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Novel amperometric genosensor based on peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes immobilized on carbon nanotubes-screen printed electrodes for the determination of trace levels of non-amplified DNA in genetically modified (GM) soy 1-gen-2019 Fortunati, Simone; Rozzi, Andrea; Curti, Federica; Giannetto, Marco; Corradini, Roberto; Careri, Maria
A self-calibrating IoT portable electrochemical immunosensor for serum human epididymis protein 4 as a tumor biomarker for ovarian cancer 1-gen-2020 Bianchi, Valentina; Mattarozzi, Monica; Giannetto, Marco; Boni, Andrea; DE MUNARI, Ilaria; Careri, Maria
Ion selective textile organic electrochemical transistor for wearable sweat monitoring 1-gen-2020 Coppede, N.; Giannetto, M.; Villani, M.; Lucchini, V.; Battista, E.; Careri, M.; Zappettini, A.
A Wi-Fi cloud-based portable potentiostat for electrochemical biosensors 1-gen-2020 Bianchi, Valentina; Boni, Andrea; Fortunati, Simone; Giannetto, Marco; Careri, Maria; De Munari, Ilaria
Electrochemical immunomagnetic assay as biosensing strategy for determination of ovarian cancer antigen HE4 in human serum 1-gen-2020 Mattarozzi, Monica; Giannetto, Marco; Careri, Maria
IoT and Biosensors: A Smart PortablePotentiostat With AdvancedCloud-Enabled Features 1-gen-2021 Bianchi, Valentina; Boni, Andrea; Bassoli, Marco; Giannetto, Marco; Fortunati, Simone; Careri, Maria; DE MUNARI, Ilaria
PNA-functionalized magnetic microbeads as substrates for enzyme-labelled voltammetric genoassay for DNA sensing applied to identification of GMO in food 1-gen-2021 Fortunati, Simone; Giannetto, Marco; Rozzi, Andrea; Corradini, Roberto; Careri, Maria
A Folding-Based Electrochemical Aptasensor for the Single-Step Detection of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein 1-gen-2022 Curti, Federica; Fortunati, Simone; Knoll, Wolfgang; Giannetto, Marco; Corradini, Roberto; Bertucci, Alessandro; Careri, Maria
Rapid Quantification of SARS-Cov-2 Spike Protein Enhanced with a Machine Learning Technique Integrated in a Smart and Portable Immunosensor 1-gen-2022 Fortunati, Simone; Giliberti, Chiara; Giannetto, Marco; Bolchi, Angelo; Ferrari, Davide; Donofrio, Gaetano; Bianchi, Valentina; Boni, Andrea; De Munari, Ilaria; Careri, Maria
Aptamer-based assays: strategies in the use of aptamers conjugated to magnetic micro- and nanobeads as recognition elements in food control 1-gen-2022 Mattarozzi, Monica; Toma, Lorenzo; Bertucci, Alessandro; Giannetto, Marco; Careri, Maria
A smart portable potentiostat for Point-of-Care Testing 1-gen-2022 Bassoli, Marco; Bianchi, Valentina; Boni, Andrea; Fortunati, Simone; Giannetto, Marco; Careri, Maria; DE MUNARI, Ilaria
Smart Immunosensors for Point-of-Care Serological Tests Aimed at Assessing Natural or Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Immunity 1-gen-2022 Fortunati, Simone; Giannetto, Marco; Giliberti, Chiara; Bolchi, Angelo; Ferrari, Davide; Locatelli, Massimo; Bianchi, Valentina; Boni, Andrea; De Munari, Ilaria; Careri, Maria
Metrological traceability in Process Analytical Technologies and Point-of-Need technologies for food safety and quality control: not a straightforward issue 1-gen-2022 Mattarozzi, Monica; Laski, Eleni; Bertucci, Alessandro; Giannetto, Marco; Bianchi, Federica; Zoani, Claudia; Careri, Maria
Controlling Dynamic DNA Reactions at the Surface of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Electrodes to Design Hybridization Platforms with a Specific Amperometric Readout 1-gen-2022 Fortunati, Simone; Vasini, Ilaria; Giannetto, Marco; Mattarozzi, Monica; Porchetta, Alessandro; Bertucci, Alessandro; Careri, Maria
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