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Novel Cinchona Carbamate Selectors with Complementary Enantioseparation Characteristics for N-acylated Amino Acids 1-gen-2003 K. H., Krawinkler; N. M., Maier; Ungaro, Rocco; Sansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; W., Lindner
A Prototype Calix[4]arene-based Receptor for Carbohydrate Recognition Containing Peptide and Phosphate Binding Groups 1-gen-2003 M., Segura; Bricoli, Barbara; Casnati, Alessandro; E. M., Munoz; Sansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco; C., Vicent
The first synthesis and characterisation of elusive cone 1,2-diformyl tetralkoxycalix[4]arenes and their derivatives 1-gen-2003 Sartori, Andrea; Casnati, Alessandro; L., Mandolini; Sansone, Francesco; D. N., Reinhoudt; Ungaro, Rocco
Quinoline Containing Calixarene Fluoroionophores: a Combined NMR, Photophysics and Modeling Study 1-gen-2003 Casnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco; Sartori, Andrea; L., Prodi; M., Montalti; N., Zaccheroni; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco
Molecular Acrobatics: Self-Assembly of Calixarene-Porphyrin Cages 1-gen-2003 Baldini, Laura; P., Ballester; Casnati, Alessandro; R. M., Gomila; C. A., Hunter; Sansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco
Peptidocalix[4]arenes in Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly 1-gen-2004 Sansone, Francesco
Enlarging the size of calix[4]arene-crowns-6 to improve Cs+/K+ selectivity: a theoretical and experimental study 1-gen-2004 Casnati, Alessandro; DELLA CA', Nicola; Sansone, Francesco; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco
A general synthesis of water soluble upper rim calix[n]arene guanidinium derivatives which bind to plasmid DNA 1-gen-2004 M., Dudic; A., Colombo; Sansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Donofrio, Gaetano; Ungaro, Rocco
Chiral dimeric capsules from N,C-linked peptidocalix[4]arenes self-assembled through an antiparallel b-sheetlike motif 1-gen-2004 Sansone, Francesco; Baldini, Laura; Casnati, Alessandro; E., Chierici; Faimani, Giovanni; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco
Experimental and theoretical evidence of the bidentate binding mode of dichloroacetamido groups at the upper rim of calix[4]arene hydrogen-bonding anion receptors 1-gen-2004 Casnati, Alessandro; F., Bonetti; Sansone, Francesco; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco
Biomimetic Macrocyclic Receptors for Carboxylate Anion Recognition 1-gen-2004 Ungaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco
Synthesis and cholera toxin binding of novel calixarene-based glycoconjugates 1-gen-2005 Sansone, Francesco; D., Arosio; M., Fontanella; Baldini, Laura; L., Mauri; A., Bernardi; Casnati, Alessandro; Ungaro, Rocco
Calixarene-based picolinamide extractants for selective An/Ln separation from radioactive waste 1-gen-2005 Casnati, Alessandro; DELLA CA', Nicola; Fontanella, Marco; Sansone, Francesco; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco; K., Liger; J. F., Dozol
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Isosteviol-Calix[4]arene and -Calix[6]arene Conjugates 1-gen-2005 M., Korochkina; Fontanella, Marco; Casnati, Alessandro; Arduini, Arturo; Sansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco; S., Latypov; V., Kataev; V., Alfonsov
A Synthetic Divalent Cholera Toxin Glycocalix[4]arene Ligand Having Higher Affinity Than Natural GM1 Oligosaccharide 1-gen-2005 D., Arosio; Fontanella, Marco; Baldini, Laura; L., Mauri; A., Bernardi; Casnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco
Scanning Force Microscopy of Upright-Standing, Isolated Calixarene-Porphyrin Heterodimers 1-gen-2005 M., Kopaczynska; T., Wang; A., Schulz; M., Dudic; Casnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco; J. H., Fuhrhop
Synthesis of upper rim calix[4]arene divalent glycoclusters via amide bond conjugation. 1-gen-2005 U., Schaedel; Sansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Ungaro, Rocco
Calix[4]Arene Anion Receptors Bearing 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol Groups at the Upper Rim 1-gen-2006 Casnati, Alessandro; Sartori, Andrea; Pirondini, Laura; F., Bonetti; N., Pelizzi; Sansone, Francesco; Ugozzoli, Franco; Ungaro, Rocco
DNA Condensation and Cell Transfection Properties of Guanidinium Calixarenes: Dependence on Macrocycle Lipophilicity, Size, and Conformation 1-gen-2006 Sansone, Francesco; M., Dudic; Donofrio, Gaetano; Rivetti, Claudio; Baldini, Laura; Casnati, Alessandro; Cellai, Sara; Ungaro, Rocco
Inclusion of naturally occurring amino acids in water soluble calix[4]arenes: a microcalorimetric and 1HNMR investigation supported by molecular modeling 1-gen-2006 G., Arena; Casnati, Alessandro; A., Contino; A., Magri'; Sansone, Francesco; D., Sciotto; Ungaro, Rocco
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