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Longitudinal changes in the ciliated protozoa communities along a fluvial system polluted by organic matter 1-gen-1999 Madoni, Paolo; Bassanini, N.
response of SOUR and AUR to heavy metal contamination in activated sludge 1-gen-1999 Madoni, Paolo; Davoli, D.; Guglielmi, L.
Indagine sull'entità dei problemi di schiume biologiche e scarsa sedimentabilità dei fanghi attivi in inpianti operanti sul territorio nazionale 1-gen-1999 Madoni, Paolo; Davoli, D.; Gibin, G.
The acute toxicity of nickel to freshwater ciliates 1-gen-2000 Madoni, Paolo
Survey of filamentous microorganisms from bulking and foaming activated-sludge plants in Italy 1-gen-2000 Madoni, Paolo; Davoli, D.; Gibin, G.
The allocation of the ciliate Drepanomonas revoluta to its correct functional group in evaluating the Sludge Biotic index 1-gen-2000 Madoni, Paolo
Microfauna and filamentous microflorea in biological filters for tap water production 1-gen-2000 Madoni, Paolo; Davoli, D.; Cavagnoli, G.; Cucchi, A.; Pedroni, M.; Rossi, F.
Spatial distribution of microorganisms and measurements of oxygen uptake rate and ammonia uptake rate activity in a drinking water biofilter 1-gen-2001 Madoni, Paolo; Davoli, D.; Fontani, N.; Rossi, F.
Testing the effect of selectors in the control of bulking and foaming in full scale activated-sludge plants 1-gen-2002 Davoli, D.; Madoni, Paolo; Guglielmi, L.; Pergetti, M.; Barilli, S.
Protozoa in activated sludge 1-gen-2002 Madoni, Paolo
Valutazione della trattabilità di reflui in impianti a fanghi attivi 1-gen-2002 Davoli, D.; Madoni, Paolo; Guglielmi, L.; Bompani, G.
Long-term changes in the structure of ciliate communities in a small isolated pond 1-gen-2003 Madoni, Paolo; Sartore, F.
Protozoa as indicators of wastewater treatment efficiency 1-gen-2003 Madoni, Paolo
Ciliated protozoa and saprobical evaluation of water quality in the Taro River (northern Italy) 1-gen-2005 Madoni, Paolo; Zangrossi, S.
Ciliated protozoan communities and saprobic evaluation of water quality in the hilly zone of some tributaries of the Po River (northern Italy) 1-gen-2005 Madoni, Paolo
Benthic ciliates in Adriatic Sea lagoons 1-gen-2006 Madoni, Paolo
Acute toxicity of heavy metals towards freshwater ciliated protists 1-gen-2006 Madoni, Paolo; Romeo, M. G.
Changes in the ciliate assemblage along a fluvial system related to physical, chemical and geomorphological characteristics 1-gen-2007 Madoni, Paolo; Braghiroli, S.
Assessment of the running water quality by comparing ciliate and macroinvertebrate community structure 1-gen-2008 Madoni, Paolo; Braghiroli, S; Fioravanti, M; Galassi, L.
Application of image analysis in activated sludge to evaluate correlations between settleability and features of flocs and filamentous species 1-gen-2009 Arelli, A; Luccarini, L; Madoni, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 21
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