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'Spain and Byron's Construction of Place' 1-gen-1994 Saglia, Diego
'"I Recur from Fiction to Truth": Beppo e il mondo carnevalizzato' 1-gen-1994 Saglia, Diego
Byron and Spain: Itinerary in the Writing of Place 1-gen-1996 Saglia, Diego
'"Renown'd, Romantic": Place as Text and Intertext in Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' 1-gen-1996 Saglia, Diego
‘Epic or Domestic?: Felicia Hemans's Heroic Poetry and the Myth of the Victorian Poetess' 1-gen-1997 Saglia, Diego
'"The True Essence of Romanticism": Romantic Theories of Spain and the Question of Spanish Romanticism' 1-gen-1997 Saglia, Diego
'Times Literary Supplement' 1-gen-1997 Saglia, Diego
'The Exotic Politics of the Domestic: The Alhambra as Symbolic Place in British Romantic Poetry' 1-gen-1997 Saglia, Diego
'Private and Public in Women's Romantic Poetry: Spaces, Gender and Genre in Mary Mitford's Blanch' 1-gen-1998 Saglia, Diego
'Matrimonial Politics: Two References to Marie Louise of Austria in Byron's Poetry' 1-gen-1998 Saglia, Diego
"O My Mother Spain!": The Peninsular War, Family Matters, and the Practice of Romantic Nation-Writing' 1-gen-1998 Saglia, Diego
‘British Romantic Translations of the "Romance de Alhama" and "Moro Alcayde", 1775-1818' 1-gen-1999 Saglia, Diego
'Romantic Devils, Gentlemen and Dandies: Rethinking British Romantic Generations' 1-gen-1999 Saglia, Diego
The Dangers of Over-Refinement: The Language of Luxury in Romantic Poetry by Women, 1793-1811 1-gen-1999 Saglia, Diego
Nationalist Texts and Counter-Texts: Southey's Roderick and the Dissensions of the Annotated Romance 1-gen-1999 Saglia, Diego
War Romances: Historical Analogies and Coleridge's Letters on the Spaniards 1-gen-2000 Saglia, Diego
Poetic Castles in Spain: British Romanticism and Figurations of Iberia 1-gen-2000 Saglia, Diego
Tirso y la literatura inglesa: modalidades de la apropiacion del siglo XVII al XIX 1-gen-2001 Saglia, Diego
'Sontuose epidemie: Mary Wollstonecraft ed il millenarismo commerciale in The Last Man di Mary Shelley' 1-gen-2001 Saglia, Diego
"The Moor’s Last Sigh: Spanish-Moorish Exoticism and the Gender of History" 1-gen-2001 Saglia, Diego
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 213
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