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Point-System Driving Licence: Was it really necessary? 1-gen-2005 Rosa, C
Providing Content to ECB Announcements 1-gen-2007 Rosa, C
Macroeconomic Effects of Central Bank Communication: Evidence from the Fed 1-gen-2009 Rosa, C; Breitenstein, T
Forecasting the Direction of Policy Rate Changes: The Importance of ECB Words 1-gen-2009 Rosa, C
The High-Frequency Response of Exchange Rates To Monetary Policy Actions and Statements 1-gen-2011 Rosa, C
The validity of the Event-Study Approach: Evidence from the Impact of the Fed's Monetary Policy on U.S. and Foreign Asset Prices 1-gen-2011 Rosa, C
Talking less and moving the market more: evidence from the ECB and the Fed 1-gen-2011 Rosa, C
Words That Shake Traders: The Stock Market's Reaction to Central Bank Communication in Real Time 1-gen-2011 Rosa, C
Market Efficiency Broadcasted Live: ECB Code Words and Euro Exchange Rates 1-gen-2013 Rosa, C
The High-Frequency Response of Energy Prices to U.S. Monetary Policy: Understanding the Empirical Evidence 1-gen-2014 Rosa, C
Municipal Bonds and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Fed Funds Futures Market 1-gen-2014 Rosa, C
Human Capital and International Portfolio Diversification: A Reappraisal 1-gen-2016 Bretscher, L; Julliard, C; Rosa, C
Walking on thin ice: Market quality around FOMC announcements 1-gen-2016 Rosa, Carlo
Fedspeak: Who Moves US Asset Prices? 1-gen-2016 Rosa, C
The Impact of Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Announcements on Asset Prices: A Review 1-gen-2019 Rosa, C
The Pre-FOMC Announcement Drift: An Empirical Analysis 1-gen-2019 Ben Dor, A; Rosa, C
Fiscal Implications of the Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet Normalization 1-gen-2019 Cavallo, M; Del Negro, M; Frame, S; Grasing, J; Malin, B; Rosa, C
Constructing Daily Equity Momentum Portfolios Using Corporate Bond Data 1-gen-2020 A., Ben Dor; J., Guan; Rosa, Carlo
Understanding Intraday Momentum Strategies 1-gen-2022 Rosa, Carlo
A look under the hood of momentum funds 1-gen-2022 Banegas, Ayelen; Rosa, Carlo
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