns from allele-size frequency distributions of minisatellite loci: a worldwide study of the APOB 3 ' hypervariable region polymorphism 1-gen-2000 Destro-Bisol, G; Capelli, C; Belledi, M
A view of Neandertal genetic diversity 1-gen-2000 Krings, M; Capelli, C; Tschentscher, F; Geisert, H; Meyer, S; von Haeseler, A; Grossschmidt, K; Possnert, G; Paunovic, M; Paabo S., (First three authors contributed equally to this work)
Genetic variation at the ApoB 3 ' HVR minisatellite locus in the Mbenzele Pygmies from the Central African Republic 1-gen-2000 Destro-Bisol, G; Belledi, M; Capelli, C; Maviglia, R; Spedini, G
A repository of 14 PCR-loci italian gene frequencies in the world wide web 1-gen-2001 Maviglia, R; Dobosz, M; Boschi, I; Caglia, A; Hall, D; Capelli, C; D'Aloja, E; Pescarmona, M; Moscetti, A; Pascali, Vl; Destro-Bisol, G.
Results of a collaborative study of the EDNAP group regarding the reproducibility and robustness of the Y-chromosome STRs DYS19, DYS389 I and II, DYS390 and DYS393 in a PCR pentaplex format 1-gen-2001 Carracedo, A; Beckmann, A; Bengs, A; Brinkman, B; Caglia, A; Capelli, C; Gill, P; Gusmao, L; Hagelberg, C; Hohoff, C; Hoste, B; Kihlgren, A; Kloosterman, A; Dupuy, Bm; Morling, N; O'Donnell, G; Parson, W; Phillips, C; Pouwels, M; Scheithauer, R; Schmitter, H; Schneider, Pm; Schumm, J; Skitsa, I; Stradmann-Bellinghausen, B; Stuart, M; Court, Ds; Vide, C
Evolution of endogenous retrovirus-like elements of the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) and its relatives 1-gen-2001 Greenwood, Ad; Lee, F; Capelli, C; Desalle, R; Tikhonov, A; Marx, Pa; Macphee, Rde
A predominantly indigenous paternal heritage for the Austronesian-speaking peoples of insular Southeast Asia and Oceania 1-gen-2001 Capelli, C; Wilson, Jf; Richards, M; Stumpf, Mph; Gratrix, F; Oppenheimer, S; Underhill, P; Pascali, Vl; Ko, Tm; Goldstein, Db
Ancient DNA analyses reveal high mitochondrial DNA sequence diversity and parallel morphological evolution of late pleistocene cave bears 1-gen-2002 Hofreiter, M; Capelli, C; Krings, M; Waits, L; Conard, N; Munzel, S; Rabeder, G; Nagel, D; Paunovic, M; Jambresic, G; Meyer, S; Weiss, G; Paabo, S
Founding mothers of Jewish communities: Geographically separated Jewish groups were independently founded by very few female ancestors 1-gen-2002 Thomas, Mg; Weale, Me; Jones, Al; Richards, M; Smith, A; Redhead, N; Torroni, A; Scozzari, R; Gratrix, F; Tarekegn, A; Wilson, Jf; Capelli, C; Bradman, N; Goldstein, Db
A Y chromosome census of the British Isles 1-gen-2003 Capelli, C; Redhead, N; Abernethy, Jk; Gratrix, F; Wilson, Jf; Moen, T; Hervig, T; Richards, M; Stumpf, Mph; Underhill, Pa; Bradshaw, P; Shaha, A; Thomas, Mg; Bradman, N; Goldstein, Db
"Ancient" protocols for the crime scene? Similarities and differences between forensic genetics and ancient DNA analysis 1-gen-2003 Capelli, C; Tschentscher, F; Pascali, Vl
High-resolution analysis of male genomes by the addition of nine biallelic polymorphisms to the classic 8-STR forensic haplotype 1-gen-2003 Caglia, A.; Boschi, I.; Scarnicci, F.; Dobosz, M.; Underhill, P.; Pascali, V. L.; Capelli, C.
Variation of female and male lineages in sub-Saharan populations: the importance of sociocultural factors 1-gen-2004 Destro-Bisol, G; Donati, F; Coia, V; Boschi, I; Verginelli, F; Caglia, A; Tofanelli, S; Spedini, G; Capelli, C
Y chromosome genetic structure in the Italian peninsula 1-gen-2004 Capelli, C.; Arredi, B.; Baldassarri, L.; Boschi, I.; Brisighelli, F.; Caglia, A.; Dobosz, M.; Scarnicci, F.; Pascali, V. L.
Results of a collaborative study of the EDNAP group regarding mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy and segregation in hair shafts. 1-gen-2004 Tully, G; Barritt, Sm; Bender, K; Brignon, E; Capelli, C; Dimo-Simonin, N; Eichmann, C; Ernst, Cm; Lambert, C; Lareu, Mv; Ludes, B; Mevag, B; Parson, W; Pfeiffer, H; Salas, A; Schneider, Pm; Staalstrom, E.
Mitochondrial DNA from prehistoric canids highlights relationships between dogs and South-East European wolves 1-gen-2005 Verginelli, F; Capelli, C; Coia, V; Musiani, M; Falchetti, M; Ottini, L; Palmirotta, R; Tagliacozzo, A; Mazzorin, Id; Mariani-Costantini, R
Protocols for ancient DNA typing 1-gen-2005 Capelli, C; Tschentscher, F.
Human Evolution: Clues from Neanderthal mtDNA control region sequences-What’s next? 1-gen-2006 Krings, M; Capelli, C; Tschentscher, F.
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