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Resolving power of an intraventricular probe for detecting the site of origin of ectopic ventricular beats. 1-gen-1989 Arisi, G.; Macchi, Emilio; Passolunghi, P.; Taccardi, B.
Localization of ventricular ectopic beats from intracavitary potential distributions: an inverse model in terms of sources. 1-gen-1989 Macchi, Emilio; Arisi, G.; Colli Franzone, P.; Guerri, L.; Olivetti, G.; Taccardi, B.
A trajectory study of normal and abnormal body surface potential maps in the first and second spatial eigenvector space. 1-gen-1989 Sun, G; Thomas, Cw; Liebman, J; Rudy, Y; Stilli, Donatella; Macchi, Emilio; Musso, Ezio Maria Rosmino
Localization of ectopic ventricular beats from intracavitary potential distributions by means of a mathematical model. 1-gen-1990 Macchi, Emilio; Arisi, G.; Olivetti, G.; Taccardi, B.
Localization of ectopic ventricular focuses by means of a 3-mm diameter multielectrode catheter. 1-gen-1990 Arisi, G.; Macchi, Emilio; Passolunghi, P.; Corradi, C.
Diagnostic features of body surface potential maps in patients with myocardial ischemia and normal resting 12-lead electrocardiograms 1-gen-1990 Musso, Ezio Maria Rosmino; Stilli, D; Macchi, Emilio; Aimi, B; Francescon, P; DEI CAS, L; Manca, C; Kavadias, M; Kornreich, F.
Intramural spread of excitation wavefronts and associated potential fields. 1-gen-1990 Taccardi, B.; Lux, R. L.; Ershler, P. R.; Watabe, S.; Macchi, Emilio
Diagnostic features of body surface potential maps in ischemic patients with normal resting 12-lead electrocardiograms. 1-gen-1990 Musso, Ezio Maria Rosmino; Stilli, Donatella; Macchi, Emilio; B., Aimi; P., Francescon; L., Dei Cas; C., Manca; M., Kavadias; F., Kornreich
Identification of dipolar sources in tridimensional anisotropic inhomogemeous media. 1-gen-1991 Di Cola, G.; Guerri, L.; Macchi, Emilio; Morrea, T.; Pennacchio, M.; Taccardi, B.
Numerical simulation of intra and extracardiac electric fields in a tridimensional anisotropic modeL of cardiac muscle. 1-gen-1991 Coccetti, D.; Di Cola, G.; Macchi, Emilio; Pennacchio, B.; Taccardi, B.
Numerical simualtion of electric fields in tridimensional anisotropic media. 1-gen-1991 Di Cola, G.; Guerri, L.; Macchi, Emilio; Pennacchio, M.
Cardiac electrical activity during social stress 1-gen-1991 Sgoifo, Andrea; Macchi, Emilio; Manghi, M.; Musso, E.; Stilli, D.; Mainardi, D.; Parmigiani, Stefano; Lagrasta, Costanza Anna Maria; Olivetti, G.; Ricci, R.
Identification of ectopic ventricular foci by means of intracavitary potential mapping: a proposed method. 1-gen-1992 Macchi, Emilio; G., Arisi g; B., Taccardi
Influence of cardiac muscle anisotropy on extracellular potentials generated by dipolar sources: a simulation study. 1-gen-1992 Macchi, Emilio; Di Cola, G.; Guerri, L.; Manghi, Massimo; Pennacchio, M.; Taccardi, B.
Cardiac electrical activity of normal and hypertrophic rats in the presence and absence of social stress 1-gen-1992 Stilli, D.; Sgoifo, Andrea; Aimi, B.; Lagrasta, C.; Macchi, Emilio; Maestri, R.; Manghi, M.; Olivetti, G.; Musso, E.
Epicardial excitation during ventricular pacing. Relative independence of breakthrough sites from excitation sequence in canine right ventricle. 1-gen-1992 Arisi, G; Macchi, Emilio; Corradi, C; Lux, Rl; Taccardi, B.
Effect of myocardial fiber direction on epicardial potentials. 1-gen-1994 Taccardi, B.; Macchi, Emilio; Lux, R. L.; Ershler, P. R.; Spaggiari, S.; Baruffi, S.; Vyhmeister, Y.
Numerical Simulation of Activation in a Bidomain Model of Cardiac Muscle 1-gen-1996 DI COLA, G; Macchi, Emilio; Sanfelici, Simona
Identification of ventricular fibre architecture from electrotonic epicardial potentials elicited by dipolar stimulations: numerical and experimental models. 1-gen-1996 Macchi, Emilio; Manghi, Massimo; DI COLA, G; Groppi, M; Pennacchio, M; COLLI FRANZONE, P; Guerri, L; Taccardi, B; Lux, L. R.
Epicardial potential response to current stimulation in small mammalian hearts. 1-gen-1997 Macchi, Emilio; Cavalieri, M; Stilli, D; Musso, E; Baruffi, S; Taccardi, B.
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