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A digital twin model of a pasteurization system for food beverages: Tools and architecture 1-gen-2020 Bottani, E.; Vignali, G.; Tancredi, G.
Analysis and testing of an online solution to monitor and solve safety issues for industrial systems 1-gen-2020 Tancredi, GIOVANNI PAOLO; Tebaldi, L.; Bottani, E.; Longo, F.; Vignali, G.
Digital Twin Application for the Temperature and Steam Flow Monitoring of a Food Pasteurization Pilot Plant 1-gen-2021 Tancredi, G.; Bottani, E.; Vignali, G.
Wearable and interactive mixed reality solutions for fault diagnosis and assistance in manufacturing systems: Implementation and testing in an aseptic bottling line 1-gen-2021 Bottani, E.; Longo, F.; Nicoletti, L.; Padovano, A.; Tancredi, G.; Tebaldi, L.; Vetrano, M.; Vignali, G.
Integration of Digital Twin, Machine-Learning and Industry 4.0 Tools for Anomaly Detection: An Application to a Food Plant 1-gen-2022 Tancredi, G. P.; Vignali, G.; Bottani, E.
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