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Is Combined Assurance Associated with Internal Audit Quality and Earning Managements? 1-gen-2018 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana
Quality control system criticism raised by the PCAOB in non-US jurisdictions and earnings quality of non-cross-listed clients 1-gen-2018 Van Linden, Christophe; Mazza, Tatiana
Related Party Transactions, Corporate Governance and Earnings Management 1-gen-2018 Marchini, Pier Luigi; Mazza, Tatiana; Medioli, Alice
The impact of related party transactions on earnings management: some insights from the Italian context 1-gen-2018 Marchini, Pier Luigi; Mazza, Tatiana; Medioli, Alice
Information Technology Controls Quality and Audit Fees: Evidence From Italy 1-gen-2018 Mazza, Tatiana; Azzali, Stefano
Innovazioni del conceptual framework for financial reporting 1-gen-2019 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana; Marinoni, Marco Angelo
I crediti, i debiti e i fondi per rischi e oneri 1-gen-2019 Azzali, Stefano; Pesci, Caterina; Andrei, Paolo; Marchini, Pier Luigi; Maria Fellegara, Anna; Mazza, Tatiana; Fornaciari, Luca; Balluchi, Federica; Tibiletti, Veronica
Quality of code of ethics: an empirical analysis on the stakeholder employee 1-gen-2019 Furlotti, Katia; Mazza, Tatiana
Compensation of internal auditors: Empirical evidence for different impact factors 1-gen-2019 Eulerich, M.; Mazza, Tatiana; Behrend, J.; Krane, R.
Women in top positions on boards of directors: Gender policies disclosed in Italian sustainability reporting 1-gen-2019 Furlotti, Katia; Mazza, Tatiana; Tibiletti, Veronica; Triani, Silvia
Determinants of audit sanctions severity 1-gen-2020 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana
Ownership-motivated income shifting: evidence from European Multinational Groups 1-gen-2020 Medioli, Alice; Azzali, Stefano.; Mazza, Tatiana
Code of ethics and workers' communication policies: The role of corporate governance 1-gen-2020 Furlotti, K.; Mazza, T.
effects of financial restatements on top management team dismissal 1-gen-2020 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana
Corruption and sustainable development: The impact on income shifting in European international groups 1-gen-2020 Marchini, Pier Luigi; Mazza, Tatiana; Medioli, Alice
Gender quotas and the environment: Environmental performance and enforcement 1-gen-2021 Marchini, Pier Luigi; Tibiletti, Veronica; Mazza, Tatiana; Gabrielli, Gianluca
Do women directors care about gender policy? 1-gen-2021 Tibiletti, V.; Furlotti, K.; Mazza, T.; Triani, S.
Gender Diversity in Audit Partners and Audit Efforts 1-gen-2021 Tibiletti, V.; Azzali, S.; Mazza, Tatiana
Does Mandatory IFRS Adoption Affect Audit Effort and its Effectiveness to Constrain Earnings Management 1-gen-2021 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana; Reichelt, Kenneth J.; Wang, Dechun
Effects of disclosed audit sanctions on audit firm's market share in Italy and Spain 1-gen-2021 Azzali, Stefano; Mazza, Tatiana; Alberto, Fernanda
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 42
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