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Integrative approaches to perception and action: A special issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology 1-gen-2008 Bruno, Nicola; Battaglini, P. P.
Visually guided grasping and the Mueller-Lyer illusion: As for pointing, the data look contradictory but in fact they are not 1-gen-2008 Franz, V; Bruno, Nicola
Editorial: Integrating perception and actio nthrough cognitive neuropsychology (broadly conceived) 1-gen-2008 Bruno, Nicola; Battaglini, P. P.
Visually guided pointing, the Muller-Lyer illusion, and the functional interpretation of the dorsal-ventral split: conclusions from 33 independent studies 1-gen-2008 Bruno, Nicola; Bernardis, P.; Gentilucci, M.
A proprioceptive aftereffect following exposure to a crossmodal Ames' window 1-gen-2008 Bertamini, M; Bruno, Nicola
Vedere senza gil occhi: il problema della protesi visiva fra bioingegneria, psicologia, ed epistemologia 1-gen-2009 A. C., Jacomuzzi; Bruno, Nicola
When is grasping affected by the Mueller-Lyer illusion? A quantitative review 1-gen-2009 Bruno, Nicola; V., Franz
Distance perception in autism and typical development 1-gen-2009 L., Giovannini; A. C., Jacomuzzi; Bruno, Nicola; C., Semenza; L., Surian
La percezione multisensoriale 1-gen-2010 Bruno, Nicola; F., Pavani; M., Zampini
Haptic perception after a change in hand size 1-gen-2010 Bruno, Nicola; M., Bertamini
Vision, haptics and attention: new data from a multisensory Necker cube 1-gen-2010 M., Bertamini; L., Masala; G., Meyer; Bruno, Nicola
The effect of the Muller-Lyer illusion on saccades is modulated by spatial predictability and saccadic latency. 1-gen-2010 D., de Grave; Bruno, Nicola
A metanalysis of the effect of the Muller-Lyer illusion on saccadic eye movements: no general support for a dissociation of perception and oculomotor action 1-gen-2010 Bruno, Nicola; P., Knox; D., de Grave
The effect of left-right reversal on film: Watching Kurosawa reversed 1-gen-2011 M., Bertamini; C., Bode; Bruno, Nicola
Vision-for-perception and vision-for-action: which model is compatible with the available psychophysical and neuropsychological data? 1-gen-2011 T., Schenk; V., Franz; Bruno, Nicola
Hand transport violates Weber's law - but only with visual feedback and hand relative coding 1-gen-2011 Bruno, Nicola
Illusions we should have (But don't) 1-gen-2012 Bruno, Nicola
La percezione 1-gen-2012 Bruno, Nicola
The psychology of naive self-portraits: compositional biases when using the iPhone front camera 1-gen-2012 Bruno, Nicola
Self-portraits: Smartphones reveal a side bias in non-artists. 1-gen-2013 Bruno, Nicola; M., Bertamini
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 73
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