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The effect of the intracellular sodium level on the activity of amino acid transport System L and A in SV40 3T3 cells 1-gen-1985 Petronini, Pier Giorgio; Gandolfi, Stefano; Borghetti, A. F.
86-Rb efflux in normal and cataractous human lenses 1-gen-1985 Gandolfi, Stefano; Tomba, M. C.; G., Maraini
Interaction of beta-adrenergic antagonists with local anaesthetic acceptor sites 1-gen-1986 G., Bruschi; M., Spaggiari; L., Tacinelli; Bruschi, M. E.; M., Caroppo; Gandolfi, Stefano; A., Cavatorta
Cytoskeleton abnormalities in human senile cataract. 1-gen-1986 J., Tagliavini; Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Maraini
Multicomponent analysis of amino acid transport System L in normal and virus-transformed fibroblasts 1-gen-1987 Gandolfi, Stefano; Maier, J. A. M.; Petronini, Pier Giorgio; Wheeler, K. P.; Borghetti, A. F.
Multicomponent analysis of amino acid transport System L in normal and virus-transformed fibroblasts 1-gen-1987 Gandolfi, Stefano; Maier, J. A.; Petronini, P. G.; Wheeler, K. P.; Borghetti, A. F.
Diamide alters membrane Na+ and K+ conductances and increases internal resistance in the isolated rat lens 1-gen-1988 G., Duncan; Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Maraini
Oxidative cross-linking of fodrin parallels a membrane conductance increase in the mammalian lens 1-gen-1988 Gandolfi, Stefano; J., Tagliavini; M., Belpoliti; G. Duncan G., Maraini
Human lens membrane cation permeability increases with age. 1-gen-1989 G., Duncan; Hightower, K. R.; Gandolfi, Stefano; J., Tomlinson; G., Maraini
Restoring sensitivity to timolol after long-term drift in primary open-angle glaucoma 1-gen-1990 Gandolfi, Stefano
Mammalian lens inter-fiber resistance is modulated by calcium and calmodulin 1-gen-1990 Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Duncan; J., Tomlinson; G., Maraini
Increased ion traffic through non-specific cation pathways in the ageing human lens. Evidence from radiotracer fluxes studies. 1-gen-1991 Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Maraini
Evidence for a Na(+)-Cl(-)-H(+)-HCO3- exchange system in the mammalian lens 1-gen-1992 G., Duncan; C., Dart; Croghan, P. C.; Gandolfi, Stefano
Low-molecular-weight sodium hyaluronate in the treatment of bacterial corneal ulcers 1-gen-1992 Gandolfi, Stefano; A., Massari; Orsoni, J. G.
Lens sodium channels are inactivated by anti-MIP26 antibodies 1-gen-1993 G., Alberti; Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Maraini
Calmodulin antagonists induce changes in lens permeability and transparency 1-gen-1994 J., Sanderson; Gandolfi, Stefano; G., Duncan
Decrease of Intraocular Pressure After Subconjunctival Injection of Mitomycin in Human Glaucoma 1-gen-1995 Gandolfi, Stefano A.; Vecchi, Marco; Braccio, Laura
Improvement of visual field indices after surgical reduction of intraocular pressure 1-gen-1995 Gandolfi, Stefano
Optic nerve sheath decompression (perioptic meningectomy) through a lateral orbitotomy approach: Indications and technique 1-gen-1996 Sesenna, E.; Monteverdi, R.; Gandolfi, S.; Nizzoli, V.
effect of a Yag-laser iridotomy on intraocular pressure in pigment dispersion syndrome 1-gen-1996 Gandolfi, Stefano; M., Vecchi
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