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Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of two new Photoactivatable Caged Ca2 1-gen-2002 Bacchi, Alessia; Carcelli, Mauro; Pelagatti, Paolo; Pelizzi, Corrado; Pelizzi, Giancarlo; Rogolino, Dominga; Viappiani, Cristiano
Residual Water Modulates The Dynamics Of The Protein And Of The External Matrix In "Trehalose Coated" Mbco: An Infrared And Flash Photolysis Study 1-gen-2002 F., Librizzi; Viappiani, Cristiano; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; L., Cordone
Deprotonation yields, pKa, and aci-nitro decay rates in some substituted o-nitrobenzaldehydes 1-gen-2003 Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Carcelli, Mauro; Rogolino, Dominga; Viappiani, Cristiano
Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of two novel photoactivatable Ca2+ compounds 1-gen-2003 Bacchi, Alessia; Carcelli, Mauro; Pelizzi, Corrado; Pelizzi, Giancarlo; Pelagatti, Paolo; Rogolino, Dominga; Tegoni, Matteo; Viappiani, Cristiano
Time-resolved photothermal methods: accessing time-resolved thermodynamics of photoinduced processes in chemistry and biology 1-gen-2003 Gensch, T.; Viappiani, Cristiano
CO rebinding kinetics to high and low affinity T state hemoglobin encapsulated in silica gels 1-gen-2003 Bruno, Stefano; Ronda, Luca; Bettati, Stefano; Mozzarelli, Andrea; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Frassi, R; Viappiani, Cristiano
Two-photon photolysis of 2-nitrobenzaldehyde monitored by fluorescent labeled nanocapsules 1-gen-2003 A., Diaspro; F., Federici; Viappiani, Cristiano; S., Krol; M., Pisciotta; G., Chirico; F., Cannone; A., Gliozzi
Protein-doped Nanoporous Silica Gels 1-gen-2004 Bettati, Stefano; Pioselli, B; Campanini, Barbara; Viappiani, Cristiano; Mozzarelli, Andrea
New insights into allosteric mechanisms from trapping unstable protein conformations in silica gels. 1-gen-2004 Viappiani, Cristiano; Bettati, Stefano; Bruno, Stefano; Ronda, Luca; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Mozzarelli, Andrea; W. A., Eaton
Kinetics of histidines deligation from the heme Fe (III) in N-fragment (residues 1-56) of cytochrome c 1-gen-2004 Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Viappiani, Cristiano; F., Sinibaldi; R., Santucci
CO rebinding kinetics to myoglobin- and R state hemoglobin-doped silica gels in the presence of glycerol 1-gen-2004 Sottini, Silvia; Viappiani, Cristiano; Ronda, Luca; Bettati, Stefano; Mozzarelli, Andrea
pH Dependence of Tryptophan Synthase Catalytic Mechanism: I. The first stage, the beta-elimination reaction 1-gen-2004 Schiaretti, Francesca; Bettati, Stefano; Viappiani, Cristiano; Mozzarelli, Andrea
Method for acquiring extended real-time kinetics in nanosecond laser flash photolysis experiments 1-gen-2004 A., Banderini; S., Sottini; Viappiani, Cristiano
Kinetics of acid-induced spectral changes in GFPmut2 chromophore 1-gen-2005 Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Grandi, Elena; Viappiani, Cristiano; Bologna, S.; Campanini, Barbara; Raboni, Samanta; Bettati, Stefano; Mozzarelli, Andrea
Internal dynamics and protein–matrix coupling in trehalose-coated proteins 1-gen-2005 L., Cordone; G., Cottone; S., Giuffrida; G., Palazzo; G., Venturoli; Viappiani, Cristiano
Kinetics of proton release after flash photolysis of 1-(2-nitrophenyl)ethyl sulfate (caged sulfate) in aqueous solution 1-gen-2005 Abbruzzetti, Stefania; S., Sottini; Viappiani, Cristiano; J. E. T., Corrie
Determination of microscopic rate constants for CO binding and migration in myoglobin encapsulated in silica gels 1-gen-2005 Sottini, Silvia; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Viappiani, Cristiano; Ronda, Luca; Mozzarelli, Andrea
Light-induced protein-matrix uncoupling and protein relaxation in dry samples of trehalose coated MbCO at room temperature 1-gen-2005 Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Giuffrida, S.; Sottini, S.; Viappiani, Cristiano; Cordone, L.
Geminate rebinding in R state hemoglobin: kinetic and computational evidence for multiple hydrophobic pockets 1-gen-2005 Sottini, Silvia; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Spyrakis, Francesca; Bettati, Stefano; Ronda, Luca; Mozzarelli, Andrea; Viappiani, Cristiano
Evidence for Two Geminate Rebinding States Following Laser Photolysis of R State Hemoglobin Encapsulated in Wet Silica Gels 1-gen-2005 Sottini, Silvia; Abbruzzetti, Stefania; Viappiani, Cristiano; Bettati, Stefano; Ronda, Luca; Mozzarelli, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 167
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