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Company staff intention to use RFID technology in fashion and apparel retail sector: A UTAUT based-model 1-gen-2018 Bertolini, M.; Bottani, E.; Esposito, Giovanni; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.
A meta-analysis of industry 4.0-related technologies that are suitable for lean manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Bertolini, M.; Esposito, G.; Neroni, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.
Maturity Models in Industrial Internet: a Review 1-gen-2019 Bertolini, Massimo; Esposito, Giovanni; Neroni, Mattia; Romagnoli, Giovanni
A new 3d model to define laboratory services 1-gen-2020 Esposito, G.; Kammerlohr, V.; Romagnoli, G.
Lab networks in engineering education: A proposed structure for organizing information 1-gen-2020 Romagnoli, G.; Esposito, G.; Rizzi, A.; Zammori, F.; Bertolini, M.; Uckelmann, D.
Reduction of changeover time in a small manufacturing make-to-order enterprise: A case study 1-gen-2020 Esposito, G.; Gualtieri, C.; Romagnoli, G.
A TOPSIS-based approach for the best match between manufacturing technologies and product specifications 1-gen-2020 Bertolini, Massimo; Esposito, Giovanni; Romagnoli, Giovanni
A review of RFID based solutions for indoor localization and location-based classification of tags 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Mezzogori, D.; Neroni, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.; Rosa, M.
Software-based shielding for real-time inventory count in different store areas: A feasibility analysis in fashion retail 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Mezzogori, D.; Neroni, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.
Non-Traditional Labs and Lab Network Initiatives: A Review 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Mezzogori, D.; Reverberi, D.; Romagnoli, G.; Ustenko, M.; Zammori, F.
Business Model validation for a marketplace of lab network initiatives 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Kammerlohr, V.; Reverberi, D.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.; Bisaschi, F.
A reference model for SMEs understanding of industry 4.0 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Romagnoli, G.
On the use of Serious Games in Operations Management: an investigation on connections between students' game performance and final evaluation 1-gen-2022 Esposito, G.; Galli, M.; Mezzogori, D.; Reverberi, D.; Romagnoli, G.
Project Succesful Deployment: A Method for Evaluating the Success of Digitalization Projects 1-gen-2022 Romagnoli, G.; Esposito, G.; Reverberi, D.
Servitization of teaching and research laboratories: Guidelines for a new business model driven by practical use cases 1-gen-2022 Reverberi, D.; Esposito, G.; Romagnoli, G.
Billing and Booking System for Distributed IoT Laboratories 1-gen-2023 Reverberi, D.; Kammerlohr, V.; Esposito, G.; Ghorpade, A. S.; Romagnoli, G.; Uckelmann, D.
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