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Influence of Precipitation and Soil on Transport of Fecal Enterococci in Fractured Limestone Aquifers 1-gen-2004 Celico, Fulvio; M., Varcamonti; M., Guida; G., Naclerio
The impacts of pasture- and manure-spreading on microbial groundwater quality in carbonate aquifers 1-gen-2004 Celico, Fulvio; I., Musilli; G., Naclerio
Verification of a DRASTIC-based Method for Limestone Aquifers 1-gen-2005 Celico, Fulvio; G., Naclerio
Hydrogeological behaviour of some fault zones in a carbonate aquifer of Southern Italy: an experimentally based model 1-gen-2006 Celico, Fulvio; Petrella, Emma; Pietro, Celico
Updating of a DRASTIC-based Method for Specific Vulnerability Assessment in Carbonate Aquifers 1-gen-2007 Celico, Fulvio; Petrella, Emma; Gino, Naclerio
Unusual behaviour of epikarst in the Acqua dei Faggi carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy) 1-gen-2007 Petrella, Emma; Paolo, Capuano; Celico, Fulvio
Integrative measures for protection of carbonate aquifers against microbial pollution in central–southern Italy 1-gen-2008 Celico, Fulvio; Petrella, Emma; Giuseppe, Marzullo; Gino, Naclerio
The role of land use and environmental factors on microbial pollution of mountainous limestone aquifers 1-gen-2008 V., Allocca; Celico, Fulvio; Petrella, Emma; G., Marzullo; G., Naclerio
Influence of topsoil of pyroclastic origin on microbial contamination of groundwater in fractured carbonate aquifers 1-gen-2008 Gino, Naclerio; Petrella, Emma; Valentina, Nerone; Vincenzo, Allocca; Pantaleone, Vita; Celico, Fulvio
Some limitations in using 222Rn to assess river–groundwater interactions: the case of Castel di Sangro alluvial plain (central Italy) 1-gen-2008 Luisa, Stellato; Petrella, Emma; Filippo, Terrasi; Paolo, Belloni; Maria, Belli; Umberto, Sansone; Celico, Fulvio
Hypersaline groundwater genesis assessment through a multidisciplinary approach: the case of Pozzo del Sale Spring (southern Italy) 1-gen-2008 Celico, Fulvio; Paolo, Capuano; Vincenzo, Felice; Gino, Naclerio
Natural-gradient tracer experiments in epikarst: a test study in the Acqua dei Faggi experimental site, southern Italy 1-gen-2008 Petrella, Emma; A., Falasca; Celico, Fulvio
A high-altitude temporary spring in a compartmentalized carbonate aquifer: the role of low-permeability faults and karst conduits 1-gen-2009 Petrella, Emma; Paolo, Capuano; Massimiliano, Carcione; Celico, Fulvio
Heterogeneous aquitard properties in sedimentary successions in the Apennine chain: case studies in southern Italy 1-gen-2009 Petrella, Emma; Celico, Fulvio
Non-permanent shallow halocline in a fractured carbonate aquifer, southern Italy 1-gen-2009 Petrella, Emma; Gino, Naclerio; Antonio, Falasca; Antonio, Bucci; Paolo, Capuano; Vincenzo De, Felice; Celico, Fulvio
Filtration of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus cereus spores in a pyroclastic topsoil, carbonate Apennines, southern Italy 1-gen-2009 Gino, Naclerio; Gabriella, Fardella; Giuseppe, Marzullo; Celico, Fulvio
Role of organic matter and clay fraction on migration of Escherichia coli cells through pyroclastic soils, southern Italy 1-gen-2009 Gino, Naclerio; Valentina, Nerone; Antonio, Bucci; Vincenzo, Allocca; Celico, Fulvio
Potential role of Bacillus endospores in soil amended by olive mill wastewater 1-gen-2010 Gino, Naclerio; Antonio, Falasca; Petrella, Emma; Valentina, Nerone; Federica, Cocco; Celico, Fulvio
Influence of pyroclastic soil on epikarst formation: a test study in southern Italy 1-gen-2010 Celico, Fulvio; Gino, Naclerio; Antonio, Bucci; Valentina, Nerone; Paolo, Capuano; Massimiliano, Carcione; Vincenzo, Allocca; Pietro, Celico
Rainwater pH does not influence retention of Escherichia coli cells and Bacillus subtilis spores in pyroclastic soil. 1-gen-2011 Naclerio, G.; Nerone, V.; Falasca, A.; De, Felice; Celico, Fulvio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 99
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