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New Artificial Receptors from Selectively Functionalized Calix[4]arenes 1-gen-1993 Arduini, Arturo; Casnati, Alessandro; Fabbi, M.; Minari, P.; Pochini, Andrea; Sicuri, A. R.; Ungaro, Rocco
Supramolecular Complexes as Catalysts with Transacylase Activity 1-gen-1994 C., Bracchini; R., Cacciapaglia; Casnati, Alessandro; L., Mandolini; F., Spadola; Ungaro, Rocco
Complexation of Cations and Anions by Functionalized Calix[4]arenes 1-gen-1994 Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; M., Fochi; P., Minari; M., Fabbi; M., Reggiani; Pochini, Andrea; Ugozzoli, Franco
1,3-Dialkoxycalix[4]arenecrown-6 in 1,3-Alternate Conformation: Cesium-Selective Ligands that Exploit Cation-Arene Interactions 1-gen-1994 Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; Ugozzoli, Franco; Pochini, Andrea; J. F., Dozol; C., Hill; H., Rouquette
Selective Functionalization of Calix[6]arenes at the Upper Rim 1-gen-1994 J., DE MENDOZA; M., Carramolino; F., Cuevas; P. M., Nieto; P., Prados; D. N., Reinhoudt; W., Verboom; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro
Nuclear Wastes Treatment by Means of Supported Liquid Membranes Containing Calixcrown Compounds 1-gen-1994 C., Hill; J. F., Dozol; V., Lamare; H., Rouquette; S., Eymard; B., Tournois; J., Vicens; Z., Asfari; C., Bressot; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro
Solid state interaction of steroids with calixarenes. I. A preliminary FTIR and DSC study on 4-en-3-keto-steroids 1-gen-1994 C., Parini; S., Colombi; Casnati, Alessandro
Sugar Calixarenes: Preparation of Calix[4]arenes Substituted at the Lower and Upper Rims with O-Glycosyl Groups 1-gen-1994 A., Marra; M. C., Scherrmann; A., Dondoni; Casnati, Alessandro; P., Minari; Ungaro, Rocco
Complexation of Ions and Neutral Molecules by Functionalized Calixarenes 1-gen-1994 Ungaro, Rocco; Arduini, Arturo; Casnati, Alessandro; O., Ori; Pochini, Andrea; Ugozzoli, Franco
Control of Calix[6]arene Conformations by Self-Inclusion of 1,3,5-Tri-O-alkyl Substituents: Synthesis and NMR Studies 1-gen-1994 J. P. M., van DUYNHOVEN; R. G., Janssen; W., Verboom; S. M., Franken; Casnati, Alessandro; Pochini, Andrea; Ungaro, Rocco; J., DE MENDOZA; P. M., Nieto; P., Prados; D. N., Reinhoudt
Preparation of calix[4]arene crown ethers for selective extraction of cesium and actinides from aqueous wastes 1-gen-1995 J. F., Dozol; H., Rouquette; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro
Selectivity of calix[4]arene-crown-6 for cesium ion in ISE: effect of the conformation 1-gen-1995 C., Bocchi; Careri, Maria; Casnati, Alessandro; Mori, Giovanni
Synthesis, Complexation and Membrane Transport Studies of 1,3-Alternate Calix[4]arene-crown-6 Conformers: A New Class of Cesium Selective Ionophores 1-gen-1995 Casnati, Alessandro; Pochini, Andrea; Ungaro, Rocco; Ugozzoli, Franco; Arnaud, F.; Fanni, S.; Schwing, M. J.; Egberink, R. J. M.; DE JONG, F.; Reinhoudt, D. N.
Water-Soluble Calixarenes as Synthetic Receptors. Remarkable Influence of Stereochemistry on the Coordination Properties of Two New Conformational Isomers of a Calix[4]arene Tetracarboxylate 1-gen-1995 G., Arena; R. P., Bonomo; R., Cali'; F. G., Gulino; G. G., Lombardo; D., Sciotto; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro
Synthesis of Calix[6]arenes Partially Functionalized at the Upper Rim 1-gen-1995 Casnati, Alessandro; L., Domiano; Pochini, Andrea; Ungaro, Rocco; M., Carramolino; J., ORIOL MAGRANS; P. M., Nieto; J., LOPEZ PRADOS; P., Prados; J., DE MENDOZA; R. G., Janssen; W., Verboom; D. N., Reinhoudt
Evidence for Cation-Arene Interactions in Calixcrown KPic Complexes from X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis and Energy Calculations 1-gen-1995 Ugozzoli, Franco; O., Ori; Casnati, Alessandro; Pochini, Andrea; Ungaro, Rocco; D. N., Reinhoudt
Lanthanide Complexes of Encapsulating Ligands: Luminescent Device at the Molecular Level 1-gen-1995 N., Sabbatini; M., Guardigli; I., Manet; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; R., Ziessel; G., Ulrich; Z., Asfari; J. M., Lehn
Bridged Calix[6]arenes in the Cone Conformation: New Receptors for Quaternary Ammonium Cations 1-gen-1995 Casnati, Alessandro; P., Jacopozzi; Pochini, Andrea; Ugozzoli, Franco; R., Cacciapaglia; L., Mandolini; Ungaro, Rocco
Synthesis and Luminescence of Eu(3+) and Tb(3+) Complexes with Novel Calix[4]arene Ligands Carrying 2,2'-Bipyridine Subunits 1-gen-1995 N., Sabbatini; M., Guardigli; I., Manet; Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; C., Fischer; R., Ziessel; G., Ulrich
Complexation of Halide Anions and Tricarboxylate Anions by Neutral Urea-Derivatized p-tert-Butylcalix[6]arenes 1-gen-1995 J., Scheerder; J. F. J., Engbersen; Casnati, Alessandro; Ungaro, Rocco; D. N., Reinhoudt
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 258
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