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Soft agglomerates of mesalazine multiparticles for colonic delivery in pediatric patients 1-gen-2008 Balducci, Anna Giulia; Colombo, Paolo; Cavallari, C.; Rodriguez, L.; Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, G.; Rossi, Alessandra
Quercetin Microspheres by Solvent Evaporation: Preparation, Characterization and Release Behavior 1-gen-2008 Scarfato, P.; Avallone, E.; Iannelli, P.; Aquino, R. P.; Lauro, M. R.; Rossi, Alessandra; Acierno, D.
Assembled delivery modules for clarithromycin release in Helicobacter Pylori therapy 1-gen-2009 Conti, Chiara; Bardini, B.; Colombo, Paolo; Scarpignato, Carmelo; Sonvico, Fabio; Rossi, Alessandra
The Development of Insulin Dry Powder Blends for Pulmonary Administration 1-gen-2009 Cuoghi, E.; Marin, L.; Rossi, Alessandra; Colombo, Paolo; Buttini, Francesca
Inclusion Properties, Polymorphism and Desolvation Kinetics in aNew 2-Pyridyl Iminophenol Compound with 1D Nanochannels 1-gen-2009 Bacchi, Alessia; Carcelli, Mauro; Chiodo, Tiziana; Mezzadri, Francesco; F., Nestola; Rossi, Alessandra
Therapeutic Paint of Cidofovir/Sucralfate Gel Combination Topically Administered by Spraying for treatment of Orf Virus Infections 1-gen-2009 Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, G.; Gallina, L.; Bortolotti, F.; Rossi, Alessandra; Mcinness, C. J.; Massimo, Gina; Colombo, Paolo; Scagliarini, A.
Agglomerates Containing Pantoprazole Microparticles: Modulating the Drug Release 1-gen-2009 Raffin, R. P.; Colombo, Paolo; Sonvico, Fabio; Rossi, Alessandra; Jornada, D. S.; Polhmann, A. R.; Guterres, S. S.
Hesperidin Gastroresistant Microparticles by Spray-Drying: Preparation, Characterization, and Dissolution Profiles 1-gen-2009 Sansone, F.; Rossi, Alessandra; DEL GAUDIO, P.; DE SIMONE, F.; Aquino, R. P.; Lauro, M. R.
PREPARATION OF SOFT AGGLOMERATES BASED ON ARTEMISININ-βCD COMPLEXES 1-gen-2010 Balducci, Anna Giulia; Colombo, Paolo; Khan, N.; Yuen, K.; Magosso, E.; Colombo, G.; Rossi, Alessandra
A new assembled delivery system of Clarithromycin and Amoxicillin for Helicobacter Pylori therapy 1-gen-2010 Conti, Chiara; Rossi, Alessandra; Carrisi, C.; Colombo, Paolo
Characterization of a polyurethane-based controlled release system for local delivery of chlorhexidine diacetate 1-gen-2010 Ngoc Huynh, T. T.; Padois, K.; Sonvico, Fabio; Rossi, Alessandra; Zani, Franca; Pirot, F.; Doury, J.; Falson, F.
Pharmacokinetics evaluation of soft agglomerates for prompt delivery of enteric pantoprazole-loaded microparticles 1-gen-2010 R., Raffin; LETICIA M., Colome’; C. R. D., Hoffmeister; Colombo, Paolo; Rossi, Alessandra; Sonvico, Fabio; LUCAS M., Colome’; C. C., Natalini; A. R., Polhman; T., DALLA COSTA; S. S., Gutierres
Multi-kinetics and site-specific oral delivery system of artemether and clindamycin for malaria theraphy 1-gen-2011 Rossi, Alessandra; Dushi, B.; Belotti, S.; Benetti, C.; Colombo, Paolo
BIOAVAILABILITY OF ARTEMISININ-β-CYCLODEXTRIN COMPLEX FORMULATED AS SOFT AGGLOMERATES 1-gen-2011 Balducci, Anna Giulia; Colombo, Paolo; Khan, N.; Yuen, K.; Magossi, E.; Rossi, Alessandra
Assemblage of drug release modules: Effect of module shape and position in the assembled systems on floating behavior and release rate 1-gen-2011 C., Hascicek; Rossi, Alessandra; Colombo, Paolo; Massimo, Gina; Strusi, Orazio Luca; Colombo, Gaia
Structural surface changes and inflammatory responses against alginate-based microcapsules after exposure to human peritoneal fluid 1-gen-2011 B. J., de Haan; Rossi, Alessandra; M. M., Faas; M. J., Smelt; Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, Paolo; P., de Vos
Layered lipid microcapsules for mesalazine delayed-release in children 1-gen-2011 Balducci, Anna Giulia; G., Colombo; G., Corace; C., Cavallari; L., Rodriguez; Buttini, Francesca; Colombo, Paolo; Rossi, Alessandra
FLOTATION OF DOSAGE FORMS AND DEVICES FOR SITE SPECIFIC THERAPY 1-gen-2012 Rossi, Alessandra; Colombo, Paolo; Mercuri, Salvatore; Scarpignato, Carmelo
Insulin spray-dried powder and smoothed lactose: a new formulation strategy for nasal and pulmonary delivery 1-gen-2012 Buttini, Francesca; E., Cuoghi; M., Miozzi; Rossi, Alessandra; Sonvico, Fabio; Colombo, Paolo
In vitro comparison of medicinal products based on alginic acid claimed to protect the esophagus wall and physically prevent acid reflux 1-gen-2012 Mercuri, Salvatore; Colombo, Paolo; P. R., Oliveira; Scarpignato, Carmelo; Rossi, Alessandra
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 111
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